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Chapter Four: Gear Part One


Chapter Four: Gear Part One


As I found myself sailing through the air of the arena I found myself contemplative. Why are we not allowed to take quest’s yet? That question had been bothering for about a week now and I should probably ask, and then I felt myself hit the floor, the impact driving the wind out of me and sending a shockwave that ratted my insides, and caused me to relentlessly start to cough till my eyes started watering.

A moment later I felt a hand patting my back and a plastic greatsword at my neck, I tapped my hand on the padded arena floor to concede my defeat. My coughing stopped at moment later, and I turned to Mars and saw that he had his hand out for me to grab, the man may look like the perfect cross between a troll and an a ogre (he certainly is as tough as one) but he always acted the perfect gentleman around women and children and always the humble victor. Unlike me when I eventually win against him and brag for days and rub it in his face, and probably strike me down making the whole thing meaningless.


I took Mars hand and got up, and made sure to bow and say “Thank you Trainer Mars for the learning experience and the chance to spar.” Which was true, no one was willing to spar with me except Mars after the second day because apparently I didn’t know how to hold back, and they’re afraid I’m going to impale them with my weak plastic sword, crybabies. And I was not learning much during class aside from sparing, I a very active learner. So I really appreciated allowing Mars to spar with me.  He smiled broadly over his craggy face and responded “No, thank you Mule you been giving me quite the workout these past couple weeks, and these old bones need it. I don’t even think I’ve moved this much since I was on the Frontlines.”


I then remembered to ask my question “Hey Trainer Mars how come we’re not allowed to take quest yet?” This seemed to take Mars by surprise for a second and he was about to say something before but then closed his mouth and looked contemplative on his face for a second, which looked very unnaturally, before saying “Well, Usually I’d say the problem was strength and combat skills for novice, and that clearly the case for those boy’s over there,” He said while gesturing to the boy’s who had just started sparring over on the other side of the arena. They had made only to start after we were, they had learned the hard way that it’s a bad idea to get caught up in it when we we’re sparring, I think what’s his face, no it’s not Damon he’s over there sparring with some other novice I could not be bothered to learn the name of. And beside that he already knew not to do that. Anyway what’s his face is still on bed rest from getting caught up in it last time.


Mars continued “But that's definitely not the case with you, because you can fight almost on par with me. So I’d say because you have not been here long enough, I mean most novices don’t even think of taking a quest till after the three month training period and they pass their final spar with their trainer. Also you’d need to have a set of equipment ready and show it to the guild and that can take some weeks before its ready, and let me ask you if you have set of armor and weapons yet?” I shook my head I hadn’t thought about that yet, and I felt a little depressed because of it.


Mar’s slapped a hand on my shoulder that would probably crush lesser mortals, and laughed “No need to get down on yourself Mule. You already got the answer to half the problem just you use your voucher, and get a guild smith to forge you some armor and a good blade. And I’ll see what I can do to get the guild to speed up the process about letting you take some quests.” I smiled broadly and said “Thank you Trainer Mars, I make sure to do that ASAP!” And gave the man a crushing hug.


Mars started tapping on the back and said “Alright lad, no need to make a scene. Now are you ready for another round.” I quickly let go with a hint of embarrassment on my face for letting my excitement get the better of me.I jumped and got into a combat ready stance, holding my shortsword parallel to ground and my fist at the ready and said “Yes I am, the real question are you?” He laughed a roaring laugh and said “Aye that’s the spirit lad!” And the world blurred into a world of violence and bruises.


About two hours later, me and Damon we’re in the cafeteria eating lunch. Damon had gone with a soup and sandwich, and I had chosen a leg of meat, of what kind of meat I know not only that it was alright. Damon seemed to stare with fascination as I ate, and eventually spoke “How do you eat that it’s the size of my torso.” I responded “This, this is a light snack by my standards, I usually put away three times this much before I got here for a meal.” As I lied through my teeth, and continued to eat, and watching Damon's emotionless face for any signs for reaction, a memory hit me.


I was all alone is a great, barren wasteland Dad had left me here a couple months ago and I haven’t seen him since and I had started to wonder if this was my hell. The air here was dry, and the clouds blocked the light, making it gloomy and the air heavy but still remained painfully hot and it almost never rained here and when it did, the ground absorbed the water before I could gather any meaningful amounts. So I when I thirsted I relied on other means, and one such mean was before me and had to because I looked down into the pit I had dug, It was several tens of yards down, with sharp spikes I had planted. I was hopeful that something had fallen down into my trap and I wouldn’t have to go another night without dinner, I was not sure I could last much longer. My hopes were dashed as I looked down, but not because that there was nothing down there, but because I had something much very deadly down in my pit. I saw large black wyrm slurping down a my prey.


A Wyrm is a dangerous type of monster with two large front arms with deadly scalpel sharp claws, a long serpentine body about ten yards long that ended in a deadly barbed tail, and a terrifying alien face, it has no eyes, and narrow head covered in a black plate that protected while it burrowed. Wyrms had no teeth, though that made it no less dangerous, its mouth split into four parts and could crush just about anything that got in its way. But that's not how it ate, it ate by spitting out a corrosive acid and licked it up with its tongue.


It was also black, and black is the most dangerous rank of monsters. And I knew that I would not have a chance against it, especially since wyrms were usually also poisonous to consume, and no doubt that this one was deadly to consume

Once I had saw it I crouched and sneaked back to my camp, and went without dinner that night, and hunger gnawing at my being.


I snapped out of my memory and looked at my meat leg with gratitude before finishing it off. Once I was done with eating, me and Damon walked out of cafeteria and things were comfortably silent just like how Damon seemed to like it. I had learned quickly that Damon didn’t respond to jokes or react to anything that wasn’t life threatening, and did not really speak unless something caught his interest. But despite being silent for the most part, he was nice to have around. Oh though if you brought up Julian though he wouldn’t shut up, and that got annoying quick.  


Once we made it to lobby, I made sure to say hi to Vanessa or risk incurring her wrath. As we left the guild Damon and I went our separate ways, and I went back to my camp. When I got back to camp, I went through my routine of checking to make sure no one had messed with my stuff or poisoned my dwindling jerky, I’d have to restock on that soon. After sorting thru my sack, and about to go to sleep for my afternoon nap. I noticed a letter in my sack that I hadn’t opened, it was from my dad and I remember he said to open it after getting to Newbie Town, hopefully the bastard had at least given me some good new in it, like tracking down hard monster or challenge or something, hopefully not paying off his drinking tab.

When I opened the letter, It made me smile. Maybe my old man was not as much of an asshole as I thought.


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