Months had passed, James went down into history of Narnia as a hero, but now it was time for the Ball. Liz was very nervous. She was very bad at dancing. Liz put on her dress and made herself ready. There came a knock on the door.
" Come in," Liz said. It was Nicholas.
" Richard sends his apologizes for not being here but he is ironing out some plans he is making for the Ball," said Nicholas.
" It's okay," said Liz
" You look beautiful," said Nicholas.
" Thank you," Liz said blushing.
" Well it is time for the Ball. May I escort you?" Nicholas asked. Liz stood up and said,
" Yes, you may."

When they got to the Ballroom Liz was amazed with how beautiful it was.
" Wow! Who did all of this?" Liz asked
" The servants," Nicholas replied."
" Well they did a good job," said Liz as she looked around.
" May I have this dance?" asked Nicholas.
" Yes, you may," Liz replied smiling. They danced until Liz's feet began to hurt.
" You know you still have to dance with Richard," said Nicholas smiling
" I know that's why I had to sit down," said Liz smiling back. After talking for a little bit and gettting refreshments, Liz felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Richard.
" May I have this dance?" He asked smiling. Liz smiled back and said,
"Yes, you may." They dance for what seem like all night when Richard whispered in her ear,
" Will you take a walk with me?" Liz nodded. They went outside and started walking.
" Do you remember when we first met?" Richard asked breaking the silence.
" Yes, I thought you mean," Liz said laughing.
" Really," Richard said laughing as well. Richard stopped walking then said getting on one knee and pulling out a ring,
" I really like you and if this is too early I understand, but will you marry me?"
" What about Nicholas I don't want to upset him if he still has feeling for me," said Liz.
" I talked to him. He said he would be fine and that he found another girl he is beginning to fancy," said Richard.
" Well with that said then yes. I will marry," said Liz. Richard stood up and put the ring on her finger. Liz started crying tears of joy. Richard looked up into the sky and said,
" I will take good care of her, James."

A few nights later Liz couldn't go to sleep so she started to walk around. While walking around she saw a lion.
" Aslan," she said.
" Yes my child, I am Aslan," said the Lion walking toward. Liz kneeled down on the ground.
" Rise my child," said Aslan, " It's time for you to choose whether you are going to stay here or go back home."
" Do I have to choose now," replied Liz frowning.
" Yes my child," said Aslan. Liz pondered the thought for a few minutes then said,
" What if I choose to stay here what will happen in my world?"
" Your name will change and you will not excise," said Aslan.
" And if I go home?" Liz asked.
" You will never be able to return," said Aslan. Liz thought about it then said,
I have made up my mind." Just as she got ready to answer she heard footsteps and turn to see Richard.
" Are you okay?" He asked.
" Yes, I just got a visit from Aslan," said Liz.
" What did he say?" Richard asked.
" He said I had to choose to either stay here or go home," said Liz
" What did you choose?" Richard asked curiously. Liz paused then said, 
" I didn't get to tell him, but I chose to stay here with you," Liz said smiling.
" I am glad you did," Richard said smiling then kissing her forehead," But I think so should probably go back to bed. I think you will be able to sleep now."
" Me too," said Liz smiling. Richard walked her back to her room, kissed her goodnight, then left.


 Years later Richard and Liz got married and were blessed with a son who they called Caspian the 1st, a daughter who they called Lilly, and another son who they called James. The years the followed were all most as good as the years of High King Peter. Nicholas married a woman name Rose and built a kingdom of their own. They were blessed with 3 baby girls. When Richard would die Caspian would reign. Richard, Liz, Nicholas, Jane, Mary, and Elizabeth spoke often off pasted events and would talk about their families. Narnia was at peace and so was Liz.

A note from Sarah

Thank you to everyone who read this. I hope you enjoyed it. I also wrote this book on Wattpad. There you can see the dress she wore to the ball and some of the everyday dresses she wore as well.

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