An odd droning noise permeated the air.

Tremors shook the ground as the sound of earth crumbling rang out in the air, causing the people of Silvervale to grow panicked.

Shouts and uneasy murmurs spead throughout the town as many people speculated the cause of the tremors, with many residents running into the neighbouring buildings in fear.

As thousands of widening cracks spead across the pavement and flooring, hundreds of buildings collasped inwards, crushing most of their inhabitants.

In seconds, the structure of the entire town crumbled, leaving nothing but a gigantic abyss.

It was as if the sole purpose of the disaster was to remove the town off the face of the earth, leaving nothing but a gigantic hole that spanned hundreds of meters wide.

 All that was left from the town was a broken carriage destroyed by the tremors in the outskirts of the town.

The powerful tremors had broken the carriage into pieces, heavily injuring the woman inside and rendering her unconcious.

Her partner who was conveniently thrown out of the carriage got away relatively unscathed, and was trying to reorientate himself from the shaking.

Suddenly, it occured to him that his lover was stuck in the debris!

"Alice! Are you alright?"

Hearing no reply, he ignored his splitting headache as he panically threw pieces of broken planks aside, revealing his injured partner.

Staring in horror at the sign of her horrific injuries, he swiftly held her wrist in an attempt to gauge her heartbeat, feeling extremely anxious all the while.

Noting that her heart rate was fairly normal, he let out a sigh of relief as he draped Alice over his back, planning to head to a nearby town for help.

The sun soon set, darkness bathing the surroundings black as the depths of the abyss.

The surviving wildlife had evacuated, making the area eerily silent.

It was about this time when someone awoke in the depths of the abyss.



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