by SJ Reaver

Original ONGOING Fantasy Romance Female Lead LitRPG Non-Human lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Reality shifts and Alexa finds herself trapped in a world far darker and deadlier than the one she knew. Her new body is stronger and faster, and she connects to the magic around her, but it may not be enough to protect the scattered remnants of humanity she comes across.

Author's Note:

My first fic, written for Nanowrimo and continued because people liked it.

Updates at least twice weekly.

Arc 1: Foundation (Chapters 001 - 017)
Arc 2: Haven (Chapters 018 - 033)
Arc 3: The Road to Madness (Chapters 034 - 049)
Arc 4: In Progress (Chapters 050 - ???)

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SJ Reaver

SJ Reaver

Ask not the penguin how the eagle soars!

Leader of Penguins
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
001 - A Madness Doubled ago
002 - The Cold and the Dead ago
003 – Step One: Don't Die ago
004 - Moon-touched ago
005 – The Beacon ago
006 - Dream House ago
007 - Children of the Night ago
008 – Golden Eyed Commander of Wishes ago
009 – The Plan ago
010 – To Grandmother's House We Go ago
011 – City of the Dead ago
012 - City of the Dead, pt 2 ago
013 – City of the Dead, pt 3 ago
014 - City of the Dead, pt 4 ago
015 - Herding Cats ago
016 - One Step at a Time ago
017 - The Other Side of the Coin ago
018 - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? ago
019 - Servitor ago
[Author Note] Cover Update ago
020 – Ghost Milk Tea ago
021 – Easy Prey ago
022 – Choices and... ago
023 – Preparations ago
024 – Asymmetrical warfare ago
025 – The First Battle for Haven ago
Appendix I: Character Sheet ago
026 – The Anticlimactic Succubus ago
027 - Harmonious Palace ago
028 – The Better to Eat You With ago
029 - Things Fall Apart ago
030 – The Only Way Out is Through ago
031 – Escape, pt 1 ago
032 – Escape, pt 2 ago
033 – Wolf Sister ago
034 - Ludo mentis aciem ago
035 – Benefits ago
036 – Sixth Sense ago
037 – You must gather your party before venturing forth ago
038 – Bounce and Weave ago
[Meta] 1,000 followers - side story poll ago
039 – Belly of the Beast ago
040 – Digestion ago
041 – The Black Bull Inn ago
042 – A Finger Pointing at the Moon ago
043 – Disarmed ago
044 – The Cold and the Dead, pt 2 ago
045 – This Little War ago
046 – Reunion ago
047 - Things Best Left Unseen ago
048 – Things Best Left Unsaid ago
Appendix II: Names and Places ago
049 – The Road to Madness ago
050 – Better Late Than Never ago
051 – Three is a Crowd ago
052 – Transported to another world and given OP carpentry skills!? ┬─┬ ノ( ^_^ノ) ago
053 – Afterglow ago
054 – Together Forever in Flame ago
055 – Heart of Stone, pt 1 ago
056 – Heart of Stone, pt 2 ago

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  • Overall Score

I mean a real story in which adventures are not an excuse for always more power.

Game elements are well integrated and secondary to the storytelling.

The quality of the writing is very good, nothing seem artificial all flows naturaly.

A novel from which you can expect a joyful reading.


  • Overall Score

Easy to read and doesn't feel like I have to stretch my imagination. I'm loving the world in the story.

  • Overall Score

I want to know what happens next!

The character is immediately engaging. The RPG elements are there but in the right doses for me, they complement the story rather than supplement it. The world that the heroine evolves in is flawed enough that you want to see what she'll do with it, without being over the top. Give me more, please.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

Captivating, Good Characters & Cute Elf Firekeeper

This is a portal fantasy that shines like a cut diamond among the uncut stones you usually find on RoyalRoad.

The main character is fairly interesting, with a personality that is not summed up to being a min-maxxer thrown in a new world, or a pervert building their harem. This is not simply wish-fulfilling fantasy people, there is work put into this mc.

Alexa's interaction with the supporting cast is just as good: they all have their agendas, they lie from time to time and usually keep things interesting.

The setting is (for now) the weaker part of the story, and you can feel most of it is left as clay to be molded by the author down the line. It is serviceable and easy to expand. [2018 Edit: the author has done just that, and started a companion series on the lore. Check it out, it's called Psychopannychism.]

Action, dialogue, and world-building are perfectly balanced. I have never felt bored or waiting for the next thing.

Magic feel powerful and alien, which is awesome. The style of the author really makes it work.

Give this story a try, you won't regret it!

  • Overall Score

Only read to capter 3, but thought it deserved a good score 😀

  • Overall Score

A very enjoyable story. Give it a try and i'm pretty sure you won't regret it!

  • Overall Score

This story is written very well, and the plot is better thought out than most of the novels on this site. I look forward to seeing where the author decides to go with it. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

I finished what was written, and was terribly sad that there wasn't more. I can't wait.

  • Overall Score

fabulous work - can't wait to read more!

SJ Reaver has out done themselves

  • Overall Score

An interesting and enjoyable LitRpg

The LitRpg system is mostly nonintrusive and the author avoids numbers in many cases. The overall direction of the story wanders a little bit, but Alexa growing in power and as a person is a constant which keeps the reader interested.


I would recommend this to any reader who enjoys "real" LitRpg (vs. any of the many LitRpgs where the system is part of some kind of game.) Readers who enjoy strong female protagonists will also find plenty to like about this growing web novel.