The Hero of Farin

by A-Ske

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Summoned Hero

If you were suddenly teleported into a game world what would you do? 15 year old Grayson and his friends Miya and Jason were pulled from their world with many other people and put into their game avatars from a game they played called "The Origins of Farin". The world of Farin isn't really anything different from earth besides the fact its in ruins. NPCs had stalls in the streets that varied with the things you could buy, healing potions, armor, weapons, even food. Grayson, Miya and Jason go on an adventure to figure out a way to return back to their original world, making friends and enemies along the way.


This is my first book i wrote that im just using to try and get a hang of writing good books, i'm not going to be writing any more chapters to this book, sorry!

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