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  • I Shall Seal The Heavens Fanfiction contest!

    UPDATE 2: Finalist poll is now up! You can see it by clicking the following link:

    UPDATE: The entries selected for the community vote round has been lowered from 15 to 5 to aid a fair voting process. We will have up to 10 honorable mentions per category for those who hasn't made it into the final bracket.

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  • Happy Birthday RoyalRoadL

    This is the Second Issue of newsletter

    This issue is in honor of the 4 years we have spent together, ever since 31/10/2011 when this community got together.

    we have come a long way, we have grown and expanded, and today we will have a look into the past, the present and the future.

    Inside This Issue

    1. Birthday Song

    2. Contests

    3. Judging recruitment

    4. NaNoWriMo

    5. Scholarship

    6. Games
    7. ...

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  • Mysssteeeerious Results Have Arrived!

    Ladies and Gentlepenguins, SALUTE!

    Now we shall have a moment of silence for our contest winners.



    SALUUUUUTE! AGAIN! Keep Saluting until you're all saluted out! And then, prepare for the reign rain of terror cookies and glory! Do have a snack after you salute yourself until you're saluted out.



    Rolling Majestically into third like a Penguin with a sugar high, is our third ...

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  • Visual Table Editor

    We have many updates that are planed to be release soon, but knowing that many of you use tables in your chapters and have troubles doing so, we have decided to release the table editor for your comfort

    You can now use the visual table editor to export the code that you want which then you can simply copy & paste to your post. The editor can also import tables you’ve made in the past (it doesn’t support ...

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  • May Contest, as well as June Contest Results; and even more!

    Yo ho ho, and a bottle of.. Ink!

    Within this post, thar be Two different Fictions being Featured.. and moar thing as well.

    First of all.. Be the winner of the Wizards in Wonderland contest, DarkSun's Wizardly Flight of Icarus

    And now ...

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  • The Mysteriously Myssteeeerious Mystery Contest

    The Myssteeeerious Contest.. Is a Mystery to everyone, even the mysterious person who wrote up this post.

    Now you're probably getting fed up with all this Mysssteeeriousness, so I'll get right to the point.

    All this Mystery.. is because of a special mysterious prize!

    The Contest Rules

    • Limited R-18 Content Is allowed.. For the sake of Evil. ...

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  • Official News 15/06/2015: The Group, site updates and future plans

    The events that have happened lately have kept us busy; however it’s time we came back to the light and notified you of our latest updates, decisions and services.

    The Group

    As many of you know, a group of users (The Group) have started it’s activities in the last few months; it is made up of people who have volunteered to put a lot of effort into reviewing, providing critiques, and continuous help for anyone that asked for it after being reviewed. ...

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  • Review - Hatred

    Are you wondering if you should pick up the recently released game "Hatred"?

    Don't know what to expect of the game?

    Want to know if it's worth your hard earned money?

    Fear not! Akabane101 has already checked it out and has one awesome review for you.

    Don't forget to like the video ...

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  • The Contest (Nobody) Everyone was waiting for!

    It's time for a very light hearted contest!
    Sooo.. Thus begins the gut wrenching, lung exploding, heart pounding, mind cracking comedy contest!


    This time, however, there is a specific goal in this contest. And it is to take the snippet, use it in the submission (In a creative way) and make it relevant to the submission's story.


    Now, without further to do, I shall explain the Rules and Requirements.

    There are three ...

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  • RRL Hangout - First Edition

    Hello ladies and gentlemen.

    A few weeks ago we made a test run on a new idea.
    People seem to have enjoyed it, so now we're going for our official first edition.

    It'll be starting in a bit, at 8:00 PM GMT.
    Our hosts SnowMelts and NoxInBox will be talking to our #1 ranked author Sturmwalzer.
    Go check it out. Show your love. Ask your questions.



    See you in there!