Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Female Lead Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Updates every weekday! Five 500-2000 word chapters, one every day of the week minus weekends.

In the world of Generia, vicious monsters run rampant, destroying villages in their single-minded attempt to destroy human life. To protect the defenseless, heroes have taken to using a magic energy called sei to become what are known as Beacons - humans that monsters are naturally drawn towards. Beacons have massive magical power, but at the cost of near constant attacks on their life by monsters. Only the most truly courageous people take on the role.

Years ago, one of the most famous Beacons in the world disappeared: the Hero of Four Seasons, Markus Hawk. But before he did, he promised to train anyone that could find him.

Now, five teenagers have managed to track down his location. Will they survive his unorthodox training strategies, or will they succumb to the tough wilderness that surrounds them?


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