Hinata’s snapping words caused him to jolt awake, now face-to-face with a crimson dragoness, her cyan eyes gazing at him naughtily and her lavender hair in front of her face.

“So, you’re up...”

The crimson dragoness’s Irish-accented, seductive words sent waves of sensation through Eden’s body as she teleported to the corner of the room.

Eden gulped upon gazing at the black-clawed crimson dragoness’s overtly sexual attire. Her exceedingly curved and slender yet intensely muscular body was barely clothed.

Moving towards the two, the crimson dragoness pulled at the straps of her orange-colored, wing-shaped chest-plate covering her dark coral underbelly with one hand, fondling one of the voluptuous breasts which overlaid half her upper chassis with the other.

As if it were an act of protection, Eden found Hinata pulling him into her arms, cradling his head against her shoulder.  His eyes widened as he recalled the words spoken to him before he fell to sleep.

The dragoness approached the two whilst toying with the short violent mini-skirt and swaying the wide hips connected with her skinny yet powerful legs.  Her flaunting was painfully obvious to Eden.

“Opal, he just arrived and already you’re making advances on him!?” Hinata bellowed, clenching her three-clawed fist, her blue talons nearly digging into her scales, “Do you have ANY decency!?”

With a grin, the dragoness sat next to Hinata, her hair swaying in front of her face as she spoke, “I just wanted to cheer him up.”

The mere fact that this dragoness offered her body sickened Eden to the very core, although he was uncertain as to whether it was from his skills as an empath or the idea of sex with a stranger.

“Listen... I don’t know who you are, but I don’t like sluts, let alone plow them,” Eden grunted, glaring at the dragoness he now knew as Opal, “And should I add ‘any self-respect’ to Hinata’s comment?”

A huff was given by Opal as she turned away, folding her arms defensively, “I was only trying to help get your mind off things, Eden.”

“Well, I don’t need that kind of ‘help’,” Eden retorted, “I mean, I just got teleported into the fourth dimension, for God’s sake!  If not for my previous astral projections I would think I was going insane!

In response to his outburst, Opal sighed, approaching Eden once more, her expression now gentle.  Nodding, she sat next to Hinata, offering him her paw.

Due to being curious about Opal’s now-distressed emotional wavelength, Eden slowly extended his hand towards her.  It would be better to make friends in place of enemies on his first day, after all.  Not only this, but her aura was far from malevolent.

As she cupped his palm, Eden saw Opal’s expression soften.  She then spoke, “Listen...  I’m sorry.  It’s just the first thing that comes to mind for cheering someone up.  I have... I have problems, okay?”

“Nymphomania, I presume?” Eden sighed, taking Opal’s left hand in his right, placing his left palm on her shoulder, “Listen... Opal, was it?  I can sense a strong aura of pain and sweetness around you.  I don’t know what happened to make you this way, but instead of sex with random people, I suggest finding a really kinky guy with a heart of gold.”

After a shocked blink, Opal smiled warmly.  Her eyes gained partial dampness as well.  Without warning, Eden found her planting kiss a kiss on his lips.

“Thanks for the advice..,” Opal whispered, nuzzling Eden’s forehead, “I appreciate-”


“I’m so sorry!”

The next thing he knew, Eden found himself pinned down by Hinata and his head spinning.  His body also felt heavy.  A rugged, baritone, Japanese-accented voice then spoke.

“So, the kid is thinking with his head again and not his dick?  Damn, that girl needs to learn to control her innate succubus powers instead of focusing on magic and first aid.

Eden was nothing but confused.


About the author


  • In the middle of a temporal rift

Bio: I am an autistic writer of (mainly) YA fiction, mostly pertaining mainly to sentient dragons who are, in a mental and emotional sense, human. My works are deal in vivid detail, emotionally-charged scenes, redemption, compassion, love, loss and the occasional incredibly descriptive combat sequence. I am also and egalitarian, a left-leaning libertarian and a patriot. My favorite quotes are Lord Acton's, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men" and Friedrich Nietzsche's, “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster . . . when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you”

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