God Blade



Chapter 8: The Promiscuous Man


Theo was smiling all the way outside, happy that his prediction about Ed was true. No, his prediction was exceeded. For Thoros to prostrate and swore his life for Ed, Ed must be something special. "Ed, what does the [Protagonist] and the [The Dragon] Titles do?" He asked Ed, but Ed looked confused by his question. "Close your eyes and think about those two titles in your mind."

Ed closed his eyes and a message popped up in his head.


[Equipped Effect: Increase all EXP gain by 100% and increase The charm hidden stats by 50%]

[Passive Effect: Level Up restore health and mana completely.]

[The Dragon]

[Equipped Effect: Reduce all magical and elemental damage by 50% after every other damage reduction.]

[Passive Effect: Increase all EXP gain by 50% and learning speed by 50%]

"Holy shit, that is insane." Theo commented once Ed told him about it.

"How do I change my title?"

"Return back to Thoros. Only those having a divining skill or appraising skill can change your title. But I recommend you search for someone else, you don't want him prostrating all the time don't you?"

Ed laughed. "So Theo, what is the difference between a unique skill and normal skill?"

"Well, It's unique."

"I mean other than that!"

"Unlike normal skill, you can't level it by training, it's automatically leveled up each time you level up by 5 level."

"Wait, that mean someone with low-level cap might not be able to level up their unique skill at all?"

"Yeah, but it's rare for someone with tier 4 or 5 talent to have a low-level cap. And it's not only that. Unique skill can't be taught or learned. You must have felt it too. The knowledge just, popped up inside your mind."

"Oh, and I'm also curious about your charming talent and your unique skill. What does that do?"

"It just means that I'm proven objectively to be charming. The devil's charm increases my charm secret stat when I'm speaking with females. Strangely, that also affect animals. The unconditional love mean that most women who love me will have no trouble with me having another woman. The perfect skill for my harem plan." He let out a prideful laugh. "Even the world and the Gods are supporting my dream of a harem." Theo stopped and thought for a second. "So, you're not disowned?"

"No. Not yet at least, last night I argued with my father. Just a matter of time if I keep pursuing my dream."

"HAHAHA. I'm glad I'm not a noble."

"So where are we going now?" Ed asked.

"I don't know about you Ed, but I'm going to Cynthia. After that, I'll go to the adventurer guild to give the boss the prophecy, and to say hi to Miki."

"I have no plan for today and I certainly don't want to go back home yet, now that father is there. I guess I go with you."

There was a certain magic shop in the inner ward where the noble family lives. It was rather small compared to other magic shops, but like every other shop in the inner ward, it was the best of its kind in Aeston. It was still closed, but Theo has the key to enter it.

A tall red-haired woman was walking around, checking her shop while reading a magic book that hovered in the air. She was attractive and radiate an air of eroticism. Her lips and eyes were the same crimson colored as her hair. She wore the usual long robe of a Mage, but there was something sexy about it when she wore it. Something that couldn't be put into word.

Her long and pointy ears, a distinct feature of her kind, perked up as she realized who the customer was this time. She walked toward her customer. Theo walked to her and they make out on the spot. It lasted for a good few second. Ed, who was not used to seeing those sort of activities, was red-faced. This incited a mischievous feeling inside Theo which made him want to do it again with Cynthia. She also seemed to enjoy seeing Ed's reaction and went along with him. They kissed again. And again. and again.

Ed, who was not used to seeing those sort of activities, was red-faced. This incited a mischievous feeling inside Theo which made him want to do it again with Cynthia. She also seemed to enjoy seeing Ed's reaction and went along with him. They kissed again. And again. And again.

"Could both of you please stop! I know what both of you are thinking!" Ed shouted. His face was lit like a lamp.

"Oh. Look, the virgin boy got angry." Said Cynthia with a smile.

"I-I'm waiting outside."

Theo grabbed his arm and laughed. "Ed, we're just joking okay." Theo let go of Ed's arm and grabbed Cynthia's butt. "Joking like this."

"I'M OUT!!"

Theo and Cynthia laughed as they saw Ed with his sun-like head walked out from the shop. They turned toward each other after Ed was out. Theo grabbed Cynthia's waist while she wrapped her arms around his neck."What a shame though. How can someone as cute as him not married yet? I mean, I know a lot of noble women and daughters who would like him." Cynthia said.

"It's his father. You know, noble family stuff"

"The kiss from before, you have practiced a lot."

"I did my homework. Living with Mary isn't that boring. She was easy to get into the mood."

"Ah, Mary. She made me jealous, why didn't I thought to ask you to live with me before?"

"We did remember? We tried living together for a week. We didn't get anything done outside the bed that week."

Cynthia chuckled. "So how is living with her? Other than the bed part I mean."

"Perfect. She is the best kind of woman a man can get if one ever wanted a wife. She's good at cooking, house chores, e-"

Cynthia placed her finger on Theo's lips to stop him talking any further. "Don't make me more jealous of her."

"You want me to compare her to you?"

"No....yes. but tell me about what is better in me."

Theo squeezed her butt, which made her yelped. "Obviously. You're better in action. Far better. And you also like women and are open to three way with other women. A great plus point for me."

She chuckled. She then looked around. "The customer can wait. Want to have a quick go in the back? I haven't showered yet."

"I think I pass. Have a lot of things to do to prepare for tomorrow."

"That is precisely why. This is going to be our last in, how long?"

"few months, six is the fastest."

"In six moths. And that is the fastest. You could be away for a year or two."

Theo rolled his eyes and grinned. "Only one round."


Theo put his clothes back on. Cynthia was still washing her body in the bath. She held a glass of wine in her hand. She played with the water. "Sure you don't want to come in again? The water is still warm."

"No thanks. Ed has waited for me long enough."

"That trick used to work on you every time."

"That was back then when I was still new to this stuff. Now I know when the time is not right and when is right."

"And when is the right time?"

"Any time I'm not busy is the right time." He smiled.

"You really did your homework. You got some new technique. Mary doesn't strike me as an adventurous girl."

"It's Miki who likes experimenting."

"Ah yes, that girl, she's a feisty and adventurous one." She took a sip. "Too bad she's as straight as a pole. I always wanted to try things with someone like her. Speaking of which, The Duke's wife was searching for you yesterday."


"Yes. She wanted to give you a gift before you leave, but since you were nowhere to be found yesterday, she gave it to me."

"Did she say anything, like wanting to see me before I leave?"

"No, I don't think so. The gift is there." Cynthia pointed toward a cupboard filled with herbs and potion. On the very top rack was a bag.

"What's inside?"

"I don't know, didn't look."

Theo looked at her and flashed a smile. "I know you did, you can't help yourself. You never can."

She giggled. "You know me. It's the usual thing. Some jewelry, trinkets, coins."

Theo sighed. "I told her not to give those gifts to me. It makes me feels like a gigolo."

"Well, you kind of are."

"No, I'm not. I didn't aim at her status or wealth. She just that, beautiful and attractive and sexy. She's also still very young ."

"She's ten years older than you Theo. She's in her early thirties."

"Very young when compared to the Duke."

She laughed. "Everyone in this city is very young if you compare them to the Duke. Almost."

Theo walked to her and took her hand. "I know who doesn't."

"That is not a compliment Theo."

"They say with age come wisdom." He kissed her hand. "And you chose your man, very wisely." He walked away from her. "The Duke never loved her anyway. They stopped talking with each other after the birth of their son. If not me, she will do it with some other knight in shining armor really. Better me than them."

"Does the Duke know about your relationship with her?"

"What do you think?"

"Hmph. Of course no-."

"He knows."

"What?" Her eyes opened wide. "You're not joking right?"

"He caught us once. It's not like we're trying to hide it from him anyway. Not a bit of worry in his face, not even a surprise. Just-" He waved his hand in front of his face." Disinterested expression. Tia in the first place only dares came to me after collecting evidence about the Duke's own affairs and numerous bastards. So even if we caught, he couldn't do anything without having his secret leaked. He really doesn't want anyone to know. He also knows that I have no interest in his position so he didn't do anything so far."

"Oh, really?" She asked in a joking manner, but Theo took it seriously.

"If I wanted wealth and power, I would have assassinated the Duke and their son when I first met Tia. Then I would have staged some incident so that I can get knighted and get a position of Lords. Then I just have to marry the widowed Tia."

"Calm down Theo. I'm just joking okay, but you did have those plans at first, right?"

"Yes, but I scrap it."

"Why?" She took a long sip. Curiosity was apparent in her eyes. Being in a position of Duke was a great position and the dream of many people. While it seems like he was joking, she knew that he was serious when he said things like that. Why did her man abandon such a good plan?

"Because being a Duke is too low for me." Cynthia laughed, almost spilling her drink. One of the things that she loved about him was that he was an ambitious man with an unusual ambition. She should have expected his answer. She should have, but she didn't.

"So what does my great Theo wants?"

"The king's own daughter...s."


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