天与地 Heaven and Earth

by Tanaka Tomoyuki

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts School Life Wuxia

What do you get when you combine Battle Through the Heavens (Dou Po Cang Qiong 斗破苍穹), Long Live Summons (召唤万岁), Shen Yin Wang Zuo (or Sealed Divine Throne, 神印王座), Ze Tian Ji (or Way of Choices, 择天记), Vampire Sphere (血族禁域), Douluo Dalu II: Jueshi Tangmen (斗罗大陆:绝世唐门), Coiling Dragon (Pan Long 盘龙), The Celestial Zone (天界无限), Pokemon (no, seriously, blame Long Live Summons), Tales of Demons and Gods (Yao Shen Ji, 妖神记) and Wu Dong Qian Kun (武动乾坤)? This trashy parody of a martial arts-xianxia-cultivation story, of course!

All Shu Cong wanted to do was learn some martial arts to get a stable career in the military and earn a comfortable income. By some twist of fate, he ends up the disciple of Tian Mo, the legendary Celestial Demon of the evil Heaven and Earth Sect, who is determined to train him to become the strongest exponent in the Hidden Dragon Continent so that he can help take revenge on the other (more evil) sect members and disciples who betrayed him. And thus, under his new master's tutelage, Shu Cong ends up learning the supposedly ultimate martial art technique, Heaven and Earth Formula. Unfortunately, Shu Cong wants nothing more than a simple life, and his talent lies more in summoning and not martial arts?!

Note: Other than 4th wall jokes, this story has absolutely nothing to do with Number One Under Heaven.

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Tanaka Tomoyuki

Tanaka Tomoyuki

Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Grand Master ago
Chapter 2: The ideal wife ago
Chapter 3: Parting ago
Chapter 4: Betrayal ago
Chapter 5: The Forest of Death ago
Chapter 6: Boy meets Master ago
Chapter 7: Training ago
Chapter 8: Home ago
Chapter 9: One month later ago
Chapter 10: Return to the Forest of Death ago
Chapter 11: The Hunted Girl ago
Chapter 12: The remnants of Yun Meng Sect ago
Chapter 13: Monster Hunter ago
Chapter 14: The Merchant ago
Chapter 15: The Blind teaching the Blind ago
Chapter 16: Devil's Pitcher ago
Chapter 17: Summoner's Space ago
Chapter 18: Colored Wolf* ago
Chapter 19: Long live the Toxiking! ago
Chapter 20: Journey to Foshan ago
Chapter 21: Foshan City ago
Chapter 22: Iron Fist Sect ago
Chapter 23: Yue Yang ago
Chapter 24: Sheng Pei Ren Academy ago
Chapter 25: Icy Plum Ridge ago
Chapter 26: Ice cave ago
Chapter 27: Clash of titans ago
Chapter 28: Thousand-year-old Ice Essence ago
Chapter 29: Yue Yang again ago
Chapter 30: Sheng Pei Ren Academy second exam ago
Chapter 31: I just got F-ed ago
Chapter 32: Being stumped ago
Chapter 33: The forest's curse ago
Chapter 34: Make no bones ago
Chapter 35: Return of the Iron Fist Sect ago
Chapter 36: Mastering Masters ago
Chapter 37: A new sword ago
Chapter 38: The first match ago
Chapter 39: Making a killing ago
Chapter 40: The sanest battle ago
Chapter 41: Root of the problem ago
Chapter 42: Beat you half to death ago
Chapter 43: Spear and Shield ago
Chapter 44: Spear of Sure Kill, Shield of No Loss ago
Chapter 45: The Yue Clan Tournament ends ago
Chapter 46: School Starts! ago
Chapter 47: Students' Secrets ago
Chapter 48: School Night ago
Chapter 49: Sisters ago
Chapter 50: Goad the Toad ago
Chapter 51: It's a trap! ago
Chapter 52: Sunrise ago
Chapter 53: Punishment and Purification ago
Chapter 54: The Test ago
Chapter 55: Out for Blood ago
Chapter 56: Betrayal ago

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If this were a restaurant I'd give it a Michelin star

This author continues to entice me with their compelling use of the English language. Keep it up!


Also, everyone should rate this story five stars.

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Enjoyable and Entertaining

At first, I was hesitant to do any reading since I have my own story to work on, but decided to take a short break and ended up picking this story to read. Although not far into the story at this point, I felt like leaving a review of my impression.


I personally believe Tomoyuki has a good style for the story he is writing. It was fairly simple to read while it made the satirical parts stand out. 

Story (Will edit as I continue reading):

Although I have not read all of the story yet, I believe it has a spark that a lot of Xianxias do not, which makes it interesting. Personally, I believe Tomoyuki has done a good job of writing what he wanted to write. The satirical and humorous aspects of the story are a large part of the writing, and I believe it is what makes the story what it is.


I gave grammar a 4.5 since there were a decent number of small mistakes in terms of word usage or spelling. However, there was nothing that was impossible to interpret right off the bat. Overall, it was very satisfactory.


First of all, I must say that the protagonist was very much to my liking. His traits were stealthily placed into conversation or otherwise well-scripted into other paragraphs. While the other characters were enjoyable as well, I did think that a few more unique traits could be added to either their personality or actions. Overall though, the character interactions were enjoyable to read, which is incredibly important. 


Basically, I would definitely recommend this story to anyone familiar with other Xianxia stories and loves some basic humor. No, wait, anyone can enjoy this. Humor is humor, and a good story is a good story. Thumbs up, Tomo!

  • Overall Score

most qi type stories have atrocious grammar which makes it hard to bother finishing it but this one is surprisingly error free I love it, I highly suggest this to anyone wanting a good read.

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Didn't waste my time which is nice.

Not much I can say about it at the moment other it's worth the read.

Harem? Nope

Cliches? Not too much

Repeatetive? Not yet and hoping it won't be that much

MC? He knows what he wants and knows his bottom line.

Give this a read if you want to cure your cancer of harem martial arts novels and pussified MCs.

  • Overall Score

In this new Episode of Pokemon:Brawlers!


Seriously though, this is a good story that can give you a chuckle here and there. It flows nicely ,and it have a logical main character. I didn't notice any grammar mistakes and if there were, it doesn't pull you out of it's narrative. The story was an enjoyable read that I wished have more chapters already.

4.5 stars because this story has a potential and calling an unfinished piece of work perfect is not my ideology.

Also, a pokemon+martial arts and a chance of magic is certainly a unique direction. Although the use of magical beasts (pokemons) is one of the central points in the story, you shouldn't give it a cold shoulder if you happen to dislike pokemon.

A comment for the author, you should mention pokemon in your summary as an inspiration. I was quite surprised when I figured it out during the Toxiking part.

  • Overall Score

Of you like wuxia/xianxia but the the thousand teqniuques and the repeating Opponents who get stronger. Than this is for you.

  • Overall Score

The inseperable opinion of characters and Author

Before writing this I had to double check the synopsis, that let me give it an extra star for never having claimed to be more than a "trashy parody" of a litany of Asian tropes.  That being said, the story was fair and entertaining up to a point, however recently the direct reference to other works xianxia and wuxia and direct bashing thereof has become obnoxious.  Some events are described and later dismissed that the characters are fantasizing as another work.

Summarized another way, another commenter posted on chapter 42, "The series has gotten a lot more obnoxious as of lately with its passive aggressiveness of degrading other series. If you want to divert from tropes, fine, but a series should not be carried using this sole method. You're insulting the works of others to bolster your own work when it's not that much different. Tone it down."

The author replied, "I'm not insulting the works of others. The whole joke is that even as Shu Cong complains about other series, he ends up doing the exact same thing as them."

Generally characters should not have opinions about other works, they cannot only the author's opinion can be present.


  • Overall Score

There is breaking the 4th wall and there is this...

There is a story. It could have been nice and humurous.

Sadly the fact that the character literally insert name of other xianxa novels, and bash them destroy the immersion. So instead of a MC who show that je is different than other xianxia MC, we have an MC that tell us that he is different of this MC of this xianxia. 

It could be good without these comments. And the xianxia readers could still understand the references (like in History Number 1 Founder).  Or if the author absolutly need to add his comments, he could do so like in Fantasia, by using parenthesis.