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Troy Ambrose is a man that is no stranger to anguish and tragedy. The only solace he has left in his life is a small-time bar where he works as a bartender with his benefactor—Gideon Maynard. However, his life of solitude takes a drastic twist of fate when the IRS threatens to foreclose on the bar in a matter of two weeks unless he can accumulate three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.

Ambrose swears to gather the money through any means necessary—no matter what the cost. Fortunately, his chance to save the bar presents itself in the form of a man by the name of Tanet—a mysterious individual that offers Ambrose one million dollars. To obtain the money, Ambrose must participate in a survival game inside of the facility of entertainment—Serendipity—where dreams and desires are realized by those that fight for them.

However, he must face off against eleven other people. Only one can leave with the grand prize of one million dollars. In a game where money and lives are on the line, how far is everyone willing to go to win?

(Cover Art is Provided by https://tiredjane.deviantart.com/)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Alea Ludo Prologue ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 1 - Gamble of a Lifetime! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 2 - Serendipity! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 3 - The First Game! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 4 - The Votes! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 5 - The Second Game! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 6 - Spiraling Tenacity! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 7 - Guilt Ridden and Suspicion! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 8 - The Third Game! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 9 - To The Victor Goes The spoils! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 10 - Refusal! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 11 - Hope For A Better Tomorrow! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 12 - Bonds! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 13 - The Fourth Game! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 14 - A Day of Harmony! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 15 - Murder in Serendipity! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 16 - The Investigation Begins! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 17 - Cornered? ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 18 - Cooperation! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 19 - Interrogations! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 20 - The Fifth Game! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 21 - The Final Verdict! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 22 - Aftermath! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 23 - Nothing Changes! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 24 - Moving Forward! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 25 - The Sixth Game! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 26 - Near Fall! ago
Alea Ludo Chapter 27 - Another Down! ago

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Without a doubt, one of the best novels available. Having signed WriTE's pledge and religiously updated the novel, there is no doubt that we'll see an amazing conclusion to this.



Straightforward and captures the atmosphere of tension, where there is always something at stake. We see a slight change in style between the different acts of the novel, yet that is perfectly understandable when we take into consideration how large Alea Ludo is. Reading the first or third acts, you won't find words cluttering the novel.



I love the concept of Serendipity. The plot revolves around Ambrose, who takes part in a sinister game against what seems to be 2/3rds of the entire cast of the novel.

I won't give spoilers, but we never do the same thing for a long time.



Ambrose works as a vehicle for the story. The intrigue between the participants steals the show half the game, though.



It's great.