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“Hurry up Az!”

“Haha calm down Byul! We have all morning.”

Even though the sun had risen not too long ago, the streets of Alexander were already bustling with people. Han Byul rushed forward within the crowd while pulling Azrael along. He couldn’t help but to shake his head in wonder at how excited she seemed.

Han Byul had been looking forward to this day for the past month. Even though they occasionally went on dates, the majority of the time was spent either training or studying. Even though she wasn’t very pleased about it, she understood the importance and didn’t complain. For that reason, she had looked forward to this morning even more. She was also still a girl and the idea of going on a date in the famous City of Lovers excited her more.

The streets were as lively as the day before. Merchants lined the streets as they yelled loudly to perk people’s interest in their merchandise. Many couples could also be seen together as they leisurely walked and conversed. Various smells wafted through the air as vendors began to sell their food. The overall environment throughout the city was festive.

“So Byul, what do you want to go see first?”

“Hm… how about the statue of Felsia and Alexander?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

Once he agreed, the two asked some people on the street for the location and found out the statue was in the middle of the city. After they traveled for ten minutes, they found the statue in the middle of the public square. The sight of it made both of them sigh in appreciation.

The marble statue stood ten feet tall. It depicted a moment when two lovers embraced and looked upon each other. Even though it was such a large statue, all the lines and curves on the statue were smooth with no blemishes.

The couple’s gaze as they looked at each other seemed tender and joyful as a full blown smile was depicted on the female with long hair down her back and a hint of one appeared on the face of the male with curly hair. One could tell just how much the two loved each other from it. Around the outlines, a soft light exuded out and covered the two lovers as if to protect them from harm.

Han Byul and Azrael moved forward as people left, they noticed that underneath the statue was a golden placard. When they finally reached the front, they could see what was written.

This statue was created in celebration of the love between Felsia Kingdom’s two founding members, Felsia Uraz and Alexander Armen. May their love be eternal and lead our nation to a ten thousand year prosperous Kingdom!
                                                                                                                                                            -Lee Hyun

While Azrael read the placard, he felt pressure in his right hand. As he turned his head, he saw Han Byul who stood there with a complicated expression on her face. Without turning her head, she began to speak.

“They look so happy don’t they?”

“Yes they do. This sculptor really was amazing though. To catch the feeling of warmth from the way they looked at each other into the statue.”

“Haa… it’s beautiful. You can tell just how much they loved each other by their gaze for each other.”

Han Byul couldn’t help but sigh. Like all other girls her age she had a romanticized view of love and the sight just solidified it. She wasn’t foolish enough to think that the feelings her and Azrael shared were real love yet. It was something to be built slowly. Still, she couldn’t help but wish that someday it would turn into something like what the statue depicted.

“So what should we do next Az?”

“Hmm.. how about we go see some performances?”


With that, the two turned around and began to head to the entertainment square. As they were about to turn the corner, however, Han Byul couldn’t help but to turn around and look at the statue one more time. Even from afar, the light aura shone brightly.

For the rest of the morning and evening, Han Byul and Azrael visited numerous locations. At the entertainment square, the two laughed as they listened to the bards play their silly tunes and watched actors re-enact stories of old. Vendors were also out in force within the square as they sold their unique items from all around the continent.

The stalls sold numerous types of items: From hats and clothes, to weapons, suits of armor, shields, books, magic items, jewelry, and even exotic animals exclusive only in their country. It was an impressive array of items. As they passed a stall, one item in particular grabbed Azrael’s attention. When she noticed that he stopped, Han Byul turned around and looked at him in confusion.

“What is it Az?”

“Can you wait here for a moment Byul?”


“Alright I’ll be right back!”

With that, Azrael turned and went back. Han Byul couldn’t see what he was doing as his back was toward her. With a sigh, she waited patiently.  After a few minutes, Azrael returned with a smile on his face.

“Hey Byul, you mind closing your eyes?”

“Huh? Why?”

“Just close your eyes, you’ll know shortly.”


Even though she was dubious, Han Byul did as Azrael asked and closed her eyes. Not long afterwards, she felt something metallic wrap around her neck and an object hit her chest. Surprised by the sudden touch, Han Byul opened her eyes and was greeted by the sight of Azrael’s smile.

“I saw this and it reminded me of you. I know that I haven’t been the best boyfriend, and I wonder sometimes how I got so lucky to be with you.  This is just something to say thank you.”

After he said that, Han Byul looked down and saw that a silver necklace had been placed around her neck. At the end of the necklace, there was a silver star. The star was designed in an oval shape with two thin lines that circled around it yet didn’t touch it. The surface was sparkling with some weird substance that she didn’t know about.

“Just like to the travelers in the night, you are my guiding light. In my life, you shine brighter than anything else and make me feel so comfortable and happy. Doesn’t hurt that your name is Byul either haha.”

(A/N: Byul means star in Korean.)

As Han Byul looked at the star, moisture began to swell at the corner of her eyes. Without a word, she threw herself at Azrael and wrapped her arms around his neck. With her lips beside his ear, she thanked him.

“Thank you, Az. I’ll make sure to treasure it. Just like I am your guiding light at night, you are the sun that brightens my life and brings warmth to my body and soul. You are the one I am always joyful to see and regretful to depart from.”


The two spent the rest of the day walking around with no particular destination in mind, just enjoying each other’s company with their hands interlocked. Even though they didn’t do much, to both of them it was a very precious moment. There was no need for words between them; they could tell what the other was thinking.

Azrael really felt remorseful to Han Byul as he didn’t spend as much time with her as he should. While she did train with Winston, Zer, and him every night, it was not time alone for the two of them. When he brought it up with her once, Han Byul kept telling him to not worry about it. He knew that she just told him that because she didn’t want to interfere with his training though.

What he told Han Byul when he gave her the present was indeed how he really felt. His life was much better since he reincarnated, but he always felt as though he was lost. He tried to make up for the feeling by training to get stronger yet it persisted. Once he saw Han Byul in front of the arena though, it felt as though the weight on his shoulders disappeared.

As he thought about it after he saw her, Azrael noticed that the gratifying feeling he felt after he succeeded in avenging Chrystal had only been momentary. His heart was still barren without Chrystal. He was unaware of it at first because he had been so hell bent on becoming stronger to get revenge and didn’t live long after he succeeded. Only after he spent many days to ponder over it did he finally understand.
“Hey Az, we need to go back to the hotel. Winst should be arriving soon.”

“Huh? Oh yeah, you’re right. He’ll be mad if we’re late. Let’s go.”

With that, the two headed back toward the hotel. It didn’t take them long as they were in the neighborhood and they were in front of the hotel in less than ten minutes. Once inside, the two identified an empty table within and sat while they waited. About ten minutes into their wait, Zer also came down and joined them.

“Yo Az, Han Byul. You two have a good time on your date?”

“Hey Zer. Look at what Az bought me!”

“Oh, it is pretty. I can’t believe the money grubbing Az actually spent money…”

“Oi! Just who are you calling money grubbing?! It’s just that…. I like to not spend it.”

As Azrael drooped his shoulders, Han Byul couldn’t help but to giggle. After she consoled him, she turned back to Zer.

“So how was your day? You find anything you like while you shopped?”

“There wasn’t much out there today. Could only find a nice scabbard to replace my old one with. Oh there was this interesting...”

The group continued to speak about their day. As time flew by, the sun on the other side of the hotel’s window began to set. Finally after an hour passed by, the hotel’s door finally opened.  When all three of them turned toward the door, Winston greeted them with a big grin on his face.

“Yo! Miss me much?”

Han Byul, Zer, and Azrael shook their heads while grins formed on their faces at Winston’s greetings.

“Sit down you big oaf. We’re starving.”

“Yes yes, your highness Zer!”

As Winston came and sat down, a waitress came over and took their orders. After they talked about their trip into the city for twenty minutes, the waitress brought their food out. The mouth-watering smell stopped all conversations as they began to gulp their food down. As silence surrounded the four, they finished their meals and showed content expressions. Winston rubbed his stomach as he looked at his friend and started up conversation.

“Haa… That was amazing. Anyways, you all ready for tomorrow?”

“Of course we are. All that needs to be done now is to roll through all the schools and win.”

“Ho, you sure are confident Zer. My dads here for some diplomatic issues and is planning on staying to watch the tournament. I’ll be sitting with him in the VIP section so just make sure to not embarrass me okay?”

“Oi! Just who is going to embarrass who you big oaf!”

As Winston and Zer were arguing, Han Byul and Azrael just shook their heads in amazement. The two always seemed to find a way to get into an argument one way or another. Just as Han Byul was about to intervene though, a familiar figure walked over.

“Hey, Han Byul I been looking all over for you. Cynthia asked me to find you and bring you over. She said she needed your help with something.”

“Oh hey Leslie. Cynthia needs my help? You know what for?”

“Not sure. All she told me was to bring you over.”

“Ah I see. Hey guys, looks like I’m going to have step away for a while. I’ll see you all in the morning?”

“You want me to come with you Byul?”

“I’ll be fine. I’m not some young fragile girl Az. I’ll stop by to say good night when I come back okay?”

“Haha that is true. Be careful though, its still not wise for a girl to walk around at night.”

“Be back soon~”

With that, Han Byul stood up and followed Leslie out the door. After they watched her leave, Zer, Winston, and Azrael began to talk about the tournament tomorrow.

“So what do you think your guy’s chance are to win the tournament Az?”

“Not sure. I’ve never seen any of the other contestants. We especially need to watch out for last year’s champion, Wezdon Magic Academy. I heard rumors that Jerle Walker is a once in a century genius who…”

While Azrael was speaking about Jerle Walker, loud noises suddenly disturbed them as someone rushed down the stairs. Zer, Winston, and Azrael looked toward the staircase in surprise as they saw Aren Dufont rush down.

As she reached the bottom of the staircase, Aren frantically looked around the floor and saw the three surprised guys. Without any hesitation, she rushed over to them.

“Azrael! Where’s Princess Han Byul?!”

Azrael’s flinched in surprise at the panic in Aren’s voice.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“There’s no time for that! Just tell me where she is!”

“She left with Leslie just about five minutes ago.”


“Aren, what’s wrong? What’s going on?”

The sight of Aren Dufont panicked began to worry him. Even though the two didn’t start off on the best of terms, he knew Aren was one who wouldn’t panic much. He guessed something big must have happened to cause her to be in this state.

“Azrael! The Princess is in danger! She’s walking into an ambush!”


Winston, Zer, and Azrael immediately stood up at those words.

“What do you mean she’s walking into an ambush?”

“I took out a piece of crumpled up paper from the trash bin thinking it was what I had thrown away earlier. When I read it though, it was instructions for my roommate Leslie to bring Princess Han Byul to the back alleyway in the Merchant’s District.”

After he heard what Aren had to say, Azrael rushed through the hotel’s doorway. Right behind him was Zer.

“Winst! Find some guards and bring them over to the Merchant’s District! I’ll go with Az!”


After he gave Winston some instructions, Zer rushed forward and caught up with Azrael.

“Az, Wait up! We need to come up with a plan!”

As Zer spoke though, Azrael ran faster and created a gap between him and Zer. When Zer noticed the gap, he called out towards him. Azrael, however, didn’t hear him and kept rushing forward at full speed.

Inside of Azrael’s head, images of Chrystal’s last moments continued to pop up. Just the thought of Han Byul dying almost drove him insane. If she died, Azrael knew he wouldn’t be able to mentally handle it and most likely he would go insane. With that thought in mind, he ran even faster toward the Merchant’s Distract.


“Hey Leslie, why is Cynthia waiting in such a desolate area?”

Han Byul and Leslie had been walking through an alleyway for the last five minutes. At first, she didn’t really mind, but as they walked further in, Han Byul began to feel that something wasn’t right. She doubted that Cynthia would be in such a shady location and suspicion began to appear in her mind.

“Leslie, stop. Just where are you taking me? Cynthia isn’t here, is she?”

“Hmph, figured it out eh?”

A shiver ran through Han Byul’s body as she saw the expression Leslie wore when she turned around to face her. Gone was the cute innocent face; In it’s place was now a smug look as she looked toward Han Byul in contempt. It felt as though she was looking at a completely different person.

“Well it’s too late now anyways. Hey! I brought her here just like you asked!”

Han Byul rushed toward the building on her left and went into a defensive posture with her back to the wall when she heard what Leslie said. She finally figured out that she had been lead into a trap. Even though she wanted to rush forward and strangle Leslie, she knew that if she showed any weaknesses she was a goner.

“Hey! Where are you guys! You told m…”

While Leslie was in mid sentence, a dark object flew through the air and hit her in the throat. Even from where she was, Han Byul heard regurgitating noises as they escaped from the hole that had been created in her throat. For a few seconds, Leslie futilely attempted to pull the object out but her arm movements became slower until they finally hung from her sides and she collapsed into a pool of her own blood.

From the roof of the buildings, eight shadows jumped down towards her. Just as she wondered whether she was going to die like this though, a blur rushed out from the shadows of the building on the opposite side and stood in front of Han Byul.

RIght as the shadows were about to drop on the two, a large wall of flames exploded upwards. The falling shadows immediately turned their bodies in mid-air to evade the flames. Two of the eight didn’t make it in time, however, and screamed cries of agony as their bodies caught on fire and crashed onto the floor. The bodies twitched a few times on the ground before they became still.

With the light that the wall of flames provided, Han Byul saw that the people that laid motionlessly on the ground both wore black garments that were now singed and burned through in certain areas. Charred skin could also be seen in the areas where skin was visible.

Her saviour’s figure also became visible with light. Even though the figure before her had their back to her, Han Byul immediately recognized the person in front of her immediately. How could she not know tell who he was?


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