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POV: ???

My friend was eating and I was going to join in as well, but…

“Wait… Observe…”

The queen stopped me. I had to do what the queen told me, so I waited in the bush as my friend got to eat. I wished there were more than just the two of us, then others could wait and I could join my friend and eat.

“Something’s… Off… Why…?”

The Queen was talking again. I wondered why she did that. There was no point in talking. My friends and I don’t talk, and we’re fine. I couldn’t even tell if the queen was talking only to me or to everyone. Talking was dumb and too hard. I wished the queen talked less sometimes.

As I watched my friend eat all the food in front of me I felt strange. It was different from how I felt normally. For a moment I considered disobeying the Queen and going to eat alongside my friend. I didn’t though. All the others that disobeyed the queen were eaten by everyone else. That was just how things worked.

There was a bright flash that made it impossible to see anything. Everything was blank. It was a different sort of blank then the one when I rest though.

“Annoying pest, you dare!? Ugh… There that’s better. Now Alexander what am I to do with you? I want you to get the rest you deserve and I do miss your companionship, but Apophis is moving too quickly…”

Sounds came in like normal, but I still just saw a strange blank. It was weird.

“…A God…? What… God… Doing…Place…?”

The Queen was talking again. Maybe the Queen knew about this new sort of blankness I saw.

“Hah… He’s really going to resent me for this, but I’m going to have to reincarnate him again… And this time I might need to seal off his memories of this latest life, there’s just too much hate for me there and Apophis could use that against us. How did Alexander come to hate me so much anyway, I thought we had something that was unshakable…”

“How… Shouldn’t… Here…!”

The queen sounded strange. The queen wasn’t talking like normal. I didn’t like how the queen sounded right now.

“I’ll have to look into his last life here later on, Apophis could have done something while I was trying to gain entry into this world… Wait! Are these…?”

“Too... Mana… Can’t See…”

“You wonderful precious fool, you really did obtain some of my artifacts… Don’t worry Alexander, I’m here now and I’m not going to let you die like this again. I owe you too much to let that happen again, my love…”

“Need… Send… More Drones…”

“Yes, I’ll leave this vessel here, my Alexander deserves better than the hand-me-downs from one of his past lives…”

The blankness was fading away and I could see some again. The food was still there, but my friend had disappeared.

“This… Not Good… Must… Preparations…”

The queen was talking more. I listened for a while. Then I decided not to anymore and went over to eat the food. It was still fresh. I didn’t want to pass it up.

As I moved onto the food and began to eat I felt strange. Maybe this was what eating felt like. I wasn’t sure. I don’t ever remember eating something solid before.

“What…? Didn’t… Tell… Move…? Is… Individual…? No… Cant… It… Cant… Individual Will… I… Known… And… Rid of… Already…”

Something new appeared in front of everything else.

[Name] ???

[Race] Slime: Small Slime

[Age] 0 years

[Class] Drone: Level 1

[Subclass] Scavenger: Level 0

[Elemental Control] Null (Low)

[Abilities] {Slime Body} {Lesser Hive Mind} {Faux Perception} {Predatory Absorption} {Regeneration} {Personal Status} {Mana Puppetry} {Puppet Crafting}

[Followers] N/A

“What!?!? How!?!? No! Impossible!!!”

The Queen was being too loud, I was trying to eat and she was annoying me. Really why did she insist on talking so much, why couldn’t she just give me some peace and quiet once in a while? As I was enjoying the first real meal I could ever remember having the see-through thing in front of me I couldn’t understand changed a little.

[Name] Helva

[Race] Slime: Slime Lord (Queen)

[Age] 102 years

[Class] Fallen Pet: Level 7

[Subclass] Commander: Level 5

[Elemental Control] Null (High), Water (High), Darkness (middle)

[Abilities] {Slime Body} {Greater Hive Mind} {Mana Manipulation} {Greater Regeneration} {Greater Slime Mastery} {Aquatic nature} {Corrosion immunity} {Poison Immunity} {Predatory Mimicry} {Splitting} {Greater Mana Recovery} {Universal Solvent: Slime} {Slime Crafting} {Flesh Crafting} {Leader’s Aura} {Charming Aura} {Greater Intimidation Aura} {False Death} {Thought Projection} {Mental Shield} {Greater Identify} {Enchanted Slime}

[Followers] {Ooze: Multi} {Lesser Slime: Multi} {Small Slime: Multi} {Big Slime: multi} {Great Slime: Multi} {Lesser Elemental Slime: Multi} {Elemental Slime: Multi} {Mimic Slime: Alive} {Knight Slime: Alive}

“How are you seeing this!?!? This shouldn’t be possible! No, this can’t be possible!!! What did that human do to my drone!? Even if it did manage to have an individual will, it shouldn’t be able to do anything like this!”

I could understand some of the semi-transparent projection this time, but I still couldn’t make out most of it. It was weird I was getting… smarter? That’s strange, wasn’t I always this smart? I sorta remember being smart and coming up with all sorts of clever plans to steal things, I was even able to enroll one of the top universities in the country… Wait, no… I was concerned about food, right?

As I continued to eat the dead person my mind tried to make sense of things. I’m Alexander Marsh? No, I’m a… slime? A nameless slime? What is going on? Are these memories even mine? As I ate more of the human things started to make more sense. I… I think I understand… I’m seeing some of this person’s memories as I eat his body… That’s… I don’t think that’s normal… Maybe I should ask the Queen?

As I felt for that vague string like link in the back of my mind and followed it back to its source I asked my question. “Hey queen, is it normal to see the memories of what you eat?”

“You Freak! Abomination! Wait there, I need to dispose of you before you become a threat!” The queen practically screamed into my mind.

“Ok, I’ll take that as a no… But thanks for the warning about killing me, I’ll be sure to leave before you find me.” With that I tore into the fragile link binding our minds together until it disappeared. There! I never really liked her anyway… For as long as I could remember, at least in the memories that were mine, the queen was always bossing me around like some sort of slave. I was actually glad to be rid of the queen now that I thought about it, I was now free to live my life according to my own wishes instead of her demands. Now I can eat as much as I want and whenever I want! I should have done this a long time ago…

As I dissolved most of the body I was eating down to its bones I began to sift through the human’s memories, there were a lot of blanks and huge chunks of the man’s life and experiences were missing but I did learn a lot from what I had. I picked up a little about gods and different worlds, how to think and speak clearly alongside the meanings to various words and phrases, various places, people, and monsters, and all sorts of other helpful information. With one meal I had gone from a practically mindless drone to an individual. A rather smart individual too, I’d say… Well at least I’m smarter than a random animal... Er… I really hope I’m smarter than some random animal… And then as I dissolved the bones of my meal it suddenly hit me, the semi-transparent thing was my status and I could view it at will. That wasn’t something I had been able to do before, but I knew someone who had that exact ability.

Looking at the semi-transparent words imposed over my vision I felt a short thrill course through me. It changed again, it’s showing me my status this time…

[Name] ???

[Race] Slime: Small Slime

[Age] 0 years

[Class] Liberator: Level 0

[Subclass] Scavenger: Level 0

[Elemental Control] Null (Low)

[Abilities] {Slime Body} {Faux Perception} {Predatory Absorption} {Regeneration} {Personal Status} {Mana Puppetry} {Puppet Crafting} {Lesser Mental shield}

[Followers] N/A

Hmm, I still don’t have a name… How do I get a name? Is that just something I’m given or can I pick one out? Hmm… Can my name be Alexander Marsh too? It feels sorta weird to take the name of the man I just ate though… Maybe I can just shorten it? How about just Alex then? …Hmm, yeah that’ll work… Focusing on my status again I saw that I now had a name, but that wasn’t the only change.

[Name] Alex

[Race] Slime: Small Slime

[Age] 0 years

[Class] Liberator: Level 0

[Subclass] Scavenger: Level 0

[Elemental Control] Null (Low)

[Followers] N/A

 [Current Evolution Path]  (Current: Small Slime) => (Big Slime)/(Lesser Elemental Slime) => (Great Slime)/ (Elemental Slime) => (Knight Slime)/(Royal Slime)/(Mimic Slime)/(Greater Elemental Slime) => (Slimeling)/(Slime Monarch)/(High Slime) => (Slime Lord)/(Doom Slime)/(Orbal Kin)

[Active Abilities] {Greater Personal Status} {Mana Puppetry} {Puppet Crafting}

[Passive Abilities] {Slime Body} {Faux Perception} {Predatory Absorption} {Regeneration} {Lesser Mental shield}

As I stared at the long and confusing evolution path I felt something click in my head from Alexander Marsh’s memories. Monsters evolved and slimes in particular had near infinite variations to their evolution options, no one was sure what exactly made a monster evolve but most scholars considered it to be based on what a monster ate or how it acted in certain situations. I was a monster so I could evolve, maybe even enough to match the queen, but I didn’t know how to do it. Hmm… Something to think about later, but it’s getting close to dawn and I should probably get moving… The queen is probably really mad and heading here right now…

Slowly gathering up the remaining bones that had yet to dissolve and keeping them inside me next to my core I began considering where I should go. I had never been on my own before and I couldn’t go back to the caves because the queen and all the other slimes were there, I needed to find a new home for myself. As I debated what sort of place would be best I finally decided to try finding a lake, I would be near a water source and plenty of prey would come by to drink if I wanted to try hunting. There was only one real problem, I had no idea where a lake would be. No big deal, I’ll just keep heading in one direction until I find water, then I’ll just follow the water…

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