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Warning This fiction contains:
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Humans have gone so far, yet they have so much more to know. This ever-expanding space holds so many things that are yet to be discovered, and we would discover it sooner or later. Well, not many people care about it right now. Hmm.. Matt does though, and so do other people forced into a situation similar to his. 

He just wanted to block the noise coming from his screaming neighbor's house by listening to some music, when it appeared. The thing was small, a black cube sat on his table. It didn't reflect light, and Matt was smart enough to understand that it was literally absorbing light. A series of events led him to touch the cube. 

Then everything went black. 

[System Initializing...]


Author's Note: Yeah, I know. Yet another 'game themed' novel? Deal with it, people! I would be updating every ten days after the first five chapters are up. Criticism is welcomed as I'm still learning, but please don't be harsh on me. I have a fragile heart, after all. Pretend you're talking to an extremely sensitive toddler. Perfect. 

And I actually don't know where I am going with this story but rest assured, I won't make it disappointing (hopefully). As we go further, I will keep figuring out how the story should proceed. 

Various other tags include: [Strong to Stronger], [Multiple Transported Individuals], [Survival], [Appearance Changes], [Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest], [Handsome Male Lead], [Strong Love Interests], [Betrayal], [Beautiful Female Lead], [Cold Characters], [Murder], etc.

 This story has not been dropped and will continue from the first week of April. 

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