Didactic Duplicate

by Minaku

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Gender Bender Magic Martial Arts Slice of Life Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Space, the final frontier. Floating in an endless void, are the home of humanity, the spaceship Gaia, and its seven orbiting sub-vessels. 

In this bleak and confined space, our hero treads the fine line between reality and virtual. Will the world continue its descent into cyberpunk madness, or will it turn towards a new brighter future?

Follow our hero from sci-fi hell to agrarian survival. The journey within the journey begins.


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  • Overall Score

This story has an interesting and unique concept that to my knowledge, is new to Royalroadl. So far, the style is something I'm looking forward to. The characters are still developing so we'll have to wait and see as of 6A. The grammar is certainly up there in comparison to most works here. The author's previous work, Antagonist Rewind 1, has a similarity in style at the beginning and seeing how that story turned out, I can't help but wait for what this story can do with it's potential.

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Unique story with some faults - worth a read

I believe I have a good enough impression of the story as of Chapter 4B to review it. Should the story change later on, then it won't be reflected in this review.

The story is about a boy with no name, who wants to reach Gaia - the mothership. Earth has been destroyed, and the future of humanity lies in these spaceships.

Story: The story seems original to me, and thought out. There are some minor internal incosistencies I noticed, but don't matter as a whole. You can actually imagine yourself being in that world. This is the story's strong point.

Style: No glaring obvious spacing issues etc. found. The near lack of rethorical devices speak for the endless space and the author's own view. At other times the timely usage of such perfectly fit the situation. However when getting to know more about the world, the author was too blunt, too forecoming with details. There is no real suspense nor desire to know more about the world, everything is given. We get the feeling that we always know what this world is like - when the MC is an outcast among outcasts. It could have been done in a more suspenseful way, as a way to keep the reader wanting for more.

Grammar: Minor grammar issues, but entirely legible without having a headache.

Character: Now this is the achille's heel of Didactic Duplicate. Characters are not consistent across multiple chapters, and their aims and goals seem to change every (numbered) chapter. The MC was a nihilistic boy in the first chapter, devastated because he doesn't know why he should keep living, but apparently wants to live so much, he'd do it "no matter the cost". Sometimes situations to portray the character properly feel one-dimensional (e.g. bullying scene, where he could easily have retiliated / not open the message; At this point he's just invited them to bully him). Other characters seem to be a bit too forecoming despite their background.

Personally, I believe Didactic Duplicate is a novel that could use a bit more love, despite the faults I listed earlier, the world is still an amazing big one. I hope the author improves over the course of his novel and make it the stepping stone for his Magnum Opus.

TL;DR: If you are a fan of worlds, this novel might be for you.


  • Overall Score

Not really sure about what I must say here. 

There are grammar mistakes which with the help of a PR can be removed.

The story is meh, I've seen this premise a few times.

The characters and the style in which the author describes them is what made me quit this story at the 5th chapter. The dialogue and the actions of the characters feel rigid, robotic, unnatural.

Recommended if you are bored.