Yuusha Isekai! Youjo Suki!

by Social_Knight

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Satire Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strategy Summoned Hero Supernatural

When Elijah, thirty year old civil servant, open lolicon, and anime otaku finds himself in a new world rather than snuggled up to his Flan-chan Dakimakura, whatever will he do? Will his genre savvy and surprisingly unspectacular cheat be able to save the kingdom, and its cute (if dumb) juvenile princess? Or will he go down in a blaze of foolish glory like the ikemen before him?

[This is a crazy parody novel, by the way. The goal is a good isekai harem story minus the beta JP MC, but adding unique girls that outgrow their stereotypes, whilst making fun of the genre and popular anime and game culture at large.]

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Purveyor of dubious medicinal snake oils [since 1885]

Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. A Minefield of Blunders ago
2. The Truth is Suffering ago
3. Lost Words ago
4. Beliefs and Fisticuffs ago
Side A: Baka-Hime ago
5. Press F to Cry ago
6. Pretty fly, for a sword guy ago
7. Go East!! ago
8. A Battle Most Peculiar ago
9. Confidence Game ago
Side KI: The little sword that could ago
10. Wannabe Demolitionist ago
11. Sleeping Tiger ago
12. Never too early for a drink ago
13. Humor Me ago
14. Towering Affection ago
15. Dark History ago
16. Thunderous Ambush ago
17. The Blade does as it must ago
18. Rogue-Like ago
Side KA: Child Killer ago
19. In terms of mystery ago
20. Not just a Mid-Boss? ago
21. Negotiation ago
22. Unstoppable ago
23. Monsters are overrated ago
Side C: Political Machinations ago
24. Bouquet of Thorns ago
25. I Just Know What I Know ago
26. The Shocking Truth! ago
Side S: Sagely Concerns ago
27. Lost in Translation ago
28. A New Gourmet ago
29. Lost in the Shadows ago
30. Delicious Futures ago
31. A Tower Far Behind ago
32. A Knight Indeed ago
33. Happy to Serve ago
34. Noble Disasters ago
35. Education ago
36. Positively Clerical ago
Side R: Childhood Friend ago
37. Pondering Mortality ago
38. Surrounded by 'Professionals' ago
39. Papa Bear ago
Side KK: Budding Faith ago
Side AR: Truth in the Water ago
40. Radiant Jewels ago
41. Apprenticeship ago
42. Shocked ago
43. Mysterious Chemistry ago
44. Break that wall down ago
45. Ceiling Ninja ago
46. A Healing Bath ago
47. Duke's Blessing ago
48. A New Man ago
49. Sandy Shore Temple ago
50. Censored for your Convienience ago
51. Into the Shadows ago
52. She's a scream at parties ago
Side Y: Tri-Attack! ago
53. Other Strangers ago
54. Spirits of the Void ago
55. It's Fight Knight! ago
56. Growing Concerns ago
57. Wading through Blood ago
58. Malicious Spirits ago
Side B: The Iron Duchess ago

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  • Overall Score

The story are what you expected. What I don't expect are you get pacing, getting to know charecter without feeling forced into it. I sit and binge reading it into 30 chapters and thet is good on my book. At least you don't need to turn off your brain way to much to enjoy it like a lot of generic harem trope does.