“Wonderful~” Lucy wore a beautiful smile.

“That’s right. The moment humans thought about something and it was known by many people in one place (world) and thus, sharing the same thoughts, a new world, a parallel world was created… while bearing that possibility.”

Listening to Lucy’s explanation, Allen suddenly remembered something. ‘… what will you feel, if you were to get destroyed by the things you created.’ The entity who called himself God said that.

We created… so this is what he meant by that…

It sounds like the theory about a Tulpa.

[ Tulpa ] is a concept in the mysticism of a being or object which is created through sheer spiritual or mental discipline alone. It has its roots firmly embedded in Buddhism where the [ Tulpa ] was considered an aspiration of the contemplative life.

The theory is that if you think hard enough on an idea, it will materialize. And so, just like the [ Tulpa ], Lucy was saying that all the monsters were created by the mind and through the people who believe that they really exist.

Now that I think about it… there’s also a theory about the entire universe being made through tulpa meditation.

But if that is so,

“…so you mean, this is not the original world? And was only one of the possibilities…?”

Lucy’s eyebrows jumped slightly but she immediately regained her normal expression.

She smiled: “Half-right, There might be an original world where all possibilities came from, or maybe not. One thing for sure, it’s not the Gods who created these many possibilities as Gods only possess one-mind track. They don’t have any capabilities to imagine something bizarre and colorful…”

“… …”

“…Half-wrong, all worlds are real worlds, original and unique by existence. If you went out in space, you wouldn’t be able to find any other world out there… this is the only world.”

“…Then Lucy, why was I transported in this world?” Allen had wanted to ask this question for quite some time now.

Why did he came in this world and not died…

“… …” Lucy didn’t answer and only continued walking.

“… that, I can’t tell you that. You must uncover the answer to this riddle yourself. Whether it was here or the different realms, everything is destined. One day, you’ll understand.…”

After entering another room, Lucy made a gesture towards him that was very pleasing to the eye: close the door.

Allen straight away reached behind and pushed the door shut.

Walking up behind the door, she pointed again, this time at the chair beside where Allen was standing: sit.

Allen sat down with lightning speed.

The legs on the chair slid, and he narrowly avoided falling over.

Allen steadied himself on the chair and then looked around the room. It was still the same as ‘before’, neat room with so little furniture’s and only a chair, a table, a sofa and a desk could be found.

On the wall were several strange paintings seemingly depicting battles of gods and demons and some sharp looking knight swords in an ‘X’ form.

Lucy wordlessly sat down on the sofa and quietly set some things on the table.

Allen took a glance at the things on the table she had selected and did not say anything. Raising his head he asked, “I want the same thing as before…”

Lucy looked at him and with a smile, she answered, “Class-Crystal [ Monster Tamer ]…right?”

“Yeah…how much was it again? This time I had brought money.” Allen took his big bag pack and put it on the top of the table.

Inside was exactly 10 million pesos in cash. Obviously, this wasn’t his money but Mia’s.

Well, actually Allen never asked this much money, let’s say whatever did happen just blame on her own self.

As long as he asked it, Mia would give it to him without hesitation. In fact, Allen just wanted a million but Mia actually gave him more than 10 million. If he didn’t insist on returning it, he would now have 15 – 20 million on his hand.

“You sure came prepared.” Lucy looked at him, clearly amused.

She remembered back then, Allen didn’t even have a cent and could only trade his things. That pitiful looked where he took out everything he owns to exchange for that Class-Crystal and some Skill and Item-Crystals… he was truly pitiful yet at the same time so lovable at that time~

“…I have a suggestion. Rather than the [ Monster Tamer ], I have something even better than that. Do you want it?”


“Class-Crystal [ Monster King ]…”

“[ Monster King ]?”

Lucy stood up and left.

After a short while, Lucy returned while bringing a tray with five silver crystals on it. Smiling, she put it on the table and then sat once again.

“This is Class-Crystal [ Monster King ].” Lucy took one of the five crystals and passes it on, Allen. “…It’s a Class higher than being [ Monster Tamer ].”

Allen took the silver crystal.

[ Class Crystal; Monster King ]

Words shining with beautiful crimson colors.

A Lord Class.

Lord Class is a very, very rare profession. This kind of class stands above other normal class by having strong and ruling-type skills.

“A Lord Class…right?”

“Yeah…” Lucy nodded her head. “It’s a kind of profession similar to taming monsters; however, compared to normal tamers, it’s a couple time better. It was one of the Lord Class Crystals I have. I could sell it to you if you want it~”

“…how much?” Allen felt moved. Who wouldn’t?

This class… I want it!!

“Lord Class is very rare and so it’s very expensive…” Lucy started.

“…normally, I’m not selling Lord Class Crystals here because they are very precious and mostly priceless. Especially [ Monster King ] which is one of best of the only three Lord Class Crystal I have…”

 “… …” then why did you tell me about it?

Looking at the burning desire reflected in youth’s expression in front of her, Lucy seemed to feel amused and her smile almost reaches her ears.

Allen could see Lucy’s smiling eyes. Worst, he was able to sense evil emotion coming from her pair of eyes.

What is she planning?

For the first time, although she was certainly scary Allen felt that she was really scary at this very moment.

She looked at him with a very intense look. The way she looked at him even gives him a Goosebumps.

After one second, two seconds, three seconds, finally she softly said, “…On one condition, after you comply with this, I could probably let go of this crystal.”

Allen doesn’t understand. She keeps looking at him while wearing her sweet smiling face.

What did she mean?

“… …”

The silence remained for seconds. Suddenly Allen sensed an excited atmosphere and the other moment he even senses a burning gaze.

F*ck! What kind of expression was that!

Sparkling eyes filled with ambiguity was piercing into his eyes.

What’s happening with this girl!?

Allen started sweating cold sweat, “What do you want?”

It feels so ambiguous and then that cunning girl nonchalantly answered, “…you will know it in the future. I just want you to promise me that you will comply with any of my conditions in the future.”

“Tell me beforehand the condition…” Allen still keeps on asking.

Lucy looked at him, calm and composed as she took the Lord Class [ Monster King ] Crystal which was laid on the table and wave it in front of him. There is no slight interest to give an answer.

“…what? You don’t want it…?” Lucy teased.

Allen feels something strange and amiss but he could only look at the girl in front of her. Why does he feel like he was having a deal with a devil?

“… …”

“If you don’t want it then…”

“Wait.” Allen gritted his teeth. He really wanted it, “I… I promised.” Forcing him to utter those words.

Lucy lifted the corner of her lips and showed a devilish smile. “…then I don’t have a choice. I guess I could sell it to you for 10 million~”

What is this woman trying to do?

“…no, 1 million.” Looking at her, Allen could only sigh. “… I still need to buy some necessary things, so in exchange, I will complete two conditions.”

Allen steeled himself. He knows that he was being shameless but he couldn’t back down. He just couldn’t use all his money for just one Crystal.

He expected for her to get angry and was prepared to do the legendary blood battle called a bargain. However,


“I know it’s shameless, so how about 2.5 mi--- huh?!” Allen was so surprised and his eyes widened.

What did she say…?

“I said deal~” Lucy’s face showed no trace of hesitation.

What? Did she agree?

Allen stared blankly at the girl in front of him who was showing an angelic smile, confused, he asked once again. “Are you really okay with one million…?”

As if everything is natural and normal, she answered, “Of course…anyway, a deal is a deal. So what other things you need?”

“… weapons and skills. I also wanted the same as before, that poison-metal slime you sold to me. I also need several monster balls…”

After hearing what Allen said, Lucy’s face darkens.

“Why? Is something wrong?”

After hesitating, Lucy let out a wry smile and said, “I can give you the others but I don’t have that slime.”

“What? Didn’t you say that this is a similar world, then you should have Lime.”

“That’s the problem. I always found it odd too, until now that is. Anyway, I have other beasts aside from the slime, so you should choose another one.”

Allen frowned. He wanted Lime… but if Lucy didn’t have her, what could he do?


Haa~ just where could I look for Lime now?

Allen really, really liked Lime. She was his very best friend and protector. No matter what happens I must find her!!

“The same price as before. Since this world just undergone its transformation, this world’s money can be used as a currency. And according to currency conversion; Skill Crystals were; E-class skill; 10,000 and up, D-class; 15,000 and up, C-class; 50,000 – 100,000, B-class; 500,000 – 1 million, and right now I have 20 A-class skills; 5 million – 15 million, as for S-class skills, I currently have 8; price is 50 million and above.”

“… …” Very expensive… Allen’s heart was dripping with blood.


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