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A note from rhino

Enjoy the chapter

Oscar-"you need to try Deal with the pain "

Oscar take another branch and shove it in lee mouth

it easy for you to say lee think, Oscar, Apply the ointment on the bite mark, From the end of the scalpel needle show ,Oscar us the needle and seam the cut ,On the bite mark he apply the ointment and then us the broad side of scalpel, Causing a burn in the bite mark where the ointment was

Oscar -"that should be enough for now"

Lee spit the branch

Lee-"man that hurt like hell"

Oscar-"what you expect this be"

Lee "so we're done"

Oscar -"not yet"



Oscar take the right hand with the bite pinned a wooden plank next to it and wrapped it up with a piece of cloth from his sleeve

Oscar -"This should keep your bones from breaking"

Lee move his right hand and don't feel so much pain and the itch feeling

Lee-"wow you really good Oscar"

Oscar-"of course I know what I do but lee I have to say you have big luck, if we didn't take care of it now you may lose your hand in a couple of hours,okay you rest little I go check the other situation and then look around the place to see there no danger around so try to relax a little and let your body heal"

Lee-"thank Oscar"

Lee starts to close his eyes but hears Oscar

Oscar -" okay guys stop for a moment who that feel not good come to me so I check them up"

Lee felt safe and Rest for a Half an hour

Half an hour later lee wake up and go to Oscar who sits before the bonfire

Lee -" Oscar did you find something around her"

Oscar with a serious face

Oscar "Actually yes I find a pretty interesting thing but it better if just you come with me"



Oscar gets up and goes outside the cave A few seconds later lee go after him, Lee doesn't understand what Oscar take him to see and why to take him alone, after few minutes of walking Oscar stop lee that was behind him Narrow the gap and stand Beside him. Lee look in front of him and shocked from the view there were three dead bodies and many types of blood all over the place, The land was full of shells, from the uniform off them they were soldiers there some bite mark and one of them missing his head lee feel sick turn to the side and puke



Oscar "this hard staff to see the other don't ready for it so I didn't let them see just me you and Ira know about it"

Oscar turn and see lee puke

Oscar-"maybe it too early for you but you want to be the leader so you need to know this "

Lee -"man you can give me a warning"

Oscar-" sorry lee but there are some Good news and bad news, the good news that they Leave a few good things behind "

Oscar reached his back and took out a small black gun

lee-" this what I think it is"

Oscar-" yes lee this is Glock 17c and there are two more guns but I give them to Ira she and me the only one that can use them correctly"



Lee was about to say something but when he thinks of it he understands that Oscar right he can't use guns at all

Lee -"I agree with you I don't know how to use guns"

Oscar-"wow you take it well but there more there three Grenades two Frag Grenades and one flash Grenade three magazine for the guns and this"

Oscar go to one of the bush and throw something to lee Direction, lee from instincts catch what Oscar throw, lee look on what he catches and see a black military knife, lee open the Sheath and Test the military knife for a few seconds



Lee-" this good knife and all but military don't go to this place with just that"

Oscar" you right that the bad news there was an AK-12 assault rifle but it broke maybe there were more but they broke completely to pieces "

This is bad I don't know how to use any of those things, maybe they left me if they know, Oscar look at Lee and understood his feeling

Oscar -" lee you don't know how to use guns and Grenades and you have a good heart that something that will hurt you lot but you Brave man who Jumps into danger for his friends and do all you can this is Enough for us to follow you"

Lee nod his head



Lee -"so what now"

Oscar" now I teach you how to use the gun and Grenades"

lee was a surprise from the answer but nod, for ten minutes Oscar teach lee how to us the gun Grenades and little about how to use the military knife, lee sit and Try to remember everything Oscar said to him, Oscar told lee to keep the Grenades and the knife

"Growl" sound heard from lee stomach" sorry let's go back to the other"

Oscar -"hahaha sure lee"

Oscar and lee walk back to the cave

A note from rhino

this is it for the week 



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