Chapter 28 – Crumpled Flower

Inside a building located on the noble districts, a man with gray hair, tainted in blood sat in the living room. Tapping his foot on the floor, the gray-haired man waited for the servant to allow him to deliver the flower. Although he urged the servant to give him the money and let him delivers the flower to the lady. The servant refuses and made him wait.

It made Ramiel wonder why he was told to wait. But since he didn’t want any trouble, Ramiel just sat tightly on the couch of the living room. He waited for the servant, and as he does. His eyes swam around the room, looking at the furniture.

He waited for a much longer time than expected. And as the servant of the lady of the house who is named Gundry appeared. He didn’t waste any time and gestured for him to allow him to finish this job already.

Gundry the Servant nodded his head in understanding towards Ramiel. It took him a while, but he managed. The two then walked up to the stairs and to the room where the Lady named Aubrey is located.

Heading inside, Gundry the Servant spoke to his master. He told her about Ramiel’s delivery. Ramiel was then gestured to show the flower. He took the flower from his bag and showed it to the lady. The lady immediately frowns at the sight of the crumpled flower. Her expression wasn’t that of someone pleased. Even Ramiel knew that she isn’t that delighted of the flower that was delivered.

The Lady grabs the flower and glance at her servant. She didn’t like the flower’s condition at all. So she told Gundry to let the mute in front of her understand how displeased she is.

Gundry the servant stepped towards Ramiel. He made gestures and sneered at the end. Ramiel understood just by the irritated expression of the two.

He failed.

He understood that greatly. So he bowed his head and made an apologetic expression. The Lady saw it and then uses her hand to shoo Ramiel away. He felt pissed at that gesture. But Ramiel didn’t try to even show any displeasure and calmly walked away from the room.

The Servant followed him outside. He looks down upon Ramiel with the same blank face. Taking something out from his jacket’s pocket, he handed Ramiel a small bag of coin.

It is a small compensation. Ramiel found the bag too little for his own taste, and it is distasteful. It is merely a crumpled flower, yet he didn’t get the proper reward.

He risked his life to get this flower. But who knew that the lady needed it to be completely fine?

He didn’t mean to crumple the flower in the first place. If he didn’t roll to dodge the dire wolf, then he would have died. He had no time to worry about some damn flower when his life is in danger. Besides at that time he wasn’t even thinking. He blanked out badly so how he was supposed to take care of some damn flower.

Damn it what a fucking joke.

Biting his lip, Ramiel turned his back away from the servant. He walked down the stairs of the buildings, crossed the living room and to the door. Outside, Ramiel kicked a pebble as he saunters away from the noble district. Putting his hands in his pockets, Ramiel grumbled while walking along the streets.

He didn’t feel good that he did all of those things only to get such small compensation. He didn’t like it in the slightest, and he who risked his life obviously would be displeased.

This isn’t even enough for four days worth of medicine. Fuck, I wasn’t able to relay them that I don’t want to work for them. But it isn’t like they would tell someone who delivered a crumpled flower to come and work for them again.

Ramiel thought while gazing upon a stall. He is currently on the business streets. There are a lot of locals as always, it is bustling. And the occasional talks and barterings made him feel irritated.

I can’t understand any of what they are talking. I wish they would shut the fuck up already, motherfucker.

Anger management isn’t really something he is good at. When things don’t go his way, or he felt that all he did was for naught, Ramiel would sometimes feel so maddened. A rather irrational anger that dwells inside him, an emotion he isn’t really great at handling.

What a load of horseshit all of this...

Ramiel barked at the empty air. He continued striding along the bustling crowd, avoiding all the locals. He also held his bag tightly, just in case some theft would get it. After passing through the bustling crowd, Ramiel found himself on a familiar street. In this street, he once begged in a corner. When Ramiel looked at this place, all he remembers is the maddening cold and the stares of the people.

The way they looked at him like trash. And how some of the decent ones would find him a pitiable person and the latter is always the most irritating one for him.

Fuck those people...fuck them...

He said those while thinking of a certain memory inside his head. It wasn’t a good memory to Ramiel so he shakes his head to disperse thought. Continuing his march, he arrived at the Orient Inn. Pushing through the doors, he noticed that there are some customers now.

The new waitress looks like she started early. As he steps inside of Inn and heads upstairs to wash his head. He took his white cloth and went downstairs. Felli saw him and gestured him to take the food to the customers. He also heard Felli shouting someone’s name. Desha was the name, and he concluded that was the new waitress’s name.

And as he was ready to bring the food to the customers, Ramiel stopped for a while. He stared at a shiny knife just place on the kitchen’s table.

He felt mesmerized at the shiny new knife. It was like a mirror and Ramiel like it. He stared at the knife for a while and as he continued his gazing.

The Knife then reflected the face of a dead eyed man with a maddened smile.


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