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Further ahead, there was a group of men and women who were facing a huge black slime shooting and waving its tentacles toward them. No one had ever seen a slime this big or nasty. It was comparable to the size of a van if Avnir was to witness this creature.

"Kian, keep covering Arya while we are retreating! Alex, Lilian!" commanded a man with full authority.

His roar echoed in the cave before he swung his huge red flaming sword diagonally above his head to cut a black tentacle goo coming towards him from above. The cut tentacle flopped down to his side and he retreated toward the shield bearers.

Kian nodded, "Right! This monster -"

"Shield, your left!" shouted Kayden.

Kian stopped talking as raised his large shield to the side and a loud bang echoed. He barely able to deflect the attacks.

"Damn it! Did we take a wrong turn or something?" Cursed Kian, he was breathing in and out heavily.

A tentacle swung upward after deflected by Kian, his shield arm felt numb from the attack and he almost fell down. They were facing a gigantic black slime. Even though the tentacle attack was fast and heavy, the big black goo main body itself was slow. It could barely move from its own immense weight. Still, it was an enemy was beyond their abilities, the bright flame enchanted weapons were hardly doing anything to it.

Kayden was staring at Kian because of his previous blunder before he heard a voice from his back.

"Kayden, someone tripped my Alarm ward." Said the woman wearing a white priestess short robe designed for dungeon exploration.

"You said, someone? Not something?" queried Kayden, the man who that was giving out orders just now.

"Yes and believe it or not, he is alone," replied Lilian, the priestess while her eyes kept moving from Kayden to the black slime. She had never seen a slime this big in her previous trips to the dungeon.

"He is alone here on the second floor? Never mind, you go now, retreat." Kayden turned toward his men "Defend!" Kayden commanded.

"Ouu!" Kian and another man acknowledged with their own unique code.

Kayden and Kian were brothers who volunteered and served in the dungeon warden army for three years already. Kayden the older brother had to volunteer when their parents died and sure enough his brother Kian volunteer next year. Children without parents were the common candidate for the recruiting. They were lucky to have each other as trusted allies, not all recruits survived this long.

They teamed with another shield bearer, Alex forming a three-man team. Other than his shield, we wielded a mace rather than the popular sword.

"Alex! To my side!" Kian shouted as he saw an even bigger tentacle forming and swung towards them. He gritted his teeth, his arm still numb.

A vicious glint came from Alex's eyes, anyone could tell that this man didn't have the slightest fear in him. He roared and charged toward his teammate while holding his shield arm up. They had been practicing this move quite a lot and already executed it a few times.

His aim was to receive the powerful swing together with Kian, his charge ended just before the attack hit.


A loud sound vibrated again as the hardened tentacle hit the metal shield. The men blocked and tried to push the tentacle upward in a perfect sync like they always did it. But it looks like they won't be able to do it this time.

"Uraaa!!" Screamed Kayden, He lunged forward with a huge sword engulfed in a fire in hand.

Shaping his mana to assist the attack, Kayden swung his huge blade from the ground and up using his most powerful attack skill currently available to him. There was a trail of soil and sparks flew when his huge sword cut through the ground. He had trained this attack more than a hundred of times, there was no way it would fail.

"Leave us alone monster! Cleave!!"

His sword cut the huge tentacle just before its powerful over swing send his teammate flying, they were just dragged a few steps on the floor. The tentacle flew upward before dropping to the ground to the other side of the defenders with a loud bang. The tentacle later melted and crawled back toward the main body.

"Again, this monster is unbelievable," said Alex with a wicked smile on his face. "How many times is it already we cut its arm."

"Enough, let's retreat. Lilian and Arya already out of danger." Said Kayden with sternest in his eyes. He looked at the big black jelly for a moment before rushing back.

At this time Lilian was already waiting for her teammate with a {Mage Light} floating nearby her. She stopped when she and Arya were far enough from the danger zone. Arya breathed out a relief when she saw silhouettes of her teammates running towards them.

Arya was the latest team member for the group led by Kayden, she was recruited by Kayden when they first arrived in the city. She was a mage born from a mistress and her father disowned her when her talent in magic disappointed him. Arya then stayed in the city making a living by becoming an enchanter.

This the common job for a mage with low ability before recruited to the army or explorer team. They imbued their magic into weapons for explorers that entered the dungeon for some coins. This temporary enchantment lasted a few hours, enough for most short dungeon exploration. They did this job to earn their living while training their molding to reach level 3, some took a few years while others a lot longer.

However, Lilian was a priestess trained at the Antrose local church monastery. She was enlisted by Kayden to escort his team as his team was scouting the second floor by donating to the church. Lilian was surprised when it turned out she was not doing much healing because of Kayden, but she still provided lighting to the team. She already used to this kind of task when dungeon explorers donated to the church for her service. All priestess were given this task at least a few times for them to gain some experience the dungeon before they were reassigned.

Kayden was an excellent leader in her eyes, resulting in almost no injury occurred in their many fights. But her expression changed when she noticed someone approached the group for the other hallway. She prepared herself for the worst. Not all explorer was as kind as Kayden, some were even more vicious than the monsters here. There were even some who dared to harass the priestesses but they were always dealt with quickly by the apostles.

A young man emerged from the darkness. He looked younger than all of them and floating beside him was a blue flamed {Torch}. The flame didn't provide much light but Arya noticed the sheer heat potential it had. She felt the intense heat being blocked a thin layer of mana keeping most of the heat inside a certain radius.

But it still felt really dangerous, like a monster ready to pounce on you.

The young man noticed her gaze and looked at his torch and suddenly the fire became brighter yellow with the heat greatly reduced. Arya breathed out in relief, to her this action meant that he didn't have any bad intentions. However, Lilian still had her guard up, she was trained to be wary of strangers especially when they displayed an unusual behavior. She prepared {Blinding Light} just in case the youth was up to something.

Avnir was a bit taken aback seeing how differently the two girls responded, he stopped on his feet so he won't cause any overreaction. The priest and the other lady looked really pale to him, they might do something unexpected from the fear alone. Chances were they won't kill him, but he didn't want to take any risk.

He was waiting for their leader and these ladies didn't look like a leader to him. Their faces were still pale even if they didn't realize it, they lost their composure to easily to be a leader.

Soon he saw a burly man with large physique approached from their backs. There was a huge blade held by one of his hand and it was rested on his armored shoulder like it was a twig to him. Two other men were behind him both have a shield but one of them had a mace instead of a sword, unlike the other one.

[At least the trail didn't end at them] thought Avnir, he was relieved that wasn't being trolled by his own skill.

The well-built man softly placed his free hand on the shoulder of the lady standing beside the wary priestess. She smiled and looked at the man before placing her hand on his. Avnir noticed their intimate eyes while they were looking at each other. They were lovers.

"Ehm, sorry, I was just passing by. The priest lady was a little antsy so I stopped here." Avnir started the conversation to the group, the pink scene was a little overbearing to him.

Kayden nodded, "I am Kayden, leader of our little group. You are?" He asked.

"I am Avnir, apprentice mage." Said Avnir in reply.

He noticed a man from behind Kayden whispered something to him. Avnir flinched a little, losing his life here wasn't like in the game. It would mean he was dead, forever. Killing humans was also not in Avnir favorite list, so that whisper got his guard up instantly.

"Please, relax, we mean no harm, this man is Kian, my brother. He noticed your black tag, no wonder you were able to explore this floor alone." Said Kayden after noticing Avnir reaction to the whisper.

[His brother's eyes are sharp, a Ranger?] - thought Avnir. He noticed the others from the group was shocked by the mentioning of a black tag. Arya especially was surprised by Kayden's words.

"Are you a noble?" She probed, she knew that was not possible, no noble will travel the dungeon alone but a commoner apprentice mage receiving a black tag was equally an impossible thing to happen.

"Nope, just a commoner, we ought to be on our way. I am heading that way." Avnir pointed toward the way they came from and Kayden showed an unpleasant expression.

"There is a giant black slime there," he said, "we just retreated from facing it. Arya's mana will take some time to regenerate."

She had a sorry look on her face, Avnir deduced that her mana molding must still at low level. He thought for a moment before suggesting to her.

"Do you know about the latest mana molding learning method?" He enquired.

Arya shook her head in surprise, she didn't know what to say. Her level was a shame she wanted to hide.

"Then head toward the Citizen's Lounge area and look for Carla or Nerina," Avnir said, "they will help you to increase your mana molding to level 3 at least. They will be happy to help you out. You can drop my name off if you wanted too."

"Carla? Is she back?" said Arya, surprised, "And about the method, is it true?"

"You'll find out when you get there." Avnir shrugged, "No harm to check it out, right? It will be much easier if you already know her."

Avnir previously thought that to smooth things out, he could lend out the information to her, he won't lose anything from it. The faces of other men looked puzzled, they still didn't unlock their elemental potential yet, so they wouldn't know. The priestess's face, however, turned bright. Avnir had found the type of person he was uncomfortable to be around with.

Arya however, she looked astonished from Avnir sudden revelation.

Kayden took the reaction from both of them as a good sign, "Thank you, I don't know what this mana molding is but it seems the ladies appreciated your information."

"It was nothing, I noticed that Arya does not achieve level 3 yet when you say you needed to wait for her mana to regenerate. It was just a gesture of goodwill to ease up theI know that nobody sane explores the dungeon alone, but my skill set enables me to." Explained Avnir to them.

"With that black tag, I'm sure you are not lying about your ability," Kayden assured. "But like I said, there is a dangerous black slime through that hallway, so be careful."

"Yes, I will, thank you." said Avnir simply.

They parted after Avnir shook the hand of their leader Kayden and lightly greet the others. Avnir felt relieved from the peaceful encounter. If he met the wrong type of team, he might even threaten and forced to fight. Killing real living human will be the first for him in both world, so he wanted to avoid it as longs as possible. He wasn't that naive though, one day he would need to kill someone. He thought about that as he continued to walk toward his destination.

Arya walked beside Kayden for some time before she whispered to her team. "He was wielding a blue flame before you all arrived." She made sure she was not too loud so only her team were able to hear it.

"Blue flame?" asked Kian, puzzled.

"Blue flame is much, much hotter than normal fire, it needed a very talented mage to cast it and he was casually using it as a torch." Added Lilian, the priestess who was quite wary of the high ability Avnir showed before.

"So, what about that mana molding he said," Alex queried.

"Mana molding is used in magic spell and skill, level 3 was the minimum for Arya to get a decent combat ability," said Lilian more. "If Arya is trained, she will be a great addition to your team."

The three men nodded in understanding, "So he did not have a reason to lie right? Let's check out what he said. It looks like it's mighty important for Arya's magic abilities. She could also meet an old acquaintance again." Kayden suggested.

They all agreed and quickly headed toward their next objective, they were too beaten up to continue on anyway.

"Luckily we didn't attack him," said Alex laughing.

All of them stopped and looked at him, they knew about his weird sense of humor, but this was a little too far.

"I was joking, joking. God, these guys is so serious." Complained Alex.

They shook their heads and continued walking again.

However, Lilian opted to report this to the church as a blue flame wielder was rare and this unknown mage use it like it was a normal fire. There was no usual mentioned strained complexion in his expression due to the high concentration needed to maintain the spell. It was a sign of a high degree of mana control, a crucial information to the church. Avnir, the young man was a new unknown battle potential beyond any other young mage. And this was also related to a decree the King announced after the tragedy fell upon the kingdom 50 years ago.

The young man himself did not realize that little by little his name start to spread to different factions from his own deeds. But this much of attention was not out of his calculation when he decided to come to the Antrose, even so after he already rethought all about it again.

The benefits balanced out, his newest skills were an example.

Anyway, Avnir maybe the new shining rising star, but he knew that there was always more people that had talent much brighter than his own. That if they didn't know his full ability entirely and so, he won't suddenly rock the world for now.

However, he had a bigger problem right now, a big black gooey problem to be exact. His purple thread headed right through the black slime. He was hoping it would diverge from the said threat. This monster must have been the optional boss fight for this floor. Not all boss fight led to the next stairs. Some of them were guarding treasures which fit their difficulty level.

[Kayden was right to retreat] - thought Avnir. [I'll need a defensive spell, something from the Earth or Wind system. This thing feels like really tough and intelligent monster. Or should I just turn back and give up on the book?]

He stood there, unable to decide.



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It might be easier if it went something like this.

"It was nothing. When you said Arya needed to wait for her mana to regenerate, I realized she had not yet achieved level 3. It was just a gesture of goodwill to ease up the tension. I know that nobody sane explores the dungeon alone, but my skill set enables me to."

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