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Chapter 50: Ancestor King

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I had returned to my body, only to hear Drrak's yelling voice.


'Don't scare me kid, that blade intent just hijacked your body and forced me out. I couldn't even contact you at all, what the hell happened?' He said all in a hurry


I reiterated all of my experiences to Drrak, who grow silent in contemplation.


'He said the morning star?' Drrak asked in a suggestive tone


'Yes before he disappeared he looked to the sky.' I said in explanation


'He knew what you were yet he helped you.....' Drrak said in uncertainly


'That wasn't the only strange part, I think demons played a part in his death.' I said lightly, this was a conspiracy that could destroy the delicate balance of powers between the four gods.


Lodite had always been ambitious, and had exerted his will to become powerful. So he harvested souls using his demons and become more and more powerful. But that infringed on the power of Edite, and Juphine.


So he was always held in check, but if they found out he broke the check. Its possible Lodite will become a new demonic god, a corrupted and evil god by the standards of the other gods.


They would have the people exterminate all related to Lodite. Right now it was just frowned upon to accept death Qi but not fire Qi from Lodite.


The scariest part was that the ancestor king had helped me, and knew full well of my dark destiny. Was he a betrayer like me, someone who sought the power of god. Betraying his human roots and becoming evil by the god's standards?


Also what was his relationship with that dragon? That was definitely not one of the two guardian dragons, could it be one of the other two?


The level of these secrets was far from what I was capable of infringing on. But knowledge was power, and power is never easily obtained. Although in my heart I was fearful of the circumstances, I wouldn't hide under a rock because of fear would I?


The important was my blade intent had progressed, right now my number one concern is the tournament in 2 months. With the force layer nearly complete, I figured out my path to the next blade art.


But I could only train it, once I started inner reformation. Otherwise I could warp my outer reformation's foundation.


I looked my sword marks medallion, and I was without my 2 hours and 1000 sword marks.


'Drrak was I gone for 4 hours?' I said uncertainly




'But it was so short.' I thought I had already experienced this before but before I was too overwhelmed with other things to care to much.


I stood up from the mural and went to the exit for the weapons technique room. I went outside and saw that there were still people entering.


I even saw Raynard looking over at me in malice, his heart was almost completely consumed with hatred for me.


'Does he even understand the meaning of the word hate?' I thought in anger. It pissed me off entirely his entitlement to experience hatred, such childish troubles don't warrant hate of this level.


'Do you even understand yourself?' Drrak said to me in a prying voice


'Don't try to lecture me, Drrak.' I said in a low growl


My heart was once again ignited in hatred, I needed to release some of it. Otherwise, my mental state would deteriorate very quickly.


'Lucas you are very talented, but you are too susceptible to your emotions. Your guise of control is dangerous, just stop pretending.' Drrak said in a low voice to pacify me


But I had already stopped listening to Drrak, instead I wanted an outlet for my anger. I looked into the crowd and saw John's crowd of commoners.


I saw one of them ostracized from the group to the corner, I knew him he was the commoner that was defeated by John. I smiled and sent my blade intent to get his attention, he looked over at me in fear.


The blade intent was already terrifying enough, but the moment he saw it was me doing it. He had lost all hope in life, because even a noble like Raynard was destined to be stomped by me.


"You, come here now." I said in a cold authoritative voice, but my voice had a strange charm to it. That forced someone to obey as I have asked.


The commoner reluctantly walked across the crowd in fear, enduring the angry gaze of John. I just watched in amusement, at his struggles.


'Weak will and easily manipulated, all I did was leverage the charm of corruption.' I thought while inwardly chuckling.


He slowly passed through the crowd and lowered his head in front of me waiting for my command.


"What is going on here?" I asked stone faced


John's eyes never left him for a moment, I hadn't bothered early to test the charm of corruption. But now John was just being annoying, so I released my blade intent on him. His body shivered in fear as he moved back and stopped looking in my direction.


"The tournament registration is starting, and people are lining up to join." He said in utter fear


I sent 50 sword marks to his medallion and let him go. I hadn't much paid attention to matters of the class since the rookie exam, 2 months ago.


But I could tell how estranged Raynard, Carol, and the Class had become. The best part was Raynard's hatred broke through the roof.


'His family must have gotten pressured.' I thought in laughter


He chose to offend me, that would never end well. I also had no plans on letting up on slowly torturing Raynard and his brother. If given the opportunity, I would have just killed him.


But I couldn't do so right, but my heart was relaxed momentarily by Raynard's plight. The line was quite large but I didn't bother with it. I just walked past all of them and went directly to the front.


With the aura I was releasing they didn't make any effort to fight back. Instead the group quietly accepted my intrusions, acting as though they didn't see me.


I even recognized a few faces from the time the sword duke tried to suppress me. At a table was the man from the entrance exam, he sat apathetically when he saw me come by. But this time he didn't have a beard, it was shaved off.


He quickly grabbed my hand once again, before I could even respond.


"Level 7, if you continue with the rate of improvement. You will be peak level 9 in 2 months, I'll register you as a level 9 then." He said to me apathetically


'Who is he?' I thought as I retracted my hand, my wrist had a mark from the force of his grab.


'It doesn't matter who he is, his power is in the 50s at least.' Drrak said in warning


'Almost as strong as teacher Elton.' I thought in quiet contemplation


I left the weapons temple and returned to my room, I started on my meditations of knighthood and the magus path. With my free time I would go the library and read books on astronomy.


I also made a telescope following the guidelines of one of the astronomy books. I observed the stars intent on finding it, and I meditated on the mysteries of the ancestor king's words.


'Drrak, how can the ancestor king predict the future.' I asked in confusion, ever since he spoke to me. I felt reassured that the gods, weren't truly all powerful. At least humanity isn't so weak that they could never transcend the gods.


'Sheer power, the ancestor king was so powerful and he had a few lucky circumstances. So he was able to divine just a bit of the future.' Drrak said solemnly


'....' I remained quiet as I listened to Drrak speak


'But how he had that power, and his lucky circumstances are lost to me.' Drrak said as he shook his head


'Demons, the ancestor king, the morning star, and the guardian dragon.' I thought


'How are they all connected? Who is pulling the strings and why?'


Even as I knew more, I realized I knew less and less. But that should only amplify my desire, If I am to become most high. I must take the throne from those who would claim it.



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