Albert puffed his breath inside the clasp of his hands. Doing this sent a temporary warm comforting sensation into his palms and fingers. As he walked on the icy pavement of the street, something cold touched his nose which made him look up.

"Huh, snow. Next time i'll have to start wearing gloves to keep warm."

Albert continued to walk slowly on the pavement due to the frost building up on the ground. As he walked his way to the bus stop, his lower back felt stiff and the rest of his body felt worn out. Working in a factory has been a toiling occupation but the pay is decent. Albert took a glance at his watch to check the current time.

"Huh, it's eleven thirty. That means that I have a lot of time before the bus should arrive. Since today's my friday."

Albert smiled as he placed the tightly wrapped blunt on his lips. Once he lit the end of the Marijuana filled cigar, he inhaled the smoke from the unlit end. After retaining the smoke in his lungs for a few seconds, he exhaled.

"Ah. Smooth! This was a good harvest"

Albert inserted his earbuds inside his ears while he slowly walked towards the bus stop and as the ache throughout his body began to dissipate, he continued to smoke what remained of his cigar filled with medicinal herbs while he listened to the music coming from his cellphone. 

The song called "In my life" by the Beatles began to play while he slowly took comfortable strides with every step. While listening to the song and with the influence of the medicinal herbs, the song made him reflect about his life. 

In this moment of Albert's life, he is twenty eight years old and his life hasn't been a perfect one. When he was an infant, his parents died in an earthquake. As he grew older he was passed from one foster parent to the other. 

The reason why he was passed around from one family to the other wasn't because he was a troubled child, It was because each foster parent that adopted him were discovered to have various criminal activities. And the person responsible for getting them caught was Albert himself.

Albert spent the entirety of his under aged life in an orphanage and once he turned the age of eighteen, he joined the military. That was when Albert experienced a lot of things and it was also when he figured things out.

 Currently at this moment of his life he has no children and he's currently not in a romantic relationship. It's not that he's incapable of doing either of the one, its just because he chose to not have either of them.

When Albert was younger he thought that his life would be much different than it is now. He thought that by now he would have a house with a family and a nice job. But his life took a different direction.

While his friends and peers had already created a family of their own at an early age, Albert was serving his country. Though he may not look the role with his long unkempt hair and uneven beard, Albert is a military veteran. He served for many years until one day he realized that the only thing that really matters in life is, one's own happiness and family. 

After years living as a soldier, his aspirations of having a loving family of his own had been tempered because as an orphaned child it was something that he always wanted.

Albert wanted a place he can call home, he wanted to have a family tradition of some sort and lastly and hopefully he wanted to have someone he can share all those memories with.

Living as a soldier for years, his aspiration of creating a loving family has been tempered. This was because during holidays or any special occasions, Albert would see his fellow comrades surround by those that he would call family.

Even though he does have a sort of family that he has ties to, It just wasn't the same. This sense of longing gave Albert a sense of desire to found a normal loving family. Albert for sure didn't want to create a military family because he wanted to spend as much time as he could with his family rather than with people from work. Also as a military personnel, in one's career, moving from one place to another is very frequent. 

After holding off his aspiration for so long, Albert decided to leave the service and with an honorable discharge, he returned back home and began preparing for what he has wanted to do with his life. Albert had planned everything out in his mind but he knew that the beginning would be the most difficult; finding his perfect spouse. 

The way Albert thought about is all he needs to do is to find the right one. If he finds his so called soul mate, after that everything should develop as the process progresses. But to begin his ambition of making his aspiration come true, Albert would need the funds to do it.

Since he was honorably discharged from the military with some debts on his hands, he's basically starting out from scratch with some disadvantages. While preparing for what he wants to do with his life, Albert had began to slip into depression. 

Depression is something that is very common among previous military personnel. For some, it comes and go. But there are those who slips into the clutches of depression then later on find themselves unable to free them selves from it.

The reason for Albert's depression was because his return to the civilian life was the difficulty integrating with normal citizens. For some odd reason, everyone around him made him angry. Albert couldn't figure out why people irritated him so to keep himself from getting in trouble, he became a shut it.

Being constantly dipping into depression scared him because some veterans who fall too far from depression are known to take their own life due to the overwhelming negative emotions. But thankfully for Albert, he had the help of other veterans who had gone through the same situation.

Months after returning back into the civilian world, after some help from his fellow veterans, Albert had began cultivating medical cannabis in his backyard. Smoking cannabis was something that he missed doing.

As a teen, he loved the sensation of smoking cannabis and reading books. Albert felt that when ever he was reading a book or a comic at an elevated state, he felt as if he was the hero. The hero gets to use super powers, gets to go on an adventure, travel various destination, do various insane things and at the end the hero get to have an awesome life. 

Secretly other than having a loving family if Albert had a chance to gain some sort of super power, he wouldn't hesitate to choose to become a super hero.

 For many years Albert prevented himself from smoking marijuana even though he had many chances of dabbling with the plant. He resisted in using them when he was serving because smoking this plant is prohibited in the military and committing such action will instantly bran you as a criminal for life.

Cultivating cannabis in his backyard became just a hobby and also a side income for Albert until he could figure out a way to find a job he would actually be interested in. While waiting for his plants to grow as figuring things out, Albert worked in a factory for more income. 

To keep him physically fit as well as a stress reducer, Albert also continued his practice in martian arts. 

For at least an hour before going to work, he continued to hone and refine his fighting skills so that he wouldn't forget or become rusty in the arts. This activity also kept his head away from sinking into depression. 

On his days off Albert would sometimes teach himself wilderness survival techniques and at the end of the day, he would smoke a blunt or two while watching survival shows.

Learning how to survive in the wild was another one of Albert's interests to get his mind off of his current circumstances. 

Albert had finished his blunt just as he arrived at bus stop. He was feeling very elevated but at the same time he was conscious of his surroundings. 

Once he arrived at the bus stop, he noticed a woman with a dog sitting besides her. Even though the woman in front of Albert was somewhat attractive, his focus was more on the dog's. Albert loves dogs of all types. As he thought about trying to pet the dog, he reminded himself instantly that he reeks of his medical cannabis and the smell might offend the woman along with her dog so Albert resisted in attempting to approach the cute fluffy terrier.

Time lingered on while waiting for the bus, Albert took out his phone to check when the bus is suppose to arrive. At moment Albert is in a state of cloud nine, so he didn't mind waiting. But he also wanted to go home so that he could continue smoking and begin to watch his survival shows. 

While looking at his phone to check the current time, the woman with the dog began to complain out loud.

"Tsk! The bus is late." said the woman in a grumpy tone.

"It says online that it'll be here any moment." Albert muttered out loud.

"Hopefully it'll be here soon! I'm tired."

As the woman complained, her dog jumped off of her lap and onto the street then began barking at a rat that it had seen.

"Pickles! No!" The woman screamed and she instantly followed after her dog onto the street.

Just as the woman was about to pick up her dog from the street, the bus that Albert had been waiting for came from out of nowhere. The speed of which the bus was moving made it hard for the bus driver to stop in order to prevent hitting the woman and her dog. Also fact the the road was is partially covered by frost due to the cold weather made more difficult for the driver.

 The driver also didn't want to put the lives of the passengers in danger by swerving the bus so she did the best she could to stop the bus.

Albert who was idly standing there noticed what was going on and instantly leaped into action. Albert lunged as fast as he could onto the street where the woman and her dog was located. Then once he had the reach of the woman, he knew that if he tried to save all thee of them, that none of them will survive. The in a split second decision, that was when Albert quickly decided to push the woman with her dog out of the bus's way. 



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