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Chapter 19: Preperations And My First Kill!

A note from Geocide


After what happened with Jessica I wanted to make sure to not see her right now, The reason for that is if she finds me again I am never getting away… so for the rest of the night, I read about a lot of things. Apparently what I have been talking with was the common Language skill which you get maxed right away. Every Player gets this skill, however, You can also switch your language to a different one, Honestly, I should have checked this out way sooner, This is due to the reason that according to the forums no one ever learns other languages since it takes too long… The problem with not learning them though is that I could meet NPC’s that do not know the common language or I could miss important information on the streets as I walk… Therefore after realising this, I started to learn dwarven Language, Elven Language, Gnome Language, Orc Language, Goblin Language, Demonic Language, Ancient Dwarven Language, Ancient Elven Language, And the language of the dragons… I also learned a lot about 4 different kinds of dungeons, 2 of them were lvl 70+ 1 of them was LVL 90+ and the final one was LVL 220+ Despite me being strong I do not think I can handle the 220 one, However, I will go and try the LVL 90 one later… Besides that, I learned a lot about monsters and gained a few skills from reading…


Fast Reading LVL 85 - Increases Reading Speed by 340%, Increases Understanding Speed by 340%



Your Languages are right now:

Common LVL 10 (Max)

Human LVL 10 (Max)

Dwarven LVL 7

Elven LVL 7

Gnome LVL 6

Orc LVL 6

Goblin LVL 6

Demonic LVL 4

Ancient Dwarven LVL 3

Ancient Elven LVL 3

Dragon LVL 4



Monster Knowledge LVL 63 - Allows user to know a monster’s Strong And Weak Points and Allows the user to learn the monsters attack pattern at a faster rate (Amount of knowledge and speed of learning about a monster is increased the higher the Skill LVL)



You Gained A Title: Scholar!

By obtaining a lot of knowledge you gained this title! Scholars are only available to people that have vast knowledge that is not known by many people. (YOU SHOULD THANK C2!)

Effects: Increases Fame by 500

Effects: Increases Reputation gain from everyone that is aware of the power of knowledge by 40%


Ignoring that Obvious Message from C2...


“Well, I am all ready to go and clear that LVL 90 Dungeon, From my knowledge unlike the last one where it was more of a field type dungeon, this time it is an actual dungeon… with 3 bosses according to my knowledge” (Jhonny)


You really did obtain a lot of skills and information during the last couple of days, We heading out now?



“I am heading out right now… however, I am going to use my void stealth until I am outside the gates” (Jhonny)





“To not be spotted by that stalker, Jessica! Why else?” (Jhonny)


Ohh right, totally forgot about that…



After Having that conversation I went towards the dungeon and did like I said I would, according to my information it takes at least 9 days until I have to move past the mountains I meditated at the beginning, therefore I will check if someone else has found my spot…


After running for a bit I noticed that the door towards my secret spot was indeed open. I used void stealth to go inside and see who was in there… In there was a group of about 17 people all in the Level 60s… That’s not the bad thing, They all had the titles like Bandit, Murderer And there were even 2 Rapist titles… WHAT DICKS!


Not wanting to let it slide I decided to kill those bastards and quickly at that…


“Fire Pillar” (Jhonny)


The first spell Fire Pillar already took out about 6 people leaving 11 left…


“Physical Boost, Earth Armour, Lightning Reflexes…” (Jhonny)


Right at that moment one of the thugs finally noticed me!


“OVER HERE ATTACK HIM!” (Thug number 1)


After that, they all rushed at me… What Fools…


As the first 2 arrived I cut them both down, One I cut with a regular attack through his throat the other I used weapon boost on to slice him in two…


“Whirlwind Step!” (Jhonny)


After using whirlwind step I stand behind 3 people with their backs turned to me… I sliced all 3 down…


“6 Left…” (Jhonny)


“BASTARD!” (Thug Number 2)


After that, they once again rushed me, This time however they were all at the same time… They were walking right into my trap…


As they might not have known I can spam skills on after the other, The Fire pillar spell even if it attacks right away there is a small motion of about 0.5 Seconds in order to dodge… More than enough time for me with my AGI and buff…


They All rushed towards me and when they were very close…


“Fire Pillar! Whirlwind Step!” (Jhonny)


I used Fire Pillar and Whirlwind step right after the other, Which made me able to dodge the fire pillar while the bandits died in it…


“Stupid idiots…” (Jhonny)


Right as I was about to loot their bodies I got a message


You Gained A Title: Killer Of The Wanna Be Thugs!

By Killing A Group of Assholes And Bandits who think they are cool because of the reason that they are a bit higher level than the average level you gained this title!

Effects: Increases Damage towards any player with a Bad Reputation by 20%

Effects: Increases Fame by 100



“... Whatever, it is a stat boost…” (Jhonny)


After that I looted the bodies, Most of the time you would not get much from killing other players, Only about 5% of their gold, And A 20% chance to get one of their items… However, Due to my stupid luck stat, I got Literally From all 17 Idiots One item…


The Items That I gained, however, were of no use to me but I could sell them… Apparently, All these Idiots had A Special Dagger With them from some sort of count…


Gold Silver Dagger X17 Durabillity: 400/400
Description: A dagger given to everyone that has even the smallest amount of Nobility, This includes knights of a kingdom and even the royal family. Stats: +20 Attack, +5 STR, +5 AGI, +5 Luck
Enchantments: Auto Repair, Auto Clean Extra Effects: Grants you Acess to everything that someone can have with the smallest amount of nobility.



“... Did they Kill some sort of noble family or something?” (Jhonny)


Well, whatever, I will sell them on the auction house later, I will keep one of them, It might come in handy… Ohh shit I totally forgot to put my ring on the auction house… Whatever...


“Well… Time to go on towards my dungeon!”


As I said That I once again headed towards the dungeon.


End Of Chapter 19!

A note from Geocide

Hope You Enjoyed!

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