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Chapter 9.1 "The Master Is A Sweet Talker?"


Jia Wan Wan looks at Ah Fei caring eyes, he sit there waiting for an answer, Jia Wan Wan feels that he notices the heavy feeling inside her heart, she looks down and closes her eyes with a small smile.

“I must have shown something that shouldn’t be shown...”

She then looks at Ah Fei with a longing looks, his gentle smile comforts her, Jia Wan Wan lean closer and closer towards him, she leans her head down and feel someone’s hand touch her hair, she closes her eyes and feels every movement of his gentle rub, Ah Fei gently move his hand and feels each strand of Jia Wan Wan silky hair, warm comforting feeling starts to stream down to Jia Wan Wan heart, she feels calm and happy, to have someone cares for you is indeed blissful, she opens her eyes and looks at Ah Fei smile, she then finally smiles...

Ah Fei stops and pull back his arm, Jia Wan Wan who isn’t feeling down anymore then continue to paint on her table, to be patted on the head, she remembered Lin Xia Xia once like to do this when she was just a little girl, he would do this when she did a great job, she would feel happy and Lin Xia would pat her head, If this was Lin Xia, Jia Wan Wan would laugh and giggled. But when Ah Fei pat her, the happiness that she felt is a bit different, she thinks to herself, maybe because she is older now, she doesn’t felt a sense of reward, maybe because she is older, she now felt a sense of comfort, Jia Wan Wan thinks that that is the answer...

Ah Fei then looks at Jia Wan Wan who calmly painting with a smile, he then said.

“Jia Wan Wan, You are really amazing...”

“Hah......Ah Fei is more amazing...” Said Jia Wan Wan with a gentle smile

Ah Fei then looks at her with a big smile

“...A person who can write a beautiful poem is indeed talented, but a blind person who can writes letter is more amazing”

“...But the blind person can never compete against the talented person….” Said Jia Wan Wan calmly yet quickly

Ah Fei then said.

“In speed and overall neatness, yes, but a great poem, comes from the main idea of the writer, as for the writing itself…”

Ah Fei then looks at Jia Wan Wan who calmly painting

“Somebody can help the writer do it...”

Jia Wan Wan then looks at him and smiles.

“Ah Fei, are you saying that even a blind person can win against a talented person if they were smart enough…”

“Hmmm… maybe… it all depends on the person themselves and fate, but I don’t mind too much about the result” Said Ah Fei with a satisfying smile.

“Ooo?… Ah Fei, so you’re more interested in the attitude of the person rather than the result?” Said Jia Wan Wan with curiosity

Ah Fei then cunningly smirks

“When you can control the result, entertainment comes from the participant…”


Jia Wan Wan close her eyes and gasp a little, she clenches her teeth and smile, thinking to herself, this Ah Fei, he is indeed forcefully, he is a natural born God-like human, rich and good looking, he is truly a Master, it’s not that he doesn’t care about result, but he is the one that determines the result, Ah, I’m starting to feel sorry for all the people that gets on his bad side, I mean, Greater Heavenly Stage at the age of 18, thanks Heaven he is from the most Stritch and Righteous Sect in the Pugilist World, if not, then maybe XinTang Dynasty would plunge into chaos.

But there are some things that interest Jia Wan Wan after she heard Ah Fei said those word, she thinks to herself, Ah Fei is the kind of person who is blessed by fortune since the day he was born, Jia Wan Wan had met these kinds of people before when she was with Lin Xia, usually these kinds of people belittle the unfortunate and the weak, but it seems Ah Fei is different, she thought to herself, maybe because he is from a righteous sect like the Heavenly Blessings, he got a good moral value.

The sun is no more to be seen, and the moon gives its light to shine the small house, Jia Wan Wan finally finish her painting, she’s pretty satisfied with her own works, she won’t call it beautiful, but it is decent, she looks at Ah Fei on the terrace, and show her the painting from the table.

“Ah Fei, what do you think?” Ask Jia Wan Wan seriously with a smile on her face.

Ah Fei looks at the painting for a bit, and then looks at Jia Wan Wan, he put on a little smile and said.


“Ummm……... Ah Fei, it’s good to appreciate hard works but you shouldn’t always give a sweet comment like that, it would be hard for me to improve if you don’t give me critics…” Tell Jia Wan Wan

“Hmm…that would be hard for me………. Very well!” Said Ah Fei agreeing to her advice

Ah Fei, ponders for a second, he folds his arm and touched his chin while looking at Jia Wan Wan briefly, Jia Wan Wan is sitting preparing herself to receive critics from a master, he quickly smiles and said to her.

“You can try to tie your hair, I think you’ll become more beautiful” Said Ah Fei with his warm smiles.

“Eh, Tie my……..*Gasp”

She closes her eyes, and tries to calm down as her faces starting to blush, Jia Wan Wan thought to herself, all this time, he is trying to comment me, the Master is too sly! I think each time I talk to him, few of my life force is being taken out of me, hah... the Master must have a lot of fans in Chang’An, he must be experienced in sweet talks and in “The Art of Seduction. She looks down so that Ah Fei wouldn’t see her embarrassed red face, she then said.

“I... was talking about the painting, not myself....” Said Jia Wan Wan with a smile, covering her embarrassed red face.

Ah Fei laughs a little and give out a big satisfying smile.


Still blushing, Jia Wan Wan laugh too, but if she continues without saying anything, she fears that she would be in a bad situation, the problem is, she can’t let her mind to be this happy, Jia Wan Wan assume that Ah Fei is joking when he said that she is “Beautiful”, and for her to feel the self-satisfaction, and pride to be told “Beautiful” by a Master like Ah Fei, all because of a joke, it means that she has a big head, Jia Wan Wan then looks at Ah Fei and starts to look for confirmation.

“Umm... Ah Fei, do you often said those sweet talks to people” Ask Jia Wan Wan calmly as she was blushing

Ah Fei laugh a little, he said

“Truthfully, this is my first time saying those word, even though my friend told me those “sweet talks” from long ago, I have never wanted to use it”

“Ummm... Ah Fei you don't usually sweet talking girls?”

Ah Fei looks at Jia Wan Wan faces, he put on a small smile, sigh a little, and assure her

“Sigh....Never, this is my first time...” Said Ah Fei with a smile

Jia Wan Wan thinks to herself, Wa.... how rare, a person as Heavenly as him, doesn’t use his power to get girls, hmmm... he is from the Heavenly Blessing sect, maybe he has disciplined himself from worldly ambition, and worldly desires to dedicate himself in cultivation. Without thinking any other useless stuff, Jia Wan Wan cleaned up her painting. Something else interest Jia Wan Wan, Ah Fei is at The Greater Heavenly State, then who did he fight? That person or those people must be strong enough to able to wound a person like Ah Fei, she then asks Ah Fei.

“Umm... Ah FeI, yesterday, when I found you, you are bleeding... Umm, I want to ask, how can you got wounded?” Ask Jia Wan Wan

Ah Fei then smiles at Jia Wan Wan.

“Hmm... you knew the Crimson Sky Sect right?”

Jia Wan Wan nodded, Ah Fei then continue.

“Then you know their leader, Lu Guo?” Asks Ah Fei calmly.

Jia Wan Wan with a curious expression answer.
“Yes, I know him, is Lu Guo the person that fought you?”

“Hmm... you could say that” said Ah Fei with a smile.

Jia Wan Wan then thinks to herself, Lu Guo is also at Greater Heavenly State, and by experience, Lu Guo should be the better fighter, so it is likely that Lu Guo is the one that wound him, now, what Jia Wan Wan still confused about is, Is Ah Fei get sparred by Lu Guo, or Ah Fei manage to run away from him, if he did manage to run away from him, that is more confusing, because Lu Guo is not the kind of person that let his target run away, besides, even if Ah Fei manage to run away, Crimson Sky Sect member must have diligently chase him, hmmm I wonder what he has done so that he is able to get away...

Jia Wan Wan then asks Ah Fei
“Ah Fei do you run away from Lu Guo?”

With a smile Ah Fei answer “Yes, I technically fleeing from him, but don’t worry the Crimson Sky Sect or Lu Guo won’t be chasing me....”

“Huh... Did you do something to them? What is it?” Ask Jia Wan Wan with curiosity, Ah Fei only lets out a small laugh, he then calmly said

“You’ll know, eventually just wait, hehe”.

Jia Wan Wan let out a small sigh with a smile, it seem she can’t force the Master to let out his secret. The night is almost getting late, Jia Wan Wan who is already sleepy decided that she would go to bet early today, and so The both of them prepares to go to sleep, this is the second night Ah Fei has stayed on her house, a couple more days after this she could go back to her daily routine, but as she thinks that, she feels a little sad, having someone to talk at home is quite nice, And with that thought the 2 of them sleep.

In E Mei town, a certain house still had its lantern lit, inside that house, Xiao Che is meditating on his bed, as he was meditating he can feel a formidable force, moving, shaking, inside his Spiritual Essence, he can feel a burning sensation all over his body, and drop after drop, sweat starts to linger on his face.


*Knock *Knock

Suddenly he hears a knock on the door. Xiao Che finishes his meditation, and touch his chest.

“The Great Dragon's Fire is starting to get restless.....”

He then opens the door,

“Xiao Che!!”

A girl suddenly gives Xiao Che a big hug, Xiao Che who is surprised can’t hold the sheer power of the girl, both of them then falls to the floor. Xiao Che who is confused rub his head to lessen the pain, he then sees a familiar face in front of him.

“Ouch... Lian’Er! Why are you here!?” Said Xiao Che with a confused expression


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