When Nevada opened his eyes, he saw, that he was in a bedroom. He got onto his feet and looked at the bed. As he looked more around the room, he felt, that it was very familiar.

Then, he looked at the bed again, and saw one woman laying on the bed with her legs spread open. The other woman was in front of her and repeating"Breath and push. Breath and push."

"I know how to do it."she snapped back at the mother.

But the scene itself wasn't strange. What was strange, was that the woman on the bed, didn't seem to see him, even though she was staring towards him.

'Can't they see me?'Nevada wondered, as he got closer to the woman.

The woman gave the last push and out of her, a baby with white fox ears and nine-tails came out.

'This...this is me?....and those two...must be my birthmother and her mother....this is a memory from the third person perspective.....'

As he realised that, everything started to fast forward. He saw how grandmother cleaned him, gave him to his mother and then her giving him back. She then left the house with him. And he was dragged along with her.

Nevada then appeared in the place, where he was left. He looked at his sleeping body, but couldn't do anything. He wanted to touch him, but his hand went through his baby self.

The time once again started to fast forward and he saw, how Alice came and picked him.

Time started to move faster and faster as he saw himself coming older. The memory when he was sleeping on the same bed with Maria, when he was Marked, when he killed the first time and when he made love with Maria for the first time.

The memories stop after that and everything goes white around him. Nevada looks around the white space, seemingly without an end. He can't see anything beside whiteness, but then, out of the thin air, a figure appears.

Nevada looks at the man sees that he has black hair with red streaks. Same with his fox ears and nine fox tails. His eyes were blood red and on his face, he had a black mark. His skin was tanned. He was wearing a black coat with blue stain on it.

He looked exactly like Nevada himself, but with different colours.

"You are me?"Nevada asks the other Nevada, who looks back at him and says"Yes and no."

"I am you, but not you at the same time."

'Great. A cliché moment.'Nevada thinks to himself and the other guy says"Yes it is."

"And you can read my mind. Great."he says sarcastically.

The other him walks closer to him, before putting his hand on his shoulder and saying"Ask Maria about the Void."

And before Nevada could ask anything, the other Nevada disappeared and everything went dark.


The next moment, Nevada opened his eyes again and saw after looking around, that he is in the room with the altar. He slowly gets up from the ice floor and looks around the place.

The memory trip and seeing his other self, has made his thinking pretty confusing and so, he takes a few minutes to recover.

After his recovery, he looks at his hand, to see blue lines on it and going under his coat. So he immediately took it of and saw, how the lines decorated his entire right arm and went inder his shirt. He didn't really want to take off his shirt right now, so he decided to look at it another time.

He puts his coat back on and looks at the altar and sees the sword there, but not the necklace. Seeing that, he just shrugs his shoulders and grabs the sword with his left hand and walks away with it.

When he gets to the door, he simply pushes them open and exits the room. The first thing he sees, is Eleanor sitting in front of the door, against the door and right now, she seems to be sleeping.

Seeing her there like that, makes Nevada shake his head and then walking over to her. He gently slaps her cheek a couple of times, waking her up soon after. She looks around with a confused face, before stopping to look at Nevada and asking"Did you get the item?"

"Yes."he replies and shows her the katana"It's a sword."

"A weapon huh."she mutters and then, she starts to glow blue.

"What is happening?"Nevada asks, with a panicking voice. He puts his hand on her shoulder and she puts hers on his hand.

"Sorry for using you."she apologizes"I don't want to be the only member of my species and remember that pain, so for me to finally pass on, I needed you to get the objects. I'm so sorry. I don't want to...."

She couldn't finish saying her last words, before the light turns so bright, that it momentarily blinds Nevada, who reflexively covers his blue eyes.

When the lights fade away, Nevada opens his eyes and sees a white egg with blue lines on it.

"When phoenix dies, he or she turns into an egg, so he or she could be reborn again from the fire. But when he or she reborns, it is without their previous memories. And this endless cycle continues."Nevada mutters the line from the book, he read once.

Nevada looks at the football sized white egg with blue lines on it, before taking it in his hands and walking away from the place.

Somehow, he has now the entire layout of this place in his mind and also with a way out of here. So, he traces back his steps for hours and only thing guiding him, is his sharp nose with which he sniffs out the location, where he woke up the first time. From there, there should be a way out of here.


After hours of walking, he is back where he first woke up. He knows that this is a right place, as he can see the icicle with his blood on it still near the place.

He then looks up towards the darkness and chants"[Ice Platform]"

Immediately, 1x1 platform rises from the ground with him on it and starts to go up, leading him into the darkness.



On a snowy field, Maria is walking around, when suddenly, her ears perk up. They twitch a few times and as the sound is getting closer, she can feel in her heart, how Nevada is getting closer. Following her instincts, she starts running in a direction.

As she is running, she sees a figure of Nevada flying in the sky and following him with her eyes, she sees how he crashes into the ground.

"Nevada."she says his name and the next moment teleports to him. She sees him lying on his back, while breathing heavily. He looks at her with her eyes and says"Ooh Hi Wolfy!", Before he passes out from exhaustion.

"Hi Foxy."she says with a smile on her face, but then, she notices the blue lines on his hand and immediately grabs that hand. She looks at those lines and mutters.

"Oh No."

A note from Samuraiesko

I bet a lot of people were thinking, that he and Eleanor will get together after they get out of there. But that would have been a little cliché. 

About the author


Bio: Lazy meme loving asshole who loves to play videogames. Also with little to non writing skills.

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