Cyan panicked because of the lack of response of Arlom, What happen to the talkative man from 5 minutes ago to be now dead silent.

[Cyan]: “Arlom are you ok? You don’t had say anything in the last 5 minutes”.

Even after skaking Arlom to make him respond Arlom didn't reacted, he has a lot to ask to this man in front of him, this being a dream? ‘Don’t joke with me’ Cyan though, what dream can be so real, what dream start by being wake up by birds, being able to shake Arlom and trying to make him comeback from his trance to reality was all the proof he need to be sure, ‘I don’t know how or whom, but to drop me together with my bed in this forest, this is too much, what kind of joke is this’. Cyan was too in shock, he has forgotten that he was sick and should be resting in his bed instead of shaking a man with all his strength

[Cyan]: “Hey Arlom, I need you to tell me where I am, do you speak another language, Hello, Arlom, Arlom?”

After some more shakings Cyan whanted to slap Arlom face but before he could Arlom eyes regained their focus, sadly for Cyan it was not because Arlom understood anything Cyan was saying or the shaking, but because Arlom has detected another presence in the surroundings snapping him of his trance state.

A female voice was heard coming from deep down in the forts, at the same time it was like it was coming from everyone, it was not loud nor soft.

[Unknow]: “wow Arlom for you to drop you guard so much that I was able to come so close to you, this is so unlike you, and when I was getting very curious so I came to find the reason and took a peek just now, and what I saw, such a soft and tender pink colored meat, laying down in a silver platter, ahhh I was barely able to restrain myself, what do you say if we shared, I take one half and you take the other, I will even let you choose if you want the lower parts or the top I am not picky”.

Cyan could not tell what the other person was saying, but for the serious face the Arlom was showing, he understood is was nothing good.

Inside the mind of Arlom his gears where spinning at top speed. He was no fool, he knew very well whom it was, ‘Share? Do you think I am fool? the only thing these monsters in here share is dead, you are not coming close because I lay down a lot of traps before coming here myself or you would have attacked without saying anything at all, no, you speaking was the beginning of your attack already, dam to show such a weakness just know had I not learn anything?, but Cyan… that name, how it could be… to end in this place, dam, there is not time I need to move fast, there will be time later if we make it alive, Cyan I must save him, even if there is 1% chance, no even 0.00001% chance he is my son, I can’t lose him, not now, not here, not when I am his side even if in this hell with those monters’.

[Arlom]: “Cyan, stay here and don’t move, you will be safe here, I will protect you”

Arlom started to walk to the forest, Cyan understood the meaning behind those unknown words in conjunction with him walking away with a solemn look in his face, like he was going to slay a dragon while saying to his family “I will be back, wait for me”, Cyan though Arlom look very cool for a secound before coming back to reality, ‘this is not a dream, what in the world is happening, where I am’, Cyan mind was very confuse at this moment.

Arlom didn’t not mistook Cyan as his son in the spot, fake leaps, other people with the name of Cyan also existed, his frail hope didn’t allow him to believe in everything right away, even if, his own son were to show up, he would not run while crying to give him a hug just too fall in a trap, but after so many years, even if was for 5 minutes, he drop his guard down at the mention of his son name, internally he was cursing his own weakness over and over again, but what is done is done, now they need to get out of this one alive, both of them.

[Arlom]: “Stop playing games with me ‘hunter queen’, nobody shares a prey in here, also your head count, it should be close to be able to exit this forest, why not go for other more easy prey, I just happen to had a little battle with the ‘twin blades’ a while ago, and they are pretty hurt right now, I am sure they had not recovered yet, if you hurry and go north you could kill them pretty easily and buy your ticket out of here if not that what you want?”

[Unknow(Hunter Queen)]: “huhuhuhuhuf, to be able to ‘hurt’ the ‘twin blades’ and to boost about it, what a great achievement Arlom, and yes, my head count is very close to the end, actually, I only need one more head, yours, hufhufhuf, and if I am the ‘hunter queen’ then you are the ‘hunter king’ and getting your head will be my greatest achievement of all, to do that, i had being tracking you down for weeks but you never dropped your guard, I hoped the twin blades would a lest ‘hurt’ you a bit, it is a shame for you but I already killed them, you should had look at their faces when my blade pierce into their hearts, they thought I would help them to exit this place if they help me to get your head, what stupid siblings HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, at the very least, they reduce my head count to just one more, but they didn’t even put a scratch on you, and you didn’t even drop your guard even for a second while fighting them, I must be honest here, I was very disappointed, but it didn’t matter, becouse you dropped your guard for the sillies of reasons, this hunt was getting on my nervers, I must give my thanks’ to that boy after I am done with you, he will be the perfect reward, and after that I will exit this place, undefeated like my predecessor, and like the your predecessor you will be killed by me the queen”.

[Arlom(Hunter king)]: “What nonsense are you talking about, I never called myself a king nor I knew some called hunter king, you dam monsters playing games only because you are so dam bored, hear me well you monster I am Arlom, so you better stop your ‘talking’ and run away from me now, I am not in the mood to play with you right now”

The hunter queen like Arlom a few minutes before, didn’t shut up at all, like a third rate villain, was blabbing and babbling about her infancy, how she got here, how it was at the beginning, her plans when she get out of the forest, who she will kill, what delicious food she will be 'eating', where she will go, who she will kill, how she will get a pretty boyfriend, how she is going to kill him and get another one after that, and so on.

This was a very common practice in here, they would never stop talking when they found their prey, they could not hold this kind talk to anyone else in normal circustances, so they try to make the best out it, and their prey will be dead afterwards, so they could be so open that the sensation was refreshing to say the least, even some ‘hunters’ will make their hunts took longer so they could talk more and more until they run out of things to say.

The never ending talking was actully not a random thing, it was because of two things:

Number 1 they are here to kill you or to be killed and

Number 2 narrating their history it was a show of respect, if you kill them at the very least their history will be a live on you, the strongest, even in this god forsaken forest, these monster had respect for the strong and wanted to live in the heart of the strong, become their power, be part of something bigger than themselves.

Sadly the monster are the same as hunters there are exceptions like in everything else, there is people that didn’t talk at all, but most the time it was that they didn’t speak the same language, this tradition was not something they teach each other, they learn themselves, it was a silent agreement between everyone in here.

The only difference between the monsters and the hunters was that, the monsters will stay in the forest, even after they got the requirement of heads to buy their exit ticket. To Arlom everyone in here all being monsters or hunters it was just another game to name themselves because they were bored to dead or they could not cope with reality, nevertheless he play the game, well he was more forced into it, he wanted to exit this place and like most of the monsters and hunters Alorm talkativeness in battle was match only for one person, the hunter queen.

Even with all that, their histories are not known to a very few people, asking someone their history was the same as challeging them to a deathmatch, hearing someone history was the same.

If we look back when Arlom meet with Cyan for the first time, he was also narrating his own history to Cyan, it was a show of respect too, not for the strong but the weak, the weak can also kill the strong with the extremes of luck they can, it was not the strong that wins but the winner that is the strongest, even so, you also could guess what was coming after that Arlom would finish his talking, you can say Cyan have the extremes of lucks to be called Cyan and to the hunter queen to show up at this very moment, Arlom after all, have soft heart, he didn’t wanted to Cyan to ‘suffer’ at all, but at least he wanted to hear his history if he could.

Between all the queens talking, Cyan could hear a lot of explosions and heat waves coming his way, a battle has started since Arlom figure disappeared into the forest, but Cyan still didn’t move from his bed, every minute that passed, he was getting more and more scared, as the sound of the ‘fight‘ that was taking place, was getting louder and louder as it was getting closer to him, as well the female voice was getting less talkative. Cyan could not see anything beyond the first row of trees, it was all dark even with the shining sun over him, even if he could see something for a instand, it was some blurred figure that will dissipate the next instant like it had never being there in the first place.

Things were happening too fast for him, his mind could not catch up, waking up only 15 minutes ago and there were already explosions around him in what you can call an all out battle, and people talking to him endlessly in a language he never had heard, follow by another person talking, but her tone was very very different from Arlom, his brain only could send him one and only though, danger, this was place was very dangerous, moving from here means death, so he could not move afraid of something bad happening if he did, but in the next second, everything was in silent, only to be follow by a new sound, the ruffles sound of someone that was walking to his direction.

Cyan could see a black figure getting closer and closer to his direction. First it was blurred and he could not make a form of the black shadow, but as it was getting close, he could now make better assumptions, It was definitely a woman’s figure, it didn’t resembled the figure of Arlom at all when he was walking deep into the forest. 

Cyan was too scare to move, slowly but surely, the figure step out of the shadows casted by the trees.

[Unknow(Hunter Queen)]: “kukukuku so you are the Arlom prey, a pry that he was so fierce in protecting what a joke, you.. must be very important, you…. better repa….. him… my name is….. Serah, don’t forge… my history”

Once again Cyan only understood one thing and only one.

[Cyan]: “Serah”

Cyan unconsciously said her name, like a confirmation.

With a thug, a bloody body filled with holes, where blood was purring like water falls, dropped lifeless into the ground.

Again Cyan could only understood her name, but that was enough for her, with her last breathe her name was passed on to Cyan.

Not waiting for Arlom to come, Cyan got down of his bed and started running to the forest in the direction Serah has come from, hoping to find Arlom as soon as possible Cyan was running with everything he got, in the darkest of the forest, his figure was surrounded by dark until it disappeared into the darkness.

A note from Siplex

I was thinking to name this Chapter as next
Deathmatch Forest Part II – the Second encounter

But after ending the chapter i change it to 'Serah' in honor of the the hunter queen.

This chap need to be eddited but i will do that latter on.

English is not my native Language if you find any errors, you can commet about it and i will try to fix it.

Thanks again for reading. 

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