The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

by puddles4263

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy LitRPG
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

As the system initializes, the world shifts. Geography is rearragned and mixed, and levels and stats are instituted across the globe. On that night, one young man was walking through an underground tunnel, his mind on the small problems of his easy life. Because of his location during the shift, he starts in a dungeon far above his level, with no knowledge or teacher, or Newbie Village to guide him. Without a class, he struggles simply to survive in this world changed by its new connection to the Nexus.

But struggle he will, for he is Randidly Ghosthound, and this is only how his legend begins...


Cover credit to cthulupillar


**Author's Note**

This started as a way to destress and play with overly complicated stats systems and level systems, and I just kept writing. I don't really take it very seriously, but feel free to read and enjoy.

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Long time lurker/reader, Rarely post/review

I'm splitting my review into two main parts: Rebuttal to criticism of this fiction/author and review of actual product, read if interested.

Review of "The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound":
Overall high marks.

STORY 5/5: The story is compelling and drags you onward. It starts with a college student and puts them through a crucible of horror and discovery tempering them into something MORE. Once he's introduced back into the general populace I feel the fiction really picks up and does a lot to both appeal to the OP MC faction while still having him go out and experience the world and realize he has to gain power at the edge of death (for the power growth faction) if he wants to actually accomplish his goals.

CHARACTERS 4/5: Believable and understandable growth arcs for most characters. I'm only awarding a 4/5 because I am not dragged back to this story time and again for characters as much as I am the story in general. Not for any particular flaw in character desing or portrayal.

STYLE 4/5: Usually third person limited on the MC which gives a very descriptive and intersting perspective on all the changes to the world and the path(s) he takes to try to influence it and control his own destiny. Jumping character narrative for other perspective adds a different flavor to the story and fills in gaps in understanding. For the most part the jumps are very fun and explain how the rest of the world sees the MC, only giving 4 because there are a few perspectives I felt were redundant and/or a waste of time, this is most likely personal and open to taste but I'm hoping 4/5 works for most people.

GRAMMAR 4/5: Overall very good. Only 4 out of 5 because of the typos and other basic grammar faults after the editing process. I will add these are not numerous enough to detract from the enjoyment of the story for more than a moment, and..... *shudder* definitely not as bad as the worst offerings on this site.

REBUTTAL TO CRITICISM: I came out of my lurkerdom because enough people have been leaving negative comments to the author about his/her release schedule that s/he felt the need to respond to them. Short version: Puddles has released 2,000 pages in the last 9 months for free, at a consistently high quality and maintaining a spot in the top 20 Active-only ranking on RRL.

Puddles will usually try to leave a rough draft on the Patreon daily and if you have to have your fix and don't care that the proofreading/editing is non-existent then there you go. If you're on RRL only and want to read for free take solace in the fact that it's one of the highest volume producers in the top 20 and yeah, you might go a few days without and then get 4 or 7 chapters at a time. If you think that's unreasonable then go ahead and publish your own fiction on here and we'll be delighted to let you know how you measure up to your standards.


TLDR: Very good. Don't get bent out of shape on release schedule, take comfort in the fact that the release volume is high and well done.

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Great read, massive amount of potential

-- Up to Chapter 331 --

TLDR: Solid 5/5 start, gradually goes down to 3.5 with a touch too much plot armor, but then is brought back up to a 4.5 as the overarching plot is shown a bit more and not as much plot armor. 

1. Story (chronological order)

+ I've been liking this sort of genre in general as of late, and this story captivates it quite well. How the MC is introduced to the system is new and I like that it's essentially an oversight by the system as opposed to divine intervention or what have you. 

- For about 100-150 chapters, there was very little the MC couldn't do.. any troubles he had would be resolved in a day or so through random coincidence or some intense thought. It is semi-understandable on Earth given the headstart, but otherwise? The plot armor was a bit too strong. I'm trying to intentionally be vague here, but the author and those who have read it should know what I mean.

+ Heading up to 331, overarching plot starts to shine a lot more, resulting in more interest. Plot armor is less concrete at this point as well which is great. Overall, looking forward to where the story will go and there's a lot of room to work with which I think is quite well done. There's a lot of potential here and I look forward to seeing what you do with it. 

2. Character

+ I like the MC, bit of a changeup from the typical kind of confidence bordering arrogance. 

- I understand pre-System MC was quite socially awkward, but given he can adapt to an entirely new world.. perhaps also adapting to be able to talk normally isn't that far out of the question? Even being reserved is fine, but it seems more unsure of what to say as opposed to preferring not to speak.

- I wouldn't mind if he was a bit more.. cunning? intelligent? in how he deals with things sometimes. Not necessarily all the time, but violence tends to be his goto a lot of the time. For instance, he often takes on the thought process of "I'll deal with it when it becomes a problem" instead of planning a bit in advance.

3. Style

+ I like it, generally when the chapters end I think enough has been covered. There's usually a small 'conclusion' of sorts at the end, but how the main plot is intertwined with minor plot points keeps the reader thirsting for more. 

- One thing I will stress, listing of the amount of paths, skills etc. that he has. I understand it is - kind of (I mean all the paths/unused skills, is it?) - important, but it is just a solid 2-3 walls of text that I find myself skipping over. Especially when the MC then highlights what the focus of those walls of text is anyway. Even if just the paths and skills that have changed are shown? Then if people are super interested, leave a full stats list in the footer or something? Just a suggestion.

4. Grammar

+/- Nothing really noticed in terms of poor grammar

-- END --

Overall, I'm really enjoying your story. It's quite rare for me to maintain interest when I hit the latest chapter. This is usually due to me realising that I may have only been reading to finish as opposed to enjoying the book itself. Keep it up!

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First off I have to say it has its fair share of problems, but it is so much fun to read that even with all the flaws it is still my favorite story (tied with the Diskworld series).  

I am going to start with the flaws because they are some of the most important things to say in a review because they can help the author improve.  The majority of the flaws are mainly due to the medium it is being published in.

Summary: Style: unique great world building; Story: how to write a story for an OP character, constant change keeps you interested; Grammar: dont know im dyslexic; Character: Randy little weak, everyone else amazing

Style: Not the first and wont be the last story I read where earth is affected by some kind of change and starts working like a game, but thanks to the uniqueness of the system/villages this fictional universe evolves in a way that maks it better and more unique/creative than any other world I have read about since well Diskworld (nothing can be quite as unique and fasinating as the diskworld)

Story: Absolutly Bloody Amazing!!! This is how you do a story with an Over Powered character right!  Randy (my brain still won't exept Randidly but it is growing on me) is extreemly OP but there are still people (not humans) but people out there who could beat him with a thought, maybe without even needing to think. And his OPness was earned, and instead of staying where he is OP he is constantly he is always going places that will chalange him and with how this fictional universe is set up there will always be places and things to chalange him.  Also, when he goes back to those places where he is over powered it does not take away from the story because he is still shown to be a person and he helps others grow trying to help his people get stronger and be able to protect themselves and inspires them to try and reach for his level.  There is always constant change and growth in the story, which is what every good story needs.

Grammar: Im dyslexic so I cant say if its perfect or not, but I have never had much problem reading it.

Character: Randy can be weakly done at points although he is a good OP character he is not the best developed character, but the story is getting better at character development as it goes. But still gets 4.5 stars because of all the other characters who all every one of them has their own story and lives going on in the backround, they (not all of them, but most) feel real and are what makes the story what it is


1)  Inconsistancies in the story.  Because it is being published by chapter and not by book and is already 380 chapters in there will obviously be inconsistancies.  (I have not reread the begining in a long time so this might have been fixed)  The major one is how dungeons work the story starts the dungeon forms around him while the world changes, but we later find out that dungeons do not exist yet on earth until they are obtained through villages in some way.

1.5) Some of these plot holes and inconsistancies he is starting to fix by explaining how the system is changing, or the characters questioning the system and seeing that parts dont make sence or are not meant to be understood.  (this method actualy works, for this story even though it often wouldnt in others since a lot of the plot revolves around figuring out what the system is and how it works)

2) Randy's character development is spotty at best, but is getting better.

3) The name Randidly, athough it is growing on me it almost made me not read it because it was so absurd.

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I spent 8-something days plowing through 380 chapters. It was a gruelling death-march but I feel like it was worth it. I immensely recommend this story.

It's well done, if a bit ordinary. Don't expect any sort of flowery prose.
The synopsis is all you need to know. Or, it should be. There come a moment where there is a massive shift in the 'Setting' where the story takes place. It was less than optimal and not extremely interesting at some points, but it was passable. Later on, the Setting reverted back to where it was before the shift and I think that changeback was very needed.
Despite there being something like an editor to this story, I still often catch what appears to be auto-correction being hard at work. Not the sort of mistakes a person would make. It's very rarely a word that doesn't exist (typo) or a double-strike but some words are obviously wrong, if close to what the correct word should be.
Lots of them. Varied and fleshed out. It very rarely feel like a character's motivation is to forward the plot, although sometime you feel it slightly.

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Well written and going places

There's only the rare gramatical mistake or awkward turn of phrase, and the plot is progressing at a decent pace while also making the character's skill progression and research into the new rules of the world feel earned.

The only real problem is the main character's name. I mean, "Randidly Ghosthound" sounds like something Ned Flanders would say after being pulled into an RPG - "those ghosthounds ran-didly off with my staff!"

  • Overall Score
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Really good post-apocalyptic rpg system based story, with a pretty standard main character for the genre. Who just happens to have a weird name. Honestly, this is one of the best stories on the site, and is updated frequently.

The first arc is interesting as the MC gets acclimated to the world, but gets bogged down near the end. The second arc is even better, with much more fleshed out characters: but again tails off near the end (tournament arc). To be honest the biggest standout for me in this work is the underlying RPG system. If it could be implimented in a MMO style game I'd play it, I honestly couldn't think of a better one.

Regarding negatives, some of the supporting characters in the first arc are pretty weak. The first semi love interest being particularly grating in every scene she's in. Plus I'm a bit sad that one of my favorite characters has died out of nowhere, but the least interesting one has been brought back to life.

I'm looking forward to see where this one goes, but find myself hoping it doesn't stumble too hard now that MC has gone back to a lower realm. He's possibly the most powerful guy on the planet. Which means challenges have to be imported, or grown by inaction. A far cry from the interesting setting of the second arc, where there were multiple threats.

Might have been better if he'd found himself in the middle of a clusterfuck, after 20 years had passed, or something.

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Fantastic LitRPG with Interesting Mechanics

I have read up to Chapter 314 for this review. The chapter releases have been mostly consistent and the Author is good about communication.


The story is well written and in 3rd person. The author is discriptive for areas the characters are in, and the fights are clear, fluid, and intense. The LitRPG mechanics are interesting and kind of unique. Much later in the story the description of Aether gets a bit confusing... but I can forgive this a bit since the MC doesn't fully understand either.

A bit after the start of the story the author does change POV way too often and it hurts the flow of the action. Thankfully this does not last long, and isn't nearly as bad as one of the author's previous stories.


The story is engrossing, and has kept me comming back to check for chapters since it was first released. The MC struggles throughout the story and when he does seem overpowered at a few points, you really feel like he earned that through his own blood, luck and hard work. 

The world building is quite good, but falters a bit due to the MC being thrust into completly new areas a few times. Its like the tansition between story arcs is a bit too jarring, and leaves behind a lot of mechanics and characters.

There is also a Tournament arc that goes on for a bit too long, but I might be baised against tournament arcs from anime.


I'm not great at finding grammatical erros, but I haven't really found any. So no problem here.


The MC is fleshed out well. He doesn't really have a backstory yet, but that doesn't really hurt him as a character. The world kind of ends, so who he was is not what the story is about, its about who he becomes. He feels a bit stiff and lacking emotions later in the story, but with what he goes through and forces himself to go through... it kind of fits.

The side characters are all interesting, and I haven't run across a new chapter that I'm unhappy about due do who its about.

Overall the story compares with published works I have read, and this is easliy one of the better stories I've read on RR. If you like LitRPG this is one you should check out. I have enjoyed the story and look forward to more of it.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Great Start, Looking Forward to More!

Solid start to a new post-apocalyptic game-takes-over-earth LitRPG story. I like the MC, he's smart and logical in his choices and has lots of room to grow both as a character and in power.

Check this one out, you won't be disappointed!

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Enjoying it so far, tried and true formula but without any of the idiocy you find in alot of other mc's, we'll see where it goes.


That being said, the name Randidly is driving me up the everloving wall, CHANGE IT!!!!!!!! or just shorten it to ghosthound or something

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This story has me questioning what it means for a main character to be over powered. 

Ghosthound (I refuse to adknowledge his first name) is so much stronger than anything in his area its stupid. But instead of letting himself (and the story) stagnate he (curveball incoming) LEAVES HIS AREA! Who would have thought. This story is what I come to Royal Road for. Wuxia style character building without the total mess of translated writing. Great job author. Keep it up. 

I stole a star from style due to the difficulty of reading his skill list. Maybe I can't do that.. I mean it kind of is part of the story... Okay I stole two halves of a star because Im on the internet and don't want anyone to be happy.