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A note from Yamisan101
  • Hey guys I would appreciate it if you would comment your opinion on my works and point out some grammar mistakes or just say thanks so I would be moticated to write more chapters. If you would like to have special access to the following chapters before they are released, please follow my patreon account.

In a dark and quiet room, only the irregular clicking of a mouse and the constant tapping of a keyboard could be heard, as a young man with pale skin and droopy eyes played a game on his computer.

"I guess that’s enough for today”

As I stretched my tired body, I realized that this was the day that a new game was going to be released. Taking a jacket that was carelessly strewn on a small mountain of stale junk food; I left the room silently while taking great care to not be seen. It seemed that my mother was not at home as she’d usually nag me to either go back to school or work whenever she gets the chance.

After opening the door outside, the strong sunlight set my skin ablaze as if telling me to go back to my dark and comfy room where I am protected from the dangers of society.

'No, I can't go back inside, it’s too expensive to buy online and my savings are already meager enough as it is. I doubt begging mom for some spare change will bear any fruit after last night...'

While walking navigating around the city, I could see some students wearing their uniform pointing at me while murmurring towards each other, probably talking of how I left school for no good reason other than playing games.

"Alright, this will be the last time I'll use this street"

After promising myself this and reaching my destination and buying the game I wanted, I quickly left the building and decided to go home when a car suddenly lost control and headed my way.

"Huh, why is it heading my way...ehhh!"

I ran in the opposite direction of the car and didn't realize that I could just jump to the side due to my panic

"No, no please! I haven't deleted my browser history! What if mom sees it, damn it!"

While running I screamed at the top of my lungs at the driver and that's when I noticed that the driver seemed drunk as he only smiled back with hazy eyes. *Plop* that was the last sound I heard before moving on to the afterlife.


A note from Yamisan101

Sorry but the release of every chapter will be lengthened to a week per chapter due to RL reasons. I would also not be able to use Microsoft word to see any typo nor grammar mistakes so I hope you guys can point them out since from now on I'll only use my phone to create and post chapters.

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Bio: A kind, compassionate and handsome young man that has a good sense of humor.

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