Original Action Fantasy Psychological Satire Grimdark

Benjamin House.

A pessimist's adventures in a fantasy world.

Ben (Benjamin) is a bit of a gloomy person by nature.

Anti-social, cynical, blatantly cold-reading people and taking so much things in stride, it's come down to Ben doing his job as a gardener without anyone bothering him anymore.

"You can be friends with everyone. But trust me, you'll only want to spend time with those who need you or enjoy your company as friends, and those you need. That's how valuable well-used time is."

As the legend goes, Mark Twain once said that he would rather not have a friend who nods when he nods, and agrees when he agrees, 'coz his shadow can do that much better.

"And as far as bonds go... Why, the blood will tell. And it's not always in your favor."


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Thykaeus Helmelius Meistrom

Thykaeus Helmelius Meistrom

Ghost of wintry spring.

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