Original Female Lead Slice of Life Virtual Reality

The story of a girl who finds her life is not what she wanted. So she gets another one.

Schedule: One short chapter a day, seven days a week.

Chapters will be around 500-1000 words. This will not change so if you don't like reading very short chapters wait till the end of the week or even end of the month. Seven chapters a week isn't easy to pull off so please bear that in mind.

This is a VRMMORPG story, but the ones I've read tend to use VR as an excuse to get into a fantasy world and then don't really play up the game aspect other than pulling up a status screen every now and then. To me, MMOs are about more than the fantasy setting. 

Bugs, exploits, devs who don't understand their own game, OP classes, over the top nerfs, p2w, ridiculous RNG, cash shop fiasco, lockboxes, raging players, broken mechanics, limited bag space, tedious crafting and above all that, a company trying to squeeze money out if its playerbase while pretending they're just in the business of having fun. 

Of course, then there's the orcs and elves.

This story is about finding yourself in a completely immersive fantasy game, but it's also about what a game like that would really be like.

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Chaos Monkey

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Deep down we are all bitter

I'm trying to find a way to describe how I feel about this fiction. I probably won't find a proper one, but I'll have a go.

'Bitter' describes a life of a less-than-popular high-school girl who enjoys dishing out the treatment she herself endures. It's eerily reminiscent of real life, in both good ways and bad. Add in a VR to the mix, and you have yourself a story.

Personally, I find the potential. It's still in its beginnings, but something is really there.

Also, the author is already known for writing his fair share of cynical, unpopular jerks masterfully (his Colin-fu had passed black belt), and I'll be damned if I don't like this story because, or in spite, of that.

I'm going to leave this as a start-up review, for now, seeing there are many chapters to go (hopefully).

In any case, don't trust the reviewers on anything, and just go ahead and read the story up.

  • Overall Score

Fluent read, feels so short.

 Quite the enjoying read. One downsize though: Chapters are quite short and feel even shorter, as quite some slow-paced. So after devouring a chapter in a rush it is already over and when you try to call back what happened you cannot name much.

So it might not be for you if you are a slow reader and want action in every sentence badly.

Otherwise prepare to be unable to stop reading till there are no more chapters and crave for more once you reached the end. (That's not very dangerous with the 13 chapters out now but once there are more better only start reading if you have enough time).

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Bitter, Relatable, Sweet

Spoiler-Free Review (as of ch. 93)

The story unfurls slowly, but quickly draws in the reader. It follows the day-to-day life of a high-school girl, tying together VR, teenage drama, and life. Unlike almost every other stories on this site, there is nothing special about the girl. Also unlike almost every other story on this site, readers can probably relate to at least some of the protagonist's circumstances, creating a bittersweet narrative that is emotionally vesting.

There is no solid overarching story (as of yet), but there hints building up to one throughout the novel. The style itself is simplistic, but easy to read. The chapters are released frequently, but are also very short. There are no real issues with the grammar.

  • Overall Score

like few cup of expreso

i only read 11 chap, and stop. it just too bitter. at 3rd POV Mc just like first few female char that get killed by Xianxia's MC 

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Too bitter and bitchy for this world

So I've managed to read this to chapter 12. But at this point I just can't stand the MC anymore. As someone who was bullied as a teenager I can understand bitterness and the resulting cynicism pretty well. The issue is the MC goes far beyond this. Her bitterness is a black-hole that has swallowed all personality and all good that may have been in her.

I can't say anything about the story/plot itself since I stopped reading before any plot got started. I'm not sure if there's actually going to be one. It might just be a slice of life bitter-bitch plays VR game she hates because she's antagonised everyone in her RL environment.

The language and grammar seems good so far. I can't complain about the technical writing.

The main issues are the characters. Yeah teenagers are usually nasty arseholes, but the way these people are characterised you just want to kill them all. It's not a good thing when the author makes you hate the MC more than the antagonists. A MC should be more than just self-hate, hate for other humans and hate for the world in general. She despises everyone she meets. The one friend she has is as toxic as she is. And then she has the the gall to whine about how nobody likes her, when the venom is figuratively dripping out of her ears.

I'm not sure if persons like this exist in real life, she seems more a carricature than anything else. A person that hates themself and the world that much would have likely ended themselves long ago. If she was a guy she'd be a prime candidate for a school shooting.


That's the main failing of this story imho. I don't actually want to get into this character. There seems nothing redeemable about her. She's already lost. The way you can sort of get where she's coming from also means you can't really enjoy her failings. There isn't anything funny about this story, there isn't anything uplifting about this story. There isn't even the irony of a tragedy.

In a way this is great art. You've truly created a lost soul. She may have gotten a hard deal from life, but she's gone out of her way to damn herself. To destroy her life and drown in bitterness. If there's beauty in life she can't see it. If there's hope she can't feel it. If there's justice she can't taste it.

In a way this is great art, but I'm sorry, I can't enjoy it.

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As the review title states this story isn't for everyone if you want a story with an op mc who is an unstoppable killing machine who brutally murders everything without ever asking why this isn't for you. As some reviews have stated the protag can be a bit of a chore to deal with at the start but if you can grit your way through the first few chapters you get a genuinely good and thoughtful story about what interactions with a true game ai would be like if both of you were feeling your way through a school boys wet dream of a game when your not a 40 year old school boy. So don't expect a 8 foot tall mc who can 1hit bosses who are 20 levels higher and read about an mc who would rather win without having to kill it at all.

The Aimless Passerby
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Solid plot, narration, and humor.

 I think it all boils down to how you feel about Brit humor. Moody writes a genuinely entertaining story that somewhat shift tones from the beginning to the current chapter 215. This can be seen not only in the content of the story itself, but even in the chapter length, as the length has consistently increased over the months. The tone shift is not a bad thing, as it reflects the life of the main character, Britta, a young adolescent with school concerns. She grows as the story progresses and experiences more of life. Her fellow characters change along with the story as well. Some in behavior, some in just being sidelined as Britta has other focuses at that moment of her life. Simply put, the story, Bitter, is dynamic.

I believe the greatest strength of this story, and indeed Mooderino's other works, is the pure unpredictability. This tale in particular is singled out for this property as it's in some ways, actually part of the plot. And it's fantastic. You never know what's gonna happen, and that makes this the opposite of a boring read. Even the narration, in which at times it seems like the main character is about to learn a moral or 'aesop', it's turned on its head in some hilarious way. I suppose, it doesn't read like literature as you've come to expect it. The Slice of Life tag is the most apt description of this serial, just placed in a world where people act a little exaggeratedly for kicks and giggles sometimes. I will say if you don't appreciate the humor early on, don't force yourself.