Right where he originally stood a slippery chunk of sand took his place but the giant creature paid no attention to it and continued devouring sand.


Although the place where he found himself standing Impaired his vision he knew deep down where he was but chose to ignore it.

He could feel sand between his toes so he didn't worry about much although for the past few hours he hated it with every fiber of his being right now it provided a sense of comfort in his unfamiliar surroundings.

After a few seconds, a rumbling sound started coming from all around him, the sand started receding being sucked further down to Alaric knows where and Mansa had absolutely no intention of going along with it so he jumped off the lump of sand that felt so comfortable a moment ago.

When his feet landed on the ground he instantly stood up straight a chill ran down his spine.


He landed in water but the water didn't really feel right it burned a bit but the sticky, slimy sensation really served to push him closer to the edge, the slimy liquid aside but what his feet came in contact with completely pushed him over the edge, warm and pulsing like a living creature.


Mansa didn't want it to be what he was thinking, so he stumbled over to the closet wall although his eyes already adapted to the darkness he couldn't see everything perfectly when he found a wall he placed his hands on it and gently rubbed it.


The walls were soft and sticky kind of slippery just like the ‘ground’.


As he continued to deny reality his voice started cracking while the pitch started getting higher.


The walls started contracting and expanding and the liquid below his feet started rising; it started burning now.

Turning his attention up ahead at the tunnel in front of him that seemed to be contracting and expanding rapidly followed by the sound of something being poured down.

Mansa wasn't stupid, he might deny reality but he most certainly wasn't stupid, when the sound of the sand coming got closer he started punching the walls full force.




Although the walls didn’t immediately break apart, Mansa who grew up in a village filled with warrior didn’t give up he kept hitting because he knew he wasn't by any means weak so when his fist connected with the walls they kept on dealing damage.

Serious damage.

After the fourth punch, the walls started bleeding while contracting and expanding rapidy but he didn't have the slightest intention of stopping so get kept punching.

It in this moment that he understood why the walls kept on contracting and expanding so much, all the sand that it previously swallowed was pushed towards the surface him included.




When the sand suddenly slapped him, some liquid went straight into his mouth, the fact that it burned a bit wasn't all that bad its the fact that it so disgusting.

Mansa closed his eyes trying his best to force himself to vomit but unfortunately, the cool breeze on his face forced him to relax.

'Wind?......Oh Alaric please no'

When he opened his eyes and looked down, himself and a bunch of sand were falling from a pretty good distance in the air.

Looking around at the giant creature which he’s pretty sure is a giant worm with a lot of huge rows of teeth but that not really what caught his attention, it’s the person sitting on top of its head looking out at him curiously.

All that isn't really important right now because he was falling but he couldn't fly all he could he curled himself up and pray for the best.

With a loud 'thud' sound he landed on the ground, the only thing saving him was the sand that he landed on was already wet but he didn't relax one bit he jumped up off the burning sand the moment he realized he was alive.

"Oh thank you Alaric!!! Your servant is forever grateful!"

Mansa felt like he had a fresh lease on life.

"I don't know who that Alaric fella you mentioned is but yer welcome"

Mansa was surprised for a moment before remembering the person he saw on the 'worm' he looked up.

Coincidentally the moment he looked up and made eye contact, the person jumped down.


Surprised for a moment, he hurried to catch the falling person.

"Thanks, lad now put meh down"

The person was clearly uncomfortable being held in a damsel in distress position.

When he put the person down and took a good look at him, Clad in dusty brown clothes and his face was wrapped in cloth with his eyes covered with goggles, his entire outfit blended in with the sand.

When he unwrapped the cloth, a full head of white hair and beard was revealed but Mansa didn't look down on him because of his age, the old men from the village were all old monsters.

The old stranger looked at him from head to toe and smiled.

"What's yer name kid and what are yer doing all the way outch yer"

What caught Mansa off guard was that he and the old man spoke the same language although his accent was strange and pronounced some words horribly they spoke the same language.

It was hard for him to contain his excitement.

"My name is Mansa, 'the mother' left me here"

When the old man heard that his face showed a trace of sadness, even though the youth in front of him was big, his face showed that he’s still young and for his mother to abandon him in the middle of the desert is despicable.

"It okay kid, you can hitch a ride with me back to the city am sure a strong kid like yer self will have no problem finding work"

Clearly confused by what the man had said. Why would he want to work? Still, he chose not to say anything because he really didn't want to walk back to the city, the man had mentioned.

"Okay, thank you"

When Mansa said thank you he placed his right hand on his chest and slightly lowered his head.

"No problem, let's go.........Bubbles down"

The old man said that the giant worm lowered itself onto the ground for them to get on.

"Let's go kid"

Mansa ran over and climbed on the giant worm, to his surprise its body wasn't soft its hard like a stone.

When he got on top of the giant worms head, he saw the old man holding some ropes with one hand and holding out a pair of glasses for him while gesturing for him to put them on with the other.

Mansa put it on his face according to the old man instructions.


The only made that strange sound, and the worm started moving at full speed, it caught him off guard if it wasn't for the old man holding onto him he would've fallen off.

"Where are yer from?!!"

Because the wind as well as the sound of the worm devouring the sand the old man had to shout so Mansa could hear him.

"Mhmm it doesn't really have a name but I'm from the mountain!"

When the old man heard that he looked at Mansa, looked at desert then back to Mansa again.

The way he said it made it sound like its somewhere right around the corner.

"Have you ever heard of Alaric?!"

[ Just a regular Jehovah witness aren't you? ]


"No why?!"

When Mansa heard that he seemed to get more enthusiastic.

"Would you like to?!"

The old man wasn't really sure how to respond he could hear the excitement in Mansa's voice but still.....



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