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Chapter 51: Tournament Begins

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I was in my room looking at a vial in sadness, the blood energy had nearly disappeared. Even the blood drop was devoid of power, but a trace of that energy was on me.


'This is insufficient, this winged serpent blood rather suits the shadow of providence.' I thought in sadness. But sadly in the two months that had passed, the serpent blood was completely used.


But luckily, my power had increased greatly. At this point I didn't know how powerful I was, if I used my full strength and sadly I wouldn't get that opportunity.


I knew for sure that no one in the tournament could challenge me in the slightest, if I don't hold back at all. Only someone above mid stage inner reformation could be a challenge to me.


Even then just by my stats, I could terrorize even the most powerful students.


My stats were equivalent to level 20 genius, and soon I could even break the sound barrier. But my heart felt bleak, I had discovered far more than I could imagine in my studies.


I needed more time, and I needed to set up some experiments. But my time was up, the tournament was here and I would have to set it aside.


I did my final exercises for the morning, I had reached the very peak of level 9. Now I just need a small push and I would become level 10.


I looked into my body, and saw the extremely tempered muscles. My Flawless physique was close to a fundamental change.


Had this been me before the experiment, I would be anxious and scared. But I feel serene and calm, I had nothing to fear in life but myself.


I hardened my heart, and my soul became sublime. The calm before the battle, was always necessary. I would make my mark with a blade in hand.


I would gather power and resources, then at the breaking point. I will start on my final plan, for now I stick to research. It all hinges on the demons, I thought in silence.


I dressed myself in my white uniform, my hair had grown even longer. Becoming a wild blonde black look, my glabella's blade became even sharper, my aura becoming deeper and more terrifying.


I unsheathed the void blade and run my fingers along it before sheathing it. I left for the weapons temple, where registration was originally at.


There was a crowd but they were separated into groups of 20s. I observed the same pattern, of class, of age, and of strength.


Then I saw my class, which was more estranged than most classes. The other classes reluctantly talked to each other at least, but my class the nobles, superior nobles, and commoners all hated each other.


They were at each other's throats in a moment, and never bothered to reason with each other.


Even among the factions there was fighting, nobles hating other nobles. Commoners trying to scheme against other commoners and lovers quarreling.


But this disorder had long since been seen by me, I had orchestrated it so it was nothing strange to me. It was just amusing to them fighting amongst each other so childishly.


I walked to the group quietly, but at my wake they were forced to stop bickering.


My imposing presence was unconcealed, as they all turned to me. Even a few in other groups looked at me and saw the formless blade intent circling around me.


Most looks were of apprehension and some of curiosity and burning ambition. But none of that was of interest to me, instead I looked at the reverential looks of the commoners and some of the nobles.


Carol and Raynard both looked at me in hatred, but they tried to conceal it. I had already teased Carol into complete hatred of me, along with Raynard.


The commoners wanted to come close to me, but were still in fear of my power. So they stayed to their sides, I didn't bother to speak.


Instead I stuck to looking around, I didn't expect anything from this tournament. But I still wanted a chance to increase my resources a large amount.


As I looked around the headmaster walked in with a few teachers, and his son: Timothy. Behind them was a man with a crown, he had no aura to him.


What was more attention grabbing was his black knight to his left and right, and the white robed mage behind him. They walked in sync with the king, taking a docile and submissive stance.


The king went up to the stage and raised his hand. His single hand overturned the earth, I felt suppressed and unable to move.


Same with the various people in the crowds, who were previously talking. The surroundings changed it was like I had entered a burning shura battlefield.


I felt primal fear at the man's imposing presence, and was unable to move. I tried to operate my blade intent to cut through the flame hell.


But it was ineffective, unless I added corruption to my attack. I wouldn't be able to move, but I wasn't willing to take a risk and use the power of corruption.


The kingly man put his hand down, as the flame hell disappeared. A felt the strangling presence disappear entirely, I took a deep breath. My back had a cold sweat, this was power; utterly terrifying power.


I had strength myself continuously, I could even rival job transitioning knights. Yet I felt so small and weak under his presence.


"THIS IS POWER." He said in a booming and piercing voice


"Not your families, not your friends, and definitely not your little schemes among each other. Only the might of your fist can truly protect you."


"So stop being bogged down in childish manners, you are no longer of that age. You are not adults yet, but you must learn to become adults." He said in spite as he looked at the factions among the crowd


"Everyone of you has a goal, and only power can make it possible. Don't disappoint me, and show what our kingdom's top school has to offer." He said in pride


Nobody answered, instead a storm awakened in the crowd. It was a quiet pride, a hidden truth ready to be unveiled in combat.


The king looked on in satisfaction and he went down, we were escorted the battle arena. It was the same arena that I fought Raynard in, but this time it was packed full.


Not just with students but even alumni, and the families of various students. The noble families had a reserved place. The commoner families were scattered about near the back, and the king was center stage with the headmaster.


Most surprising was the fact that the blue haired prophet was with the king. He sat at equal power with her, and was even a bit submissive to her.


The flame princess sitting in a lower seat next to him. When I looked over at the flame princess, she stuck her tongue at me and looked away.


'Such an arrogant little prick.' I thought in anger


'Rich coming from you.' Drrak curtly replied


'You must love snarking and lecturing. How's that high horse for you, liking the view? You son of a bitch.' I quickly responded


I looked at the blue hair girl again, she smiled at me radiating no hostility. But she was the type I feared the most, the ones I couldn't predict.


I didn't smile back, I just remained stone faced and looked next to her. The annoying young man from before was still there, this time he didn't try anything since this was a public place.


I saw a few more people Dante, Elton who smiled at me and encouraged me, I even saw Grandmaster Isaiah. All the professors and teachers all waiting.


Then the person from the entrance exam went on stage, it was strange to keep seeing him around.


"Not many of you know me, but I run this school with the headmaster. I am his assistant, and I run this tournament. Three things are fundamental to a knight."


"1. Cooperation, 2. Talent, 3. Individual power. The tests will reflect that, the first is a class battle. Your will work with your class against other classes."


"Currently there are 20 classes for this test, there will only be 10 passing. You could see that as 50% failing or you could see it as only having to fight once. Either way understand there are no retries and if your class isn't united. Then you will fail, and you are all responsible for your own failures." He said in a cold voice


The background of most students was high and mighty, many have tried to use their status to warrant special treatment. But the school would quickly fall apart if they lacked order.


So this was a warning to those who would push the school. I watched in amusement, he must have dealt with the pressure of the nobles that I stirred up.


It seemed my little plot got into their attention and would have been a bigger case, if I hadn't released my research paper. But nonetheless it wasn't forgotten, and the effects are manifesting themselves.



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