Feeling dazed and confused, Albert found himself standing in a bright room without any clothes. Instantly when he became aware that he's naked, Albert began to cover his private parts.

"What's going?! Where am I?!"

Albert screamed and his shouts echoed the room. While looking around, he noticed the entirety of the room glows in a bright white light and from his continuous observations of his surroundings, Albert couldn't tell if there was an end to the room or if he was under a roof at all. While standing inside the unending white room, there was no way he could tell which way is north, south, east or west. He frantically looks around to search if there is anyone or anything nearby. But after scanning the area for hours, there was nothing.

Since Albert couldn't see objects or anyone around, Albert decided to try if anyone could hear him.

Albert screamed where he was standing. Afterwards he turned to his left and screamed again until he had screamed in all directions. Once he was facing the same direction as he screamed for the first time, Albert noticed something that wasn't there before appeared in front of him.

Albert quickly ran towards the object and when he got close enough, he realizes that the object that appeared in front of him an armchair. The armchair in front of Albert looked really comfortable and soft so after staring at it for a few seconds, Albert decided to sit on it.

Once Albert was seated on the armchair, he leaned his back then slowly closed his eyes.

"This is crazy. If what happened, happened I'm suppose to be dead. If i'm dead then I must be in. . ."

before he could finish his sentence, a voice abruptly came out of nowhere.

"This just in!"

Albert instantly sat straight up on the armchair and covered his private parts. After hiding his family jewels, when he opened his eyes, an old television set appeared in front of him. The program playing on the television began talking about the incident that happened at the bus stop. This was the incident that ended Albert's life. Albert watched and listened to the news reporter as he began talking about what had happened.

"We're here at the bus stop where an incident has occurred and right now we are talking to the woman who was saved by the unknown man. Please ma'am tell us what happened."

The reporter placed his microphone in front of the woman.

"I was just trying to grab my dog from the street. Then before I knew what was happening, the man who was waiting with us, came in and pushed me out of the way."

"How do you feel about the entire scenario ma'am?"

"I feel grateful to be alive, but that man saved my dog and my life in the cost of his."

The woman's eyes began to water as she answered to reporter's question.

"Well according to our source the man who had saved you was a veteran. Twenty eight years old Albert Skar who served in the military as a specialist in . . . ."

Then before the reporter could finish his sentence, the television went black and a calm majestic voice began to speak.

"Such a courageous act."

Albert looked around to see where the voice was coming from but after scanning the surrounding, he couldn't find anyone.

"Wh-Who's there?! Show your self!" Albert screamed in a panicked tone.

"I'm am what the people in your world would call a Deity." The voice replied.

"Deity? Like a god?"

"Some would call us that but we don't consider ourselves as that."

"Where are you?!"

"I am non-corporeal"


"It means I am a sentient entity without a physical body."

"So you're an alien?"

"Some has called us as such as well."

"So wait are you an alien or a god?" Albert's brow furrowed

"Which ever you prefer."

"So what now?"

"Well I just want to talk."

"Well it isn't fair if you can see me and I can't see you!"

Albert began to look around while he continues to have a conversation with the deity.

"Like I said, I am non-corporeal."

"But you're a god! Couldn't you make your self a body so we can speak face to face?"

"I can't do what I can't do. . . You seem tense. Here take this, it'll calm you down."

In an instant after the deity stopped speaking, a small glass table with a lighter and a blunt on top appeared in front of Albert. Albert briefly observed the items in front of him. Then when he realized what the items that were, Albert instantly picked up the blunt with his fingers. He then put the blunt close to his nose and smelled it.

"This is . . "

"Yes it is. It's also better than the stuff that you've been using."

Albert grabbed the lighter in front of him then lit the blunt. After inhaling the smoke he began to cough uncontrollably.

The voice chuckled then asked Albert a question.

"What do you think?"

"It's really good." Albert continued to cough.

"Now can we talk?"

"This is really good!" Albert took another hit of the blunt. "Well we can talk, but first can I have something to cover myself?" Then exhaled.

Instantly after asking, a white bathrobe appeared on top of the table where the blunt and the lighter appeared.

"Will the robe do?"

"Thank you." Albert quickly put the white bath robe on. "Now, we can talk." 

After putting on the bath robe, Albert continued to enjoy the blunt that the deity had given him while he listened.

"Well I think you know by now that you had died saving the woman and her dog."

"Yes, I guessed that. I remember pushing the lady and her dog away from the bus. Then after that, all I can remember was standing here in this room. By the way . . . is this heaven?"

"It's the afterlife. Some people call it that."

"I see. Anyways let's get to the point. What did you want to talk about?"

"What I wanted to discuss to you about is what happens after this."

"Wait, I just got here and now you're kicking me out?"

"This place isn't a place where a soul can linger around. This place is strictly an area for conference. No one really stays here. When a person dies, we usually take their soul then place it in a body that needs it. That soul then continues to live as that person. Then as time passes by, the soul forgets their previous life and goes on living as that person."

"I see. Is that how it is."

"Yes. Are you ready?"

"Wait I have some questions. How long does it take for the soul to start forgetting their previous life? Do I get to choose who I can be?"

"It depends on the soul, sometimes the memories from the previous life instantly fades away seconds after the soul is transferred and sometimes it would take you a few months to start partially forgetting about their previous life until the inevitable happens which is the complete erasure of your previous life. While you can't choose which body your soul will be taking, I'll allow you to choose either to go back to your own world or to choose a different world since you have a heroic trait."

"A different world?"

The thought of living in a different world piqued Albert's interest. Since the world that he lived in is a harsh conflicted world. Albert was interested if there is a world that is more exciting to live in.

"Yes. A different world." The deity answered.

"What kind of different world are we talking about?"

"There are infinite realities of the universe. Some are more advanced than others, some are more chaotic and some are something off of what your world would call fantasy."

"Fantasy?! Wait, are you saying that there is a world where magic and creatures from the fantasy world are real?!" Albert's eyes widened upon hearing the deity's explanation.

"Yes. I did mention that there are infinite realities of the universe."

"And . . . you said I could choose where my soul can be transferred?"

"I did mention that."

Albert began thinking about his decision. In his mind, his aspiration is still to start a family. But once his soul is transferred he might forget about his aspirations which is unfortunate but at the same time, he has a chance to live in a world where magic exist. And now that he has the decision of choosing to live a life of where magic exist over a life where it's normal and boring, Albert would choose to live the life of where magic exist.

A smile appeared in Albert's face. He quickly rubbed his hands together then gave his answer out loud.

"Then I want my soul to go to that kind of world. A more interesting and different world. A world where monsters and magic are real."

"Are you certain that you want to live in that kind of world? It's much more dangerous than your previous world."

Albert took a last hit on the blunt that's in his fingers then tossed it on the floor. The piece of burnt scrap landed on the white ceramic looking floor then disappeared.

"Can you tell me more about the world that you're going to transfer my soul into?"

"The world that you desire is still very young and very wild. It is inhabited by humans and demi-humans alike. And as well as ferocious creatures called Grimms."

"Grimms? What are those?"

"I suppose it would be better to tell you a little about the world you'll live in before you spend a life time there."

"Yep. Please tell me." Albert leaned back on the armchair and made himself comfortable.

"The world you are about to live in is currently in a chaotic era. Monsters called Grimms roam the lands causing chaos and terror among the beings that live in it. But these creatures aren't the only things that you should worry about. Each of the race in this world are at each other's throat and other unruly beings also wander about causing chaos to those that cross their paths. It's a dangerous world. So I am going to ask you again. Are you sure you want to spend a lifetime in this world?"

Albert stroked his chin and began thinking. Then a after a short silence, he began to speak.

"Hmmm. . . Does this world have electricity in it?"

"No, this world does not have that commodity. But the world does have an influx of ambient mana which allows the humans and demi-humans there to use what you would call magic. Now, tell me your decision."

"Hmmm. Okay I've decided to choose that world."

"Again. Is that your final decision?"

"Yes it is."

"Alright then, but before I can send your soul to that world, I want you to choose your talent."


"Yes, a talent. In the world that I am about to send you, beings are born with special abilities. Since your soul has the heroic trait, I will allow you to choose one talent from these tables for your soul to take into the world."

Instantly after the majestic calm voice ended speaking, rows of tables appeared and on these rows of tables are perfectly aligned bottles with various types of colors and on each bottles are labels of what they are. Albert jumped a little in the air when the tables appeared. It was still hard for him to get used to all the magical deity stuff, but Albert suddenly felt that obtaining powers from a deity was all the worth getting by that bus.

Albert looked around and observed the small bottles.

"What are these?"

"These are potions."

"Potions of what?"

"What you would call super powers."

The world "Super powers" mentioned by the deity instantly made Albert feel as if he's a child inside a toy store. Albert wanted grin but instead he wanted to keep a poker face with the deity. So instead of showing how he really feels, he decided to complain.

"Uhg! You mean I have look through all of these bottles to see what they are?"

"Unfortunately Yes."

"I thought you were a god?"

"I can't do what I can't do."

"Well at least all of these bottles are in alphabetical order."

Albert began to walk towards the tables and began to think. He scanned the bottles on the row of glass tables. Some of the bottles had weird blotches of colors in them and very few are solid colors. Albert grabbed two bottles one with the blotch and one that is solid in color.

"Say deity, what the difference between these potions?"

"Solid colors are highly regarded in the world you are about to reborn in. They see the color as the color of your soul."

"Huh. Interesting."

Albert lifted it up the bottles he grabbed onto his face to observe and compare the color. When he did this, the deity suddenly spoke.

"You may only choose one talent."

Albert place the bottles back down and let out a word of understanding.


After testing the waters, Albert was curious about what happens after choosing his talent. So he decided to ask.

"Tell me deity, what happens after I've chosen my talent?"

"After choosing your talent you will be materialized into the body that you will become."

"And when my soul is completely transferred, I'll be able to use my abilities right?"

"You might have to wait for six years."

"Wait I won't be able to use my talent right away? Why?!"

"This is because a soul who's talent chi isn't trained would need six years for a talent to become fully integrated with it."

"I was going to ask you if there was a way for you to quicken the process but now I know what you're answer is going to be."

And as Albert was going to say the answer, the deity said it the same time as him.

"I can't do what I can't do."

"I can't do what I can't do."

"Right. Now give me a moment so i can decide which bottle to choose."

Albert has gathered enough information to create a plan. Ever since he realized that this deity isn't so omniscient, Albert decided to take this chance to have an advantage in his next life.

Albert walked around the room and began to look at the bottles. While he looked around, he began constructing a plan in his head. The purpose of this plan is so that he could have an advantage in the new world that he's about to be reborn into. After his previous life, which was not very comfortable, he wanted a life that's both enjoyable and comfortable.

But off course if all things fail, one must have a contingency plan. Albert picked out seven bottles that he had chosen. These bottles are the top talents of which he would likely take. Albert placed the bottles on the small table in front of the armchair, then afterwards he sat down then began staring at the potion bottles on front of him. From left to right the seven bottles that are solid in color.

The first bottle is colored red which is labeled [Supernatural Strength], the next one after that is the color green which is labeled [Plant Manipulation], the next one is color blue which is labeled [Supernatural Speed ], after that is a bottle with the color yellow which is labeled [Regenerative Healing Factor ], besides that bottles is another bottle with the color orange which is labeled [Replication], next to that is the color violet which is labeled [Panmnesia], the final bottle is colored indigo which is labeled as [Earth Manipulation].

These seven bottles are his top options of talents to choose from but the deity has instructed him to only choose one. After giving it some thought. Albert decided to ask if he could test out talent that he is considering to take.

"Say deity, is it possible for me to test out the ability that I'm considering of taking?"

"It is possible to bestow to you the talent temporarily but once you're soul is transferred, you will have to wait six years for your soul to be fully integrated with your talent. Only then will you be able to use it."

"Okay! I'll like to try this talent. [Supernatural Speed]"

"Very well, you will be able to use this ability for two minutes."

"Hmm I don't feel different."

"Please attempt to move from one place to the other."

Albert looked to the horizon to where the rows of tables ended.

Albert stood up and got into running the position. Afterwards he decided to run to the other end of these glass tables.

Before he knew what was happening, In an instant Albert had moved from end of the rows of glass tables into the other end.

"Whoa! I didn't even feel my body move, I just thought about it and I was already there!"

Albert continued to run around the vast empty space of the white room. After counting to thirty seconds, while running around, he gave the deity his final decision.

"Okay! I've decided. I want this ability instead!"

Albert raised the potion that is colored violet and immediately drank it. After drinking the bottle he has chosen, Albert placed the empty potion bottle back on the small table.

"Since you now have chosen your talent I will now transfer your soul into the body that is in need of a soul."

Albert sat back on the armchair and waited. After waiting for what seems like a few seconds, he realized something odd, one of his feet had completely disappeared and the rest of his legs are slowly becoming transparent. Albert became alarmed and asked the deity what was going on.

"Deity why am I disappearing?"

"This is the process of sending your soul in to the body that needs it."

After a few more seconds had passed Albert's entire lower body had disappeared. With only his torso, arms and head still intact. Once Albert's lower torso had begun to become transparent, using the temporary [Supernatural Speed] that was been bestowed on him by the deity, Albert grabbed the rest of the potion bottles in front of him and started randomly drinking all of them one by one.

By the time he finished drinking the last bottle, Albert's entire spiritual body had completely vanished. The deity was conflicted with what just happened. Such an occurrence where a soul drank several talent potions has never happened. After sitting there pondering what to do, all the deity could do is say

"I can't do what I can't do."

And thus the deity continued to receive another soul to transfer. But a very valuable lesson is learned from his previous client.



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