Transported to an Absurd World



Chapter 2 — Jajan! Pose with Confidence!


I climbed. It was a grand, spiral staircase. On it lay a red carpet. This place sure likes red carpets.


I climbed silently. I was barefoot after all. The carpet feels nice and soft.
“Dizzy... When will I reach the top?”

This is one hell of a staircase[1]. Just kidding.
I've been climbing for an hour, I think. I'm not sure because I have no means to tell the time.

“Hm.. Hmmm…”

I've been thinking on how to use magic. I haven't progressed far though. My knowledge is limited, you know?
In the novels I read, magic is made by using mana or some catalyst to actualize an image. You picture a ball of fire if you want to cast a fire ball, and the like. I think so.
And so, my very first obstacle in the path of magic is... language.

“I have no idea how to speak the chants.”

The language used in chanting the spell is some kind of unknown language. I have no idea how to speak it, and obviously, I don't understand it.

“I only have knowledge based on the novels I read after all.”

I have yet to understand anything on this world. That much is apparent.
If anything, I'm more concerned in my lack of emotions.
Are you telling me that I didn't only change physically, but also mentally? What's with that, scary.

“Ah... Mm, I see it.”
I mumble as I saw light escaping up top. I'm close from getting out of this place.
(I also need to test my abilities. Let's try not to be reckless though.)
While thinking such things, I made it outside.

“Umu. Well done, me.”

As expected of the great me. I made it out. That was one long staircase. The outside world sure is nice! Or so I thought.
“Is this still indoors?”

While the hallway earlier was spacious, this floor is a league in its own.
“Is this a continent? I hope not…”

Indeed! The landmass in front of me extends beyond the horizon, but the sky wasn't visible. Instead, white crystals shine in the dark ceiling, as if it was a night sky littered with stars. This is without a doubt, not the outside.

This is bullying. I'll cry, you know! Shattering my hope like that.

“Is this place… It's probably a dungeon, right?”

I'm convinced. This place might be a huge dungeon.
Is my quest of finding someone to help me out of question? Not yet, probably.


“I just have to get out right? I might meet someone who can help me along the way. Umu! Don't lose hope, me!”

Reassuring pose. Confidence up! Once again, onwards!


....I guess I'll find food first. I hope I find something edible here.

A note from Shiroyasha14

1. If you know Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), this was a reference/joke on Sebastian's line, "I am simply one hell of a butler."

Hello. Everyone's Shiroyasha14 here.
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