Thanks for reading everyone!

I thought i would take this little occasion before throwing Kaidus into Zorin Academy to show my appreciation.

just to be sure, i do read all your comments, and they are driving me to write even more than i thought i'd be willing to.
even if i don't reply to your comments, do know that i truly appreciate them and have read them.

the idea for this story had been brewing for quite a long time now and it was only recently that i put it into paper.

I started writing it in December and had it on wordpress and then later Baka-tsuki forums, but it never really hit (probably because no one knows about it on wordpress and the lack of traffic on baka forums).

having read Moonlight sculptor on this site last summer, I thought to take a chance and see if the audience here would be like minded, and enjoy my story. imagine my surprise when i got home, and all i had up was the prologue and chapter 1, but there was an audience.

Thank you to everyone for reading my fantasy.

With the conclusion of chapter 14, we have entered in a new phase.

Thank you for reading, and please look forward to the new Arc - Zorin Academy!


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Justaway @Justaway ago

Please keep writing this for a looooong time! I'd be really saddened if you were to stop writing this halfway through. By the way, if you ever dont have enough ideas, just ask your readers

chronos13th @chronos13th ago

I'm actually thinking of waiting for a month or two before I start reading the new arc. I wanna binge in it so much xD
Thank you for this super special awesome story

shuiko @shuiko ago

Early wifu/gf right? RIGHT!??!!? =o

ShadowLightWolf @ShadowLightWolf ago

So... when Will I get my chapter??

silver dragon @silver dragon ago

MAN i love your story .......will the next chapter come today,if it is i'm gonna wait..

H_C_L @H_C_L ago

Keep it up! The story is very interesting, kind of reminds me of Yomigaeri no Maou (Demon King of Ressurection) during the start but this one took a different path afterwards.


Za1d3 @Za1d3 ago

next chapter will be out tomorrow (only about a third done with it). maybe two again if they start writing themselves like earlier, and nothing takes me away from the computer.

The Iron Dragon @The Iron Dragon ago

This story is amazing , every new chapter brings my unimaginable bliss -
it's not too slow paced or too fast paced, yet every chapter is neither short or long but still full of action.
There are no grammatical errors(at least none that I have noticed thus they don't really impair the flow of the reader even if you do have some)and the story leaves you wanting for MOAR! It's greatly enjoyable to read, please keep on writing!:)

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