Mitch threw his bag onto the table after closing the door only to have it fall onto the grass that grew in a circle surrounded by trees on all sides.


Mitch turned to the sudden voice and was immediately creeped out by what seemed to be a human looking doll covered in wires.

-Sup, bet you never thought you would never see something like me.

Mc-what the fuck are you?

God-im the god of mechanical engineering, but most people call me the god of clockwork so they won't confuse me with any other engineer related gods.

Now that he had mentioned it he truly took in what he was looking at, it wasn't a doll it was a robot made with several different types of technologies, with its arm being made of a set of gears and springs, its chest a metal frame using pistons as muscles and a wooden leg with copper wires duct taped to its exterior transmitting energy to a series of tiny engines used to pull cables that yet again served as muscles. The rest seemed as just a mess of technologies he couldn't figure out.

God-I wanna make a deal with you! I'll give you a lot of power and you just show people how cool it is.

Mc-am i dead?


Mc-why me?

God- oh fuck you're one of those that asks a lot of questions! I didn't pick you, you were just lucky. So you wanna work for me or not?


God-great see you later.


He was too late however as he had just vanished without making a sound but luckily he had left a mark on the ground, an arrow pointing past the trees.

Mc- well guess i gotta go. He'll probably show up again.

Mitch grabbed his backpack and followed the direction left by that God, As he moved forwards he noticed a huge wall surrounding everything he could see in front of him and a giant gate that could be barely visible to his right surrounded by guards equipped with an almost brown colored armor and spears.

Mc- fuck me, im so screwed!


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