Original Fantasy Horror Sci-fi Cyberpunk Female Lead Grimdark Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The city of Umbra is a massive hive of activity. Centuries of building on top of each other has turned it into a pyramid of houses and apartments. At the top sit grand structures of opal and pearl, the residences of the upper class. Genetically modified, artificially grown, magically and technologically augmented, and selected from the best stock available at the Genesplicers, they are the perfect representation of what Humanity could be. They live their lives in opulence and luxury, with servants providing them with all the labour they need. Some have grown bored of this lifestyle, and seek adventure. And what better adventure could exist than a journey into the millennia-old Underground, where the authorities and luxuries of the upper levels don't exist?

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