My life as a male harpy

by Piconokuwerebaba

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation

I have been reborn! This is my chance to shine! To truly show how I CAN be amazing! Goodbye boring old life as a loser stuck in a pigs ass and hello to new fantasy life! WOOOO!!!...?

wait, something's wrong, where're my arms? These are... Wings?


tis just a random story, don't think much about it, just kinda making it up as I go...

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 Okay. I will start out with the fact that I thought it would be another boring isekai that follows the "I got hit by truck-kun and now I am dead" trope. Have them meet god and then ask for some superpower that slowly transforms the main character into god himself while screaming about overthrowing the heavens and turning the sky upside-down.

Possible spoilers down below!

After reading the first few sentences the first question and also the first piece of mystery is presented to the reader. How did the still nameless MC die? Was it a truck or was it something else. So far this trope remains unchecked. Schrodinger's trope if you will.

I was right about the meeting god part however. But normally you see god as the allmighty being that controls heaven and earth. Here he got introduced as a normal person that drinks orange juice. The main character does not seem to share this opinion as he instantly goes all defensive and tries to force answers out of the god, putting on a tone of: "You're wasting my time, hurry up" and "I don't want to hear this stuff. Please go on so I can continue."

A bit further along the story it is revealed that the god can calculate the emotions and predict actions with a high accuracy. He decides that the best course of action is to remove the "annoying" human from his realm so that the slow enjoying of his fresh orange juice can continue in peace.

When the still nameless main character cuts of the god in this realm the god tries to hurry up as well while plotting his sweet revenge. He offers the main character a power of his liking as long as this power is within the scales of power he can produce with the small amount of followers that had gathered around his religion.

With the amazing prediction skills god has he plotted for the ultimate revenge, reincarnating the main character as an opressed race that was often sold and bred as slaves. When the main character eventually chose flying like god predicted he send him of to relive his life as the only male harpy in existence.

When the point of view switches again, this time to the reincarnated main character, we experience the massive amount of shock that he goes trough after discovering that his arms are tiny, and after that the relieve and anger at the god when he noticed they are actually wings. His wish for flying was accepted, but not as the main character wished.

At the end we read about the god that is laughing and having a good time because his revenge worked. Slowly sipping his trademark orange juice, the same juice people worship him for, while thinking about how nicely his plan worked out. I do have to give it to him, at least he did not make this story into a genderbender at the end, that would make it a whole new level. I can almost certainly predict that this will turn out to be an epic harem story, him being the only male in the entire race.

I can't wait to read about the daily struggles of him discovering the cultures and lore of this new world. Every chapter has been a blast so far and I have been sitting at the edge of my seat thinking about the possible explanations and crazy new techniques that will pop up along the way. Please, don't stop writing this now Piconokuwerebaba. You have me hooked, and I think many more will follow.

SJ Reaver
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I hope it lives up to its potential

Going through new submissions is like digging with your hands through a compost heap full of scorpions in an effort to find a gem. This is that gem.

The prose flows smooth and lyrical, the author adds comedy with a gentle touch, and the main character feels realist. This is not your typical OP, no-personality MC with a harem of harpies.

I do have to say that the grammar isn't perfect though, and I was disappointed that the author used the term 'noodle' to describe male genitals. We're all adults here and that sort of infantilization has no place in a mature story like this.


I also knocked off half a score because the descriptions get very vague at times. I have trouble visualizing the MC and the god of orange juice.



The Abyss
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Not What I Was Expecting

Honestly, this story is far from what I was expecting. It sounded much like one of those stories you make without much planning, and the title doesn't do it much good either.

However, this story seems like a rising star in the RRL community. That's why I've decided to give it an advanced review. It's not often that you see something so original and different from common tropes.

Let's start with the style:

The style could use improvement, but I won't go too in depth. All I'll say is that it's rather similar to my previous style. If I did try, it most likely would not do any good.

Next, the grammar score:

All around, the grammar is good. There aren't many mistakes in the grammer department, and those that are are negligible.

Story score:

Seeing how original the story is, this had to have a high score.

First things first, you don't follow rules set by others. You decided to make a very uncommon character, and have them as a male harpy. Most times, or rather, at all times, Harpies are female. With your story, this will most likely change from now on. The idea is marvelous!

Then, your god. The god is also very unordinary. I've only ever seen something simlar in a story of my own, and even then it wasn't truly their domain. I can already see the inspiration that this will bring to writers.

The story doesn't follow many common tropes, either. The only ones I've seen so far are the reincarnation and meeting with a god tropes. You leave us questioning many things, rather than giving us all the answers right off the bat.

Lastly, the character score:

In my opinion, your characters are worth five stars. I stated this earlier, but the originality is prevalent. There isn't much else to say.

Overall, I can't think of this story as anything other than a masterpiece. There isn't much left to improve and, as with all good stories, it left me in anticipation for what will happen next.