One Piece: Pursuit of Justice

by TheTwentieth

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Supernatural

The Pirate King's, Gol D. Roger's, last words sent thousands upon thousands of pirates searching for the legendary One Piece. Of course, these pirates had to do something while they were searching for the legendary treasure, most of which included crimes.


The World Government isn't happy with this rampaging influx of piracy, and naturally, have their own means of squashing this new "Golden Age of Piracy". What is this solution, you ask? Well, the Navy of course.


This story follows Akura D. Kenji and his brothers living in the remote Uxopia Village. With this golden age of piracy, both he and his brothers are exposed to these engimas called "pirates".

Kenji decides he wants to capture these villainous pirates in the name of Justice. And thus starts his path of becoming a proud soldier of the Navy - a Marine.


Schedule: I write whenever I'm available, but if I see a large amount of support and feedback I will make a conscious effort to release faster!


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 The novel Is really great. Love the concept. Of course would like the novels to have more words and more uploads. But depends on the author. I like the style. As far as I've seen there is bearly no grammar mistakes which is a Big Plus. This is also my first review so don't mind me if If this is not as good as other peoples. 

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There's not a lot of chapters out yet (13 right now) but it's quite nice to see a one piece fanfiction that takes a different road and follows a marine instead of the classic pirate.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 So far the author seems to want the mc to increase in power accross his journey in a similar way as luffy did in one piece so expect some strength but don't expect incredible levels of OP.

grammar is pretty much perfect which is always appreciated