Hawke’s Heroes

by Simon Blessed

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Female Lead Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Updates daily! Seven 500-1000 word chapters, one every day of the week.

Thousands of years ago, a curse was placed on the land of Generia, and a black and evil spell it was. Every twenty years, a portal to the world of demons opens, letting countless evil beasts run rampant until they can be sealed away again.

The last demon invasion happened nineteen years ago. Though they came close to completely ravaging the lands, they were sent back to Hell by a hero named Hawke, but only after a mighty struggle and at the cost of many, many lives.

Now, Hawke has found five young warriors, each a fiery soul in need of tempering. In one years time the demons will return, and one year is all the time Hawke has to train these fighters. Will this new generation of heroes be able to strike down the evil of the past?

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Simon Blessed

Simon Blessed


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