Thousands and Millions? This big bro isn’t rich, you know! Damn it!!!

“For Item-Crystals, Normal tier; 10,000 – 50,000, Rare tier; 50,000 – 500,000, and Mythic tier; 2 million and above. As for Legend tier artifacts, I currently have two… but not something to sell~”

Though Allen wasn’t planning to spend money like water in an open faucet, skills and items are very important for him.

“…so, is it still only 10 items for a person for a month?”

“Yeah, that rule won’t change~”

10 items for a person. This was the rule when buying things at Lucy’s Secret Shop. Was it so that there would be no hoarding for items?

“…however, if you want I can add several for you~” Lucy flashed a teasing smile.

Allen only frowned but didn’t say anything. Lucy for him was someone he would never understand and someone he would never want to go against with.

“…do you have a beast you want to recommend?”

Lucy smiled and stood up. She then made a motion with her hands, indicating that he should follow.

Allen complied and unhurriedly followed her as they entered another room. Just how big was this place…?

Room after room, Allen couldn’t help but wonder everytime he was here.

Although he already knew about how mysterious this shop was he couldn’t help but feel amazed whenever he was inside. When one looks outside, it looked like a small shack but when one walked inside the building, they would find numerous doors leading to different rooms.

Allen quietly followed Lucy inside the new room. From what Allen remembered, Lucy called this room, the [ Beasts Room ].

Many monsters and beasts could be seen inside, firmly locked in a cage.

Looking at these different monsters, you might imagine a very scary and dirty room…right?

But you would feel disappointed. The room was neat and clean. Although cages could be seen, lining inside, the monsters for some reason, were so obedient to the point that the moment they saw Lucy arriving, all their tails were tuck between their legs.

She was totally, surely and completely being feared!

Just how scary was she?

“…you’re thinking about something rude, aren’t you?” A voice woke up Allen from his thoughts. For who knows when Lucy was already standing in front of him while looking at him with narrowed eyes.

“I, I’m not…” She could read minds!?

“Hmm… anyway, I have some tamed beasts here so you can make your choice. You should already know that my merchandise is all high class~”

“Hmm” of course he knows. The monsters he brought from her were all strong compared to ordinary monsters. Look Lime for example. She was his best monster a tamer could only dream of. Loyal, strong, and reliable.

Looking around, Allen said inside the cages were [ Snow Wolves ], [ Poison Serpent ], [ Grizzly Bear ], [ Sabertooth Lion ], [ Shadow Leopard ] and much more. Truly, best monsters that tamers would drool of.

“…I want to remind you but these babies are very expensive. Their prices are ranging from 500,000 – 20 million. There were also special and elite monsters but those are more expensive.”

“… …”

“… For more information, I currently have 20 Lv1 monsters, 22 Lv2, 12 Lv3, 12 Lv4, 5 Lv5, and 2 Lv6. As for Lv7 and above, unfortunately, I don’t have right now. You can choose anything you like.”

“…It’s a pity, I wanted my first monster to be Lime…” Allen let out a bitter sigh.

Just like what Lucy said, Lime wasn’t here. There are some slime monsters, but Lime isn’t there.

There isn’t even a poison-metal slime in the group.

“…You don’t need to worry about her. Sooner or later, you might be able to find her so easily…” Lucy smiled mischievously. “…anyway, I think I have four monsters you might like~”

Lucy walked further into the room and then stopped in front of four monsters.

A black cat with two tails and a small horn on its forehead.

A yellow furred hamster-like mouse emitting golden sparks.

A small lion cub with small crimson wings.

And lastly, a small eagle-like bird that breathes fire.

“These four are the best newborns in my house. As for the advantage of taking a newborn instead of a grown one, you should already know about it, right? So I don’t need to tell you about it.”

Allen nodded his head. Taking newborns as tamed monsters held some advantage. Although they are very weak compared to the grown ones and in terms of fighting there were often no used at all, but they are suited for cultivating the tamed beasts trusts and strength.

If you want a monster that would never betray you and will protect you to the best of their abilities, they were the best ones to choose for.

Newborns can be trained and taught, making them stronger than adults. They could absorb anything you teach them like a sponge, unlike adults who had difficulty to do so.

“A mixed breed [ Shadow Horned Leopard ] is 4.5 million. [ Lightning Mouse ] is 2.3 million. [ Winged Lion ] is 8 million and lastly, [ Flame Eagle ] is 5.2 million… cheap isn’t it?”

Hearing her words, Allen almost vomited blood. What do you mean by cheap? More like robbery!

“…from what I remember, the price of a single monster ball is 100,000…wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, a hundred thousand.”

10 million – 1 million = 9 million.

I only had 9 million left. Allen wanted a couple of weapons, skills and class crystals but he was short – though not on money as Mia would be glad to give it to him without a problem but because of an individual spot.

He could only buy 10 different items for a month and after that, it would be relocated once again.

So what kind of beast is good?

[ Winged Lion ] is good but it was very expensive. Although I have my reliable banker and although I admit that I’m certainly shameless but, 10 million is already a huge amount of money…and my shamelessness isn’t enough to ask another more…

Besides, although [ Winged Lion ] is good but there were prideful creatures that would never allow themselves to lower their head to a human like me. I can discipline it but it would take a very long time to do so since they are originally stubborn. If I like it, I could just catch some Winged Lion by myself. But for now,

“I’ll take [ Lightning Mouse ] and 10 monster ball.” After a long consideration, Allen finally made his decision. I’ll take the most obedient!


Now, 9 million is reduced to 5.7 million. Skills and weapons is good enough~

“…show me some good skills and weapons…”

Lucy smiled and took the cage of the [ Lightning Mouse ] and gave it to Allen.

The [ Lightning Mouse ] seemed to know that it would now belong to a new master. It didn’t make a sound and only looked curiously at the youth holding its cage with its big round eyes.

While carrying the cage, Allen and Lucy returned to the room they were before.

“What grade of skills and weapons do you want?”

“…Hm for skills…” Allen thought for a moment before continuing, “…C and B class should be enough. As for weapons, Rare tier is good.”

“Okay…” Lucy took several silver crystals from the table and moved it in front of Allen. “…how about this; 3 C-class and 3 B-class skills. These here are 5 Rare tier weapons. These things should be helpful to you…”

Allen frowned in surprise. “It’s already beyond 10 items though, not to mention including 10 monsters balls~”

“…This is a service from me. For now, 10 monster balls are counted as one item. Including the Lord Class Crystal, the [ Lightning Mouse ], 6 skills and 5 weapons…all in all, 14 items. What? Do you have a problem?”

Allen felt that this was rather unimaginably weird, but he still shook his head and answered honestly, “N, no…thank you.”

He was really surprised. From what he knows, Lucy was not the type to play favorites…so what’s happening?

Allen looked at Lucy was like he was looking at a ghost.

Lucy noticed Allen’s reaction but she didn’t say anything about it and only smiled. I didn’t notice anything in that world but… old friend, your fortune is really against the heavens…

Looking at Allen in front of her, Lucy thought that he will certainly become someone standing with arms crossed like an onlooker over the world. I don’t know what you have but the fact that you are chosen… would never change.

Lucy’s tone was as calm as the sea. “…2 skills are passive and the other is all active…”

[ Self-Regeneration - Ability to heal rapidly and with greater finality from any injury; the rate of recovery varies from the level of the skill. Higher level results in the slowing of aging, regenerating entire human limbs and organs without hindrance by completely removing it and immunity to illnesses and other defects. ] Price: 880,000.

[ Aura reading – The ability to perceive energy fields surrounding people, places, and things. ] Price: 77,000.

[ Physical Duplication - Ability to create physical duplicates of oneself. ] Price: 120,000.

[ Echolocation - Ability to determine the location of objects in the environment by use of reflected sound waves, whether generated by the character or ambient sound. Also known as sonar or radar sense. ] Price: 500,000

[ Invisibility - Ability to render the user unseen to the naked eye and/or other forms of perception. ] Price: 720,000.

[ Superhuman strength - Ability to have a level of strength much higher than normally possible given their proportions. ] Price: 98,000.

“…these six skills are some of the good skills I currently have. You should know, this is still a prematurely developed world so skills and weapons present wouldn’t be as good as you imagine yet.”

“Mm…” Allen nodded.

“…however, I suggest you not to take the [ Self-Regeneration ] skill, or it would be quite redundant for you and would only become a waste.”

“!?” Allen frowned. What is she saying?

Allen already decided to take the [ Self-Regeneration ] skill by himself as it was a very important skill and yet…

Redundant? Why? He had no such skill…

“I don’t have a regeneration-type ability yet…”

“…don’t ask questions just listen to this big sister. You don’t need to take this skill, it’s meaningless. The Lord class [ Monster King ] isn’t just for show. With it, you will acquire Self-Regeneration skill in the future and who knows it might be better compared to this so it will just be useless to take it now. It would be a waste~”

Allen has many questions but he could only nod his head in response.

“As for the items I have, first is this…”

[   Intimidating Dagger of Acid - Dripping with acid, this weapon gives its bearer a bonus to intimidate their foes. ] Price: 55,000.

[ Flamberge - A powerful one-handed sword with a decoratively wavy, flame-like blade. Able to produce flames that covered the blade. ] Price:  78,000.

[  Poison Arrow – A short range bow that gives poison to any arrow it used. Bonus arrows: 20 ] Price: 70,000.

[  PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II ( Rare-Superior ) – The Hécate II is the standard heavy sniper rifle of the French Army, sometimes known as the FR-12,7. It is used as an anti-materiel rifle for demolition shooting at long ranges, harassing fire, counter-sniping, and the destruction of unexploded ordnance from a safe distance, with High Explosive Incendiary/Armour Piercing Ammunition (HEIAP). Automatically reload after 10 sec. ] Price: 1.3 million.

[ XM29 OICW ( Rare-Superior ) - The XM29 OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) was a series of prototypes of a new type of assault rifle that fired 20 mm HE air bursting projectiles. It has a semi-automatic 20×28mm smart grenade launcher, an underslung assault carbine firing a standard 5.56×45mm NATO round, and a top-mounted computer-assisted sighting system with integrated laser rangefinder, thermal vision night vision capabilities, and up to 6x optical telescopic sight. Infinite Ammo. ] Price: 1.2 million.

“…these items are currently one of the bests of the house. Of course, the very best things, I didn’t take them out seeing that you won’t be able to afford them anyway.”

“All of the items should be 9,398,000.” Allen speedily quoted the total price, took the bag pack and hand it to Lucy.

Lucy nodded her head and then as if she thought of something, she stood up and left only returned after a few minutes.

She was carrying six silver crystals.

“There’s 602,000 left…how about this, I will give you this item and gave you a chance to choose one crystal out of this Special Crystals, I have.”

[ Mask of thousand faces (Rare) – possess the ability to the user’s appearance and impersonate others to a high degree of success. ]

“… …” Allen knit his brows.

Why is Lucy so nice to him?

Even if people often experience eating a pie that falls from the sky, however, if this pie was too good and too delicious, one would always feel suspicious about it.

Did it contain poison? Was it a trap? These questions would surely pop out.


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