Eat and Grow Strong

by Lazy Turtle

Original Fantasy LitRPG Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

[Xuanhuan + LitRPG]

I stared at the starry sky. Strength was slowly leaving me. I knew I was dying.

If there’s a next life, I prayed. I want to be able to eat everything.


[Congratulations! You have acquired the trait ‘Innards of a God’]

[You can eat anything in the universe.]

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Lazy Turtle

Lazy Turtle


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Lord Joyde
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1. Its a cultivation fic and I think that 90% of us here are pretty sick of these.

--> HOWEVER: the fic is not the typical academy setting where the MC is either the top student or the taunted backside of the entire plotline who suddenly or over time becomes insanely powerful.

I like this.

A lot.

2. The fic has a whole bunch of Blue Screens. The author seems insanely adamant on using them. I don't like this.

--> HOWEVER: As an author who has outright given up on making more complicated screens, I can certainly appreciate the sheer attention to detail and complexity of the major screens as well as the utter simplicity of the regular screens.

3. The story prologue seems incredibly unnecessary. The story summary perfectly explains pretty much everything before the actual chapter one. It is absolutely fine to skip the prologue and just get straight to the story. You won't miss a thing.

No howevers for this one.

4. The story has no HAREM, which is an immediate plus in any cultivation story.

--> HOWEVER: I honestly cant really define which of the girls is supposed to be the "main love interest" as there are two potential female characters in the story that can fit that category. Well... there are actually three but I don't think that a sentient campfire w-ok thats spoiler territory.

There is one big-sister-but-not-really character (kinda) and one ... "devoted to and a lost cause without" character (I don't appreciate these types very much).

5. This one is personal and I recommend that you do not take it very seriously: I foresee no sex scenes. There is not a great chance that this story will contain any sort of explicit lemony goodness. D;

Anyways, that was i -oh and the story is alright grammar-wise, but that may be just because its written in a VERY SIMPLIFIED style-t for this review.

Lord Joyde OUT.

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Control yourself author

Idea wise is good,interesting take on the usual LitRPG/Cultivation style.

Execution wise...uh....feels like the story was created by some 5th grader with chuunibyou. No offence,but the forced plots are too strong while the development of characters and background are pretty much piss poor. You seem too focused on the whole "OP MC Epis MC" idea and the story just feels like you wrote whatever whack that came to mind without filling up the holes. Your MC is just running around aimlessly doing jack,OP characters pop out of absolutely thin air to help the MC.

 Take some time to reread your story,link up some of the content properly with proper background and throw in some reasonable plot armor here and there instead of just having the MC stumble upon some super duper heaven defying advantage while going to the toilet like the tiger cub and flame. This could be an amazing story,just needs some planning and rethinking of some stuff.

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Although this novel has many similarities to other cultivation and litrpg novels, it adds these ideas in a new and creative way, making it an enjoyable read and a refreshing novel without many clichés! 

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Written as of Chapter 13. Maybe edit in future when more chapters are out.


In simple words, it's a very interesting and mostly unique take on some common genres. Combining Cultivation + Game Elements has been done but the way the author has written it really intrigued me and kept me wanting to read more.


Character depth is unfortunately a bit shallow but that theme I praise is why I stick around. Characters are likeable but there isn't a lot of depth so far even for the MC. I believe more effort needs to go into expanding character's thoughts and general character. There is a little too much moving around and action and a lack of calm times and reflection. *Minor Spoilers ahead* - An example would be when the MC first met other humans and roasted the meat. I felt it was lacking and needed 'more'. I was honestly left feeling a bit odd afterwards.


Grammar is decent. There are very few errors, none that actually really stood out to me which is excellent. It's not a complicated novel though, uses simple grammar for the most part.


Looking forward to more

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The story might be similar to your typical reincarnation / isekai stories with an overpowered protagonist but what really made this fiction capture my heart is that the author is trying to stay away from the ugly sides of the genre's tropes as much as possible.

In some cases, being very arrogant when you're so strong might be how it's usually handled, and breaking someone's jaw might be most character's answer to provocations, but I'm very surprised to see a protagonist who would avoid conflict if he could, in a very natural way.

There's no need to lower yourself to the level of arrogant young masters (everytime) if you have a brain, right? It would just lead to a nonsensical cycle of discords and a great waste of time (and brain cells of readers). That's what I'm looking for and I'm surprised to find it here.

I am confused as to why most authors/hobbyist-authors follow the same tropes but never improve its weaknesses or ugly parts in any ways, perhaps some are just too lazy to write sensical antagonists, which makes me question why they write in the first place if they're too lazy to 'build' a character.

But this is how novels should be written, even if you follow the same genre and have a lot of similar tropes, it doesn't mean that the ugly and bad parts should be copied too. Some of those bad tropes might still exist but I commend the author for trying to eliminate them. Keep up the good work.

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A great book that has me hooked. I just hope there's going to be a lot more. Snake out

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wish fulfilment and a bit silly, but i'm intrigued. lets see how this turns out.

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the new pic is good and the story is well written


  • Overall Score

I like the story, it's very good work. 

Continue please

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I enjoyed it all, please feed me more.