World: LOVIS

Eight continents:
(old name/new name)

Hartunos/Unotus – Northwest            Malpos/Malpaars – North             Rolvstos/Rovtoss – Northeast


                                                                                         --Maws of Lovis--                                     Dharules/Darsus – East    

Honos/Horuns – Southwest                Galogos/Lagolls – South                          Crulih/Kulis – Southeast


Capitals of each Continent:

Darsus: Ferrent

Unotus: ???

Malpaars: ???

Rovtoss: ???

Kulis: ???

Horuns: ???

Lagolls: ???


Known places so far:


Ferrent: Capitol of Darsus, and situated Northwest of the continent. It is surrounded by fertile land, perfect for farming and sustaining a large population.







Principality of Zarast


Village of Trigilt


Town of Gevanilt





Humans – the humans.

Kovus – A mountain dwelling race with human-like features. Kovus’s have plates covering their head instead of hairs, along with slender shovel like hands allowing them to dig into the earth. They also have powerful legs that can propel them quickly whether it be for hunting prey or escaping predators.

Gverils – A race with very similar features to humans. The only way to tell them apart is their metallic arm, and the single horn protruding from their forehead. Gverils were a bloodthirsty warring race at one point in history, but have adapted with the changing world.

– The nomads of the plains and forests. The Aleiths are born with animalistic features depending on which clan they are from. Such as tails, ears, feathers, claws, long tongues, or in some cases even scales. Although they have adapted as the Gverils did, many ancient clans still keep to their plains and forests—far away from humans.

Derzuls – They aquatic humanoids who spend most of their lives in the water. Their skin is covered in a thin mucus membrane that helps them retain water, allowing them to come out on land for long periods of time. Upon drying up, they become immobilized unless given water. Due to being an aquatic race, they have gills for breathing underwater and are very sensitive to light.  Derzuls also have webbed hands and feet, along with a fish-like tail to help propel them when in the water.


Places of interest:

Arauns Claw:
Three mountains that stand out like gigantic claws. Located in the continent of Rovtoss.

They are also the tallest mountains in the world, and are the primary breeding ground for Drakalls of all types. Arauns middle talon is known as the Imperial talon, the left is called The Fallow Spire, the last one is called Dukes Ire.
Arauns claw hosts a wide variety of prey and large games, making it the perfect breeding ground for large creatures like the Drakalls.

Maws of Lovis:
A giant chasm in the middle of the ocean, separating the eight continents.



Erns – The currency of Lovis.

Kui – tiny bits of metal currency. 7 Kui is 1 Ern
Ern Bit – small metallic stones. Most common form of currency. 1 Ern.
Fer – small green metallic stones. Worth 50 erns each.
Gul – small black lustrous stones. Worth 100 erns
Rae – a lustrous gemstone. Worth 500 Erns
Jae – a gemstone with a spirit inside. 5000 erns. depending on the grade of the stone, it could be worth more.


Lok – unit of weight. Used for light objects weighing around that of a pebble the size of a man's thumb.

Kek – unit of weight. Each kek is the heaviness of two marble stones the size of a man’s palm. Used on things larger than 20 loks.

Dul – unit of weight. Used for objects or mass heavier than 30 keks.


The spirit world/dimension.

Spirit types:
Rhas of shadows.    
Nuits of Light.
Frems of Flame.
Vanu of Water.
Vix of Ligthning.      
Das of Earth.
Ziv of Wind.
Kels of Metal.
Hirces of Nature.

Elemental Lords:
Hasen – Lord of Shadow.
Vishan –???
Feziel –???
Zion – Lord of Wind



The world is not fair, and some mages are born with a greater capacity for mana than others. These who are gifted with mana upon birth are called mages, and are capable of performing miraculous feats. Powerful mages are in extremely high demand around the world.

A Mage’s power usually manifest around their teens.

5 Ranks of Mages:

Although ranked, mages can ascend past their ranks and be classified differently. While some mages stagnate at certain levels of abilities, many work hard to attain the highest ranks and privileges along with it.

Mahj – the first rank, and where the title of “Mage” comes from.
Mahjs are the lowest of the ranks, and one is automatically classified as a Mahj once they’ve awoke to their magic. Most are weak and lack the abilities of the higher tiers along with mana control. Mahjs are usually taught by a teacher until they’ve at least become a Rujal.

Rujal – the second rank and most common of magicians.
Unlike the Mahj, Rujal's have greater power, but lacks capacity. Rujals are quite adequate at controlling their mana, and are able to use various magics. It is around this stage where nobles send their sons or daughters to the academy.

Raezil – the third rank.
Raezils are powerful magicians who can expertly command their mana, resulting in more powerful spells. It is around this stage where mages contract with elemental spirits to amplify their abilities, and borrow from Lagus.

Malgin – The fourth rank.
Malgins are experts at utilizing their mana to their utmost. Not only can they contract with many elements, becoming a Malgin means that you are one who understands your own magic to its fullest. Malgins are not limited to just using their spirits as channels, but they can also summon their spirits into the physical world as familiars, to do their biddings.

Malizur – The fifth rank and most powerful.
They are the highest order of those born with mana. Favored by the elements at birth, they are gifted with massive capabilities. Malizurs are the rarest of magicians, and are one in a thousand when it comes to mages.
Kings and queens shower them with favors, hoping to win them as allies.

Dvitus – The lost rank.
Stories recall mages of ages past who were not bound by the laws of the world. These mages were people who governed mana, using their great strength to create changes in history. With unlimited power at their disposal, Dvitus can summon the elemental lords themselves into the world to do their biddings. Shaping the world as they see fit, giving life and taking them at a whim. These mages were so feared, that they eventually became legend. Those who know of their might aspires to reclaim this lost title.



Hiso – 1st turn
Guso – 2nd turn

Soqu – 3rd turn
Tarsi – 4th turn
Lokil – 5th turn

Deju – 6th turn
Linh – 7th turn
Kinu – 8th turn

Zali – 9th turn
Palx – 10th turn

Turn - a period of around 40 days long, give or take a few days.

1 Term = 1 school year

Ryes – the four days break between the 7 days of school

Rjus – a long break that spans the duration of Hiso.



Pegril – a type of bird with an exceptionally long antennae and wingspan. Small, but vicious when protecting their young.

Oriv Deer – a type of deer. Usually distinguished by their three horns: two from the back, and one in front. A black coloration, and quite docile out of their breeding season.

Oshun Deer – a type of deer. Oshun’s are the largest of the deer family, and tower over humans. Extremely aggressive, and usually found in mountain areas.

Scaly hare – a species of hare with its arms, legs, back, and chest covered with scales. The scales are there for protections against other hares when fighting for mates during breeding season. Only the neck up does not have any scales. These scales usually shed after breeding season.

Amber fox – a species of fox. Grayish in color to help hide them in wooded area and primarily hunts at night in packs. They get the name Amber fox, due to the little amber stone that grows out of their left and right shoulders. Hunted for their amber for use in medicinal purposes. Amber foxes are prolific breeders, so there are always an abundance of them.

Dreevil – large lizards the size of a small dog that are extremely volatile and can easily catch fire. Usually found in cold places. The meat is a delicacy, while the skin could be used as fuel.

Dronnon – a type of domesticated animal that serves as food. They have extremely powerful hind legs, and are surprising agile for their overweight body. Their lower body is covered in tiny scales while their upper body is covered in hair.

Krenuk – small hairy creature that is literally blind and travels around using their tail as a feelers and their extremely sensitive hair to detect changes in the air around them.

Kaltier – large war hound. Domesticated and loyal.

Qorkos – a type of bird bred for consumption. Their meat is delicious and their bones soften when cooked, so the whole bird can be eaten, bone and all.


Flying serpent family. All Drakalls share the common characteristic of wings, scales, tail, and some kind of breathe attack.

Kargalls – The largest and most powerful of all the Drakalls, Kargalls are said to be intelligent and able to cast magic. Like Knights of the sky, these drakalls are cladded in thick scales, and fight using their massive wings like hands. All Kargalls have a singular horn protruding from the middle of their forehead, where their magic is believed to be concentrated. These Drakalls are solitary creatures.

Farkans – Bird-like drakalls. They have beaks and tail feathers, but their whole body is covered in dark scales. Unlike other Drakalls, Farkans are the only type to not have any arms, and walk on their hind legs, using their wings as fore limbs.

Kalligors – The most vicious out of the drakall family. Medium sized and very agile, Kalligors use their agility instead of strength to hunt and overwhelm their prey.  Kalligors keep to pairs and kill anything that comes into their territory.

Poringuls – Small herbivorous drakalls who graze instead of kill. Poringuls live in colonies of up to thirty, and are extremely fast and adept at escaping in forest areas. Instead of razor sharp teeth, these peaceful Poringuls only have molars for grinding their leaves and plants.

Hvarals – large flying snakes with wings. Elongated body with three sets of wings, the Hvarals spend most of their time in the air by catching the risen warm air and gliding. They hunt by stealthily gliding over their prey and paralyzing them with shockwaves.



Furuce – a leafy green with bulbous root that can be eaten. Usually planted towards the middle of Alivai.

Derilt – a stalky plant that grows up straight. It bears a single fruit. The roots can be dug up and eaten, and can only be harvested once. Planted after the coldness of Rinol has passed.

Ciscut – leaves from a small bush about a meter high. Edible and could be dried for storage. Their leaves thrive on the cold, and usually starts to grow at the beginning of Fulta all the way to the end of Grunei before they shed.

Kargiz – a fruit bearing tree. Their flowers bloom in the middle of Alivai, and crops ripen towards the end of Fulta. The fruit is a small sweet smelling fruit that is sweet and mushy and chewy inside.

Lisal – a reddish leafy plant that is primarily grown for food. The roots are tasteless, but the leaves are sour.

Laraze – an edible plant. Bulky and tasteless, usually served with plenty of sauce.

Mulse – a grainy seed crop that is grounded for use in baking and cooking. Very popular steamed and mashed.


Danach – a type of flower primarily found in forest areas—usually in areas where sunlight penetrates the forest canopy. Danachs exude a sweet smelling odor, and their coloration changes depending on the amount of sunlight they’ve absorbed.

Harkus - a red bush common in forests and fields. Leaves could be used as a laxative, and barks a popular material for making paper.

Dessil - Green plant common in forests. When dried, the leaves turn a dark blue and could be used as a balm to prevent infection. Roots can be burned to emit a sweet smelling odor that attracts herbivores.

Azolus trees – a type of small red tree. They rarely shed their leaves, and are extremely easy to care for. A popular choice for garden decorations.

Tasien – a beautiful flower of white and purple.



Everything here is subject to change as the story
progresses and new people come into the scene

These are just quick summaries to refrain from giving away too much. Many things are omitted because most of them are in the chapters.


-Paltos House-
A modest family living in the residential Shorza district of the 3rd ward.

Kaidus Reilt Paltos (Rhultal Vox Treval AnDargus)
Born Lokil 26th, Zanaeos 1241, and the eldest child of Adalina and Troyle.

Kaidus has deep black hair and brown eyes like his mother.
His appearance is that of a normal boy, yet within his body lies ancient knowledge, skills, and power incomprehensible to the current world.
He retains vivid memories of his previous life, and leaves nothing to chance for those who would endanger him and those he loves.
Although a reticent person, he cannot stand idly by while injustice occurs around him.
He has three birthmarks: two on his chest and one on his back.

Anise Leil Paltos (Chapter 9)
Born Zanaeos 1246 the 12thof Kinu, and second child of the Paltos family.

Anise has red hair like her father, but dark brown eyes like her mother.
A cheerful girl who adores her brother, and has a smile that would shame the brightest gems. She is selfish when it comes to her big brother, and aspires to be like him.
Anise enjoys listening to her mother read and enlightening others about her days. Friendly and talkative, she easily gets along with her parent’s acquaintances.

Adalina Paltos (Chapter 2)
Wife of Troyle Paltos and mother of Kaidus and Anise.

Ran away from home due to a kidnapping incident in her village. Having been saved by Troyle, she had planned to follow him and travel with the Droxxon mercenaries only until she could find a place to live, but eventually fell in love with, and married Troyle.
She is a strong woman, and also the cornerstone of the Paltos family.

Troyle Paltos (Chapter 2)
Husband of Adalina and father of Kaidus and Anise.

A skillful swordsman of the Formless Blades Style, and former 17th Chair of the Droxxon mercenary. He was being groomed to become the next Mercenary Captain but had to retire from the mercenary life after a life threatening injury during a job. Settled down with Adalina whom he fell in love with over the years she stayed with them.
He is a devoted father who adores his children and loves his wife unconditionally after what he had put her through.

-Droxxon Mercenaries-
One of the ten branches of the Mercenary guild. The sign known to members of the Droxxon mercenaries is that of an X with an elongated leg, usually portrayed by a spear and a sword.

Zikale Lorvak (Chapter 5)
Captain of the Droxxon Mercenaries, and is one of 10 captains working directly under the Master of the Mercenary guild.

Although named Zikale the Red for his flashy techniques that leave him covered in blood most of the time, his subordinates and people who know him calls him Zikale the Red: because of his quick temper and lack of decorum.
His skills are tempered via countless life and death situations, and he is a master swordsman in his own right.

Karei Jolve (Chapter 5)
Works directly under Captain Zikale as his assistant and bodyguard. A devious but good man who does everything he can to make sure his captain does not overstrain himself.

York Dulgos (Chapter 8)
Close friend of Troyle and Adalina.

York admired Troyle's abilities when Troyle was still a part of the Mercenaries. Even after Troyle left, his admiration never faded.

Dalzak Revarr (Chapter 8)
Close friend of Troyle and Adalina.

Dalzak and Troyle both joined the mercenaries at the same time. The two became brothers through all their trials together. He was the person who saved Troyle from the near death incident.
A skill swordsman, he is currently an influential member of the Droxxon Mercenaries.

Geral and Lilian Kartuh (Chapter 8)
Friends of Troyle and Adalina.
They are also a married couple, and are still members of the Droxxon mercenaries.

Galivia Rosaye (Chapter 8)
Former member of the Droxxon merc.

Galivia took care of Adalina when Adalina first started following the Droxxon mercenaries. She is like an older sister to Adalina.
She is now married and lives in Kerkhill. No longer a member of the Droxxon Mercs.

Uresa Virulet (Chap 48)
Friend of Troyle and Adalina.
A member of the Droxxon mercenary.

Vikus Laveranus (chapter 46)
A mischievous young man who is also a member of the Droxxon mercenaries.

-=Ferrent (Capital of Darsus)=-

Sarjace J. Roulus Dalzon XII
Current King of Ferrent. Lives in the palace within the 13th ward.

-Ravon House-
One of the Great Houses of the 11th ward.
Sigil is a helmet and a sword. Banner is a black banner with a White helmet and red sword.

Gelrin Teralt Ravon (Chapter 10)
An old man, and one of three Lord Knights: Royal commander of the knights in ward 11, and Lord Knight serving directly under king Sarjace J. Roulus Dalzon.

Lord Gelrin is also a raiha spellblade, and Head of the Ferrent Spellblades. Even though a person of great status, he is a stalwart and honorable man who puts others before him. Biased towards Kaidus, and believes that the child is something much more than what the he can perceive.

Huin Xoras Ravon (Chapter 13)
Sword instructor of the Ravon Manor, and Lord Gelrin’s only son.
Lord Huin is the husband of Lady Kellian, and father of Vion and Naleen. He is a man of ability and merit.

Kellian Ravon (Chapter 13)
Huin’s wife, and formerly Kellian Halsond. She is Mother of Vion and Naleen.
Kellian is reasonable and logical, whereas her husband is flippant and carefree.

Vion Zaile Ravon (Chapter 11)
Lord Gelrin’s grandson, and Huin and Kellian’s son.

A very proud person, Vion holds both his father and grandfather in extremely high esteem for their accomplishments. He is currently a squire to Sir Horan, working his way to become a knight.

Naleen Ravon (Chapter 13)
Lord Gelrin’s granddaughter, and Huin and Kellian’s daughter.

A willful girl with a strong sense of justice.
Naleen admires her father, but takes her grandfather’s words and views to heart. She strives to follow in her honorable grandfather’s footsteps and become a worthy person of the Ravon name.

-Varath House-
A Noble house of the 11th ward.
Sigil is a crescent moon half submerged in three lines of waves. Banner is a silver crescent moon and golden waves on a cerulean background.

Alzin Shuziel Varath (Chapter (9) 19)
A noble in the 11th ward, and Troyle's employer.

Lord Varath is a handsome and cunning man who elevated his household to its current position of wealth from low nobility. Alzin Varath hides his true nature of being a devious schemer, but it comes out whenever something that interested him comes into his purview.

Reanne Varath (Chapter 19)
Lord Alzin’s wife, and a perfect complement to his devious nature.

Beautiful and elegant, she has a silver tongue that brushed away all her suitors before finding her match in her husband. She loves to gossip, and uses it as a form of intelligence gathering to stay up to date with current events. A loving mother of three, and as much of a schemer as her husband.

Larant Varath (Chapter 31)
Eldest son, and firstborn of the Varath household.

Larant is a sharp person like his mother and father, but lacks their cunning. A genuine person, he is the first child in a few generations of the Varath family to have awoken with proficient magical powers. He is currently a student at Zorin Academy.

Jillian Varath (Chapter 29)
Second child, and eldest daughter of the Varath House.

Like a carbon copy of her mother, she has inherited her mother’s beauty along with the sharp tongue and cleverness.

Sylvia Varath (Chapter 19)
Third child, and youngest daughter of Alzin and Reanne

A timid girl who’s maturity is beyond her years. Although her shyness projects an image of an ordinary ignorant child, she understands much of surroundings. She knows what she wants, and she works hard for a chance to grasp at it.

-Valnur House-
A wealthy family in the Dryva District of the 3rd ward.

Joral Valnur (Chapter 28)
A wealthy jewelry salesman. Father of Celene and Naran.
A business man who understands the risks that comes with wealth. Although wealthy, he tries to keep his family from the dangers of plutocracy, and recognizes that money cannot solve everything as was the deal with his son’s previous situation.

Mayley Valnur (Chapter 28)
Loving wife of Joral, and mother of Celene and Naran.
An understanding woman who puts her family’s problem before herself.

Naran Valnur (Chapter 28)
Eldest child of Mayley and Joral.
Crippled after a brutal beating by a pack of malicious boys. He had since been healed.

Celene Valnur (Chapter 26)
Daughter of Joral and Mayley Valnur.

A normally cheerful girl, but stubborn and equipped with a high sense of morals. She refuses to let the past dictate what she can do when it concerns those who she cares about.

-Mystiks Guild-
An organization of elite mages.

The Mystiks guild is the leading authority in all things magic within Ferrent. Beyond the scope of an organization designed for the eradication of malicious mages, the Mystiks guild holds all authority in magical constructs that are used by those who can afford them, and regulates any and all magic facilities within Ferrent.

The Mystiks Guild consists of three separate branches, each in one of Ferrent’s three noble wards. Their symbol is that of a Burning hand.

Thaxxus Baelius V. Terinthier (Chapter 35)
Leader of the 11th Ward Branch.

-Zorin Academy-
A school within the 11th ward for mages.

Nylen Gvius Das Jozion (Chapter 18)
An eccentric old man with a conflicted past.

He is the headmaster of 11th ward’s Zorin Academy and the only mage of Malizur rank within Ferrent. Not much is known about him besides that he fought during the last war and is one of the most powerful mages alive. Although a retired member of the Mystiks guild, Nylen is an influential person within Darsus and holds considerable pull when it comes to matters pertaining to magic.
He has devoted a greater part of his life to combat the ideals of rogue mages.

Currently missing his left hand due to an “unfortunate” incident.

Keral Leblazi (Chapter 17)
Master of subjugations class.

Gorzon Pelian (Chapter 15)
Master of Arkane studies

Hamin Qiunz (Chapter 21)
Master of summoning class

Zaele Lacaur (Chapter 21)
A master at the academy

Drilm Tildton (Chapter 15)
A master at the academy. In charge of admissions.

Juvol Havnaus (Chapter 22)
Head librarian and also the teacher for intermediate incantations


Mirat Raesu Klivus (Chapter 15)
A young man from the Klivus house of the 11th ward.

Humble and friendly towards others, he is the first in four generations of his family to be gifted with magic. Being of low nobility, Mirat is diligent in his studies with the hopes of bringing honor and elevating his family name.

Jorva Zeille (Chapter 17)
A young man of the Zeille house in the 11th ward.

Hard headed and dislikable, but loyal to those who gets to know him. Jorva’s abilities are neither lacking nor are they overwhelming; he sits comfortably like many of the other students attending Zorin academy.

Lisin Rhonorus (Chapter 17)
A young woman who is devotedly loyal to her friends.

Overshadowed by her best friend, Lisin falls short of being exceptional in other people’s eyes. Yet, she is a skilled mage above many in her own years. Her nature does not covet publicity, opting to cheer from the sidelines.

Prim Ashlin Lithius (Chapter 17)
The Emerald Princess.

From a long line of mages, she is one of the most promising student within Zorin academy. Even though gifted with talent, she does not allow her abilities to stagnate by working hard to overcome obstacles that cannot be climbed with talent alone.

Dorine (Chapter 15)

Shesal (Chapter 17)

Faden (Chapter 15)

Zeyvir (Chapter 24)

Rena (Chapter 16)

When Kaidus was a member of the council.

Philnor Strusaend
1st chair of the council, 6th year student.

Julesi Haringsilt
2nd chair, 6th year student

Willex Qholton
3rd chair, 6th year student

Dresile Gullivin
4th chair, 6th year student

Alexus Vanaragh
5th chair, 5th year student.

Vale Reudin
6th chair and the only 4th year.

An organization working behind the scenes of all Seven Continents. Their objectives are unknown to the world, only that they sow discord and bring about death and destruction wherever they touch.
The Organization dates back to beyond the last war.
Tal’hrus operates with a leader and seven masters under that leader.

Mysterious old man (Chapter 25)
The Leader of Tal’hrus.

An enigmatic old man who commands through fear and unimaginable power, together with a calculating mind that is  trying to bring the world to its knees.

The mysterious old man seems to have some ties with Nylen, the headmaster of Zorin Academy.

Kaval (Chapter (25) 43)
One of seven masters.

Hooded figure (Chapter 25)
One of seven masters.

Hooded figure (Chapter 25)
One of seven masters.

Hooded figure (Chapter 25)
One of seven masters.

Hooded figure (Chapter 25)
One of seven masters.

Hooded figure (Chapter 25)
One of seven masters.

Zavon (Chapter (25) 30)
One of seven masters. Was in charge of Darsus. Deceased.

-Other Characters-

Kalwun Heldeins (Chapter 27)
A wealthy man living in the Dryva district of the 3rd ward.

Ashis Heldeins (Chapter 26)
Son of Kalwun Heldeins. One of four boys who had the misfortune of engaging against Kaidus.

Horan Lorkaz (Chapter 11)
Lord Gelrin Ravon’s Adjutant and the right hand of Lord Huin.

Horan is a raiha spellblade, and an accomplished knight. Although somewhat arrogant, he knows when to hold his tongue in order to not step out of his station.

Thirn Devorshin (Chapter 10)
A knight in the employ of Lord Gelrin Ravon.
A Clever man who’s mind is as sharp as his sword. Thirn respects the Lord Knight Commander deeply and obeys unequivocally.

Daaro Sinstal (Chapter 11)
A young spellblade directly under the tutelage of Lord Gelrin Ravon.

He is arrogant because of his skills, but understands that many out there are beyond his abilities, and knows to tread lightly.

Fedaran Bulwicent (Chapter 12)
A Noble from the 12th ward, and a retired knight.

Also an old friend of Lord Gelrin Ravon. Friendly and garrulous, the old man retains much of his techniques from his days as a knight although his physical abilities have waned over the years.

Mr. Larson (Chapter 9)
Owner of the bookstore ‘Tales Corner’.

Mr. Genum (Chapter 31)
A man in his early 50’s, and the first person to let Kaidus borrow from his store

Kenus (Chapter 31)
Mr. Genum’s book merchant who travels Darsus.

Pate Donsillt (Chapter 7)
The traveling merchant who hired Troyle as a caravan guard from Hilthu.
His true identity is that of a founding member of the League of the Feathered Hats.



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