Alex Qin's badass adventures

by twilightblade57

Original HIATUS Comedy Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation School Life Secret Identity Sports Strategy Strong Lead Summoned Hero Supernatural Virtual Reality

There was once a badass. His name was Alex Qin.

Armed with superhuman abilities and an IQ of over 10,000 he was a true badass.

He was so badass that even the coldest of beauties with icy personalities fell for him at first sight.

He was so badass that even the most arrogant of young masters kowtowed for him at first sight.

This is a story ofAlex Qin's badass adventure's as he crosses dimensions, picks up chicks, fights monsters and rekts absolute ass.

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I realy do not know how this storry is gonna be but I give you 2 and a half star.

P.s Write a longer page dude this is to few to give a reasonable Review

pps. Good Luck And new Chapter !!!:)

Dats It
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I personally know dis kid with dis majestic pointy qin. It's amazing how he can transform from scalene to isosceles then to quilateral. Who dis kool kid?