The Mad One

by Nefarious

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

One day Humanity ruled the World. 

The next day they were gone.

The system is put into play to help Humanity cope with their new, cruel reality. Some will walk their paths, continuously progressing. Others will end their paths, a dead-end. And a few, very few people will fall off their paths, finding nothing but cold water to drown themselves in.

Apocalypse fiction with a hint of lit-rpg. It is dark and I would not recommend reading it if you don't like lots of gore or controversial decisions. On the flipside, he is a normal person thrown into all of this mess so don't hate him for not being a mass-murdering, iron-willed, strongest-on-the-earth MC.

Loosely influenced by Gantz, Randidly Ghosthound, Master Hunter K and any other fictions I have read in the past years.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Another Planet ago
(1) 1: The Start ago
(1) 2: Dirty Slate ago
(1) 3: Hope ago
(1) 4: Team ago
(1) 5: Lopped Head ago
(1) 6: Final Trial ago
(1) 7: End of Trials ago
(2) 8: Earth? ago
(2) 9: Battle ago
(2) 10: The Camp ago
(2) 11: Forest ago
(2) 12: Dangerous Game ago
(2) 13: Stolen Good ago
(2) 14: Willpower ago
(2) 15: Second Battle ago
(2) 16: Temple ago
(2) 17: Traits ago
(2) 18: A Week ago
(2) 19: Patrol ago
(2) 20: Hard Battle ago
(2) 21: Camp Unrest ago
(2) 22: Suspicions ago
(2) 23: Against the Strongest ago
(2) 24: The Raid Begins ago
(2) 25: Unpleasant Encounter ago
(2) 26: Boss Fight ago
(2) 27: Teleporter ago
(2) 28: Finale ago
(3) 29: Journey ago
(3) 30: Information ago
(3) 31: Yona Village ago
(3) 32: New Classer ago
(3) 33: Suspicions ago
(3) 34: Tunnel ago
(3) 35: Classer ago
(3) 36: Tier-Two ago
(3) 37: Fight to the Death ago
(3) 38: Bad Times ago
(3) 39: Good Times? ago
(3) 40: The Best of Times ago
(3) 41: Chase ago
(3) 42: Sunshine ago
(4) 43: New Friends? ago
(4) 44: A New Life ago
(4) 45: A different type of Instructor ago
(4) 46: Training ago
(4) 47: Another Village ago
Patreon ago
(4) 48: Ice Crystal ago
(5) 49: A New Beginning ago
(5) 50: Opening Channels ago
(5) 51: Class ago
Input needed for Improvement ago
(5) 52: A New Journey ago
Book Suggestions ago
(5) 53: Chatter ago
(5) 54: New Lands ago
(5) 55: Leader ago
Changes to schedule ago
(5) 56: Jaguar ago
(5) 57: Conflict ago
(5) 58: A Rotten Deal ago
(5) 59: A Slow Start ago
(5) 60: Mana Circulation ago
(5) 61: Raid Start ago
(5) 62: Boss Fight ago
(5) 63: The End? ago

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A Rare Read (Updated 2/18/18 with idea)

 (Chapter 61 comment has brought to my attention the fact the author has forgotten about the stat/skill orbs, and that currently the stats don't match up. Waiting to see a fix on this)

>>I suggest making it so that the stones only drop from something like 'the first new tier of its kind.' Like, the first tier 3 spectre to walk the earth, or the first tier 5 ____. Etc. Then if you up the bonus to a amount worth the fight, then it would make it rare enough to matter, and also help Stanis as he goes up the ranks. 

I was originally angry with the story and how the MC was pushed around. I like to read stories where the MC is strong. Whether that be an overpowered MC, or a gradual climb to the top. This story honestly didn't come off as anything too special. 

The MC was the bottom of the bottom just scraping by, and even when he eventually obtained strength from one of the "Dark Lords" nothing really changed. I have to critique the author on that part of the story. Him gaining these powers didn't really do much for him besides help him with his arm. Unless it is built on later on in the story I don't see a need for it whatsoever besides a way to get the MC into fights with other people following other lords. 

HOWEVER, the story does some things right. The climb to strength, albeit slow,  eventually pays off. You can see the MC eventually becoming one of the top, and now with the annoyance all in the past I can honestly look back on it and say that the wait was sort of worth it. 

The training period the MC underwent was rather weird and random, but nonetheless beneficial for the story as a whole. It finally allowed the MC to not be so much of a pushover. As of chapter 58, I am sure we will see some more instances of the MC's weakness as the story goes on, but for now that isn't a worry. 

The world itself has life. It isn't just fodder for the MC to step on as he gets stronger. There is hidden meaning to everything and the author doesn't ignore the other characters in the story. 

A last thing I have to add is the patreon. It's smart for the author to not put a paywall, yet allow people to see more chapters for monthly subscriptions, but I can't help but see this as a possible bad thing. I myself was thinking of putting in the money for the 25 chapters that had been built up, but realized that once I did, I would not continue reading the story. This would be because once I read the 25 chapters, I would stop paying and put the story down waiting for the normal (free) chapters to catch up to where I left off. I would probably forget about the story in this time and never touch it again. Now, mind you, this would only effect a limited number of people who would pay in the first place, but it is a thing to think about nonetheless for those who may want those extra chapters. Keep in mind this doesn't mean the story isn't worth the money. It is just something to consider. 

Overall, the story is a good one. Not the best I have seen on the internet, but very good nonetheless. I hope it continues to grow and become something more. 

  • Overall Score

What can i say.. i started reading expecting some generic mmorpg litrpg, but i got a surprise....a good one.. The begin is nothing outstanding and the MC is a pussy.. but he becomes better with time and then i got a surprise when i saw some tokyo ghoul edgy shit in the history... but it was really good, i though this time i would drop the history because of that but nah..It was really good.. the system is cool too.. the character development is good, i have nothing bad to say against.. i just wish that in the future im not going to read about some edgy evil guy mental retarded killing people left and right and becoming an evil shit and killing innocent people,etc...And lets hope that he is not a wizard harry that stay virgin forever

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Im gonna start off by saying ive just binged the whole thing up to chapter 44 and i gotta say i really like it. 

The only thing that really niggles me about this story is how hes not even trying to specialize in something.

Not to say he should be min-maxing but at least focus on either spells or swords. Nobody can be perfect at both and eventually hes gonna run into someone or something thats gonna shit on his build unless hes got unbelieveable plot armour. 

grammer and spelling can be improved also. Its not so bad that its un-readable but sometimes the sentences just dont flow or there is missing words that the reader is left guessing. 

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Ok maybe a few more...


there, that should say enough...

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Review as of Chapter 7

The Mad One has been as, the title states, a very nice read so far. The story is based around the LitRPG genre and holds similar properties to Masterhunter K during the first few chapters. It makes up for a nice, interesting, and fun read to follow.

The grammar is on point. There are no visible grammatical errors as of late. Probably due to Pylons proofreading the work since he himself is also a great novelist.

The characters are still yet to be developed, the MC (As of chapter 7) has not had much time for development and one of the side characters feels more developed right now. But it'll probably be fixed later on in the story and be even greater knowing that the author has stated he has planned this more carefully than Goblin's Blade, which i've heard was a decent fiction considering some other's opinions.

And I wish you the greatest of luck to you fiction Nefarious, hope you have fun writing as much as I do reading :D

Alexis Keane
  • Overall Score

Aliens invade earth, let the probing begin...

The probing of weaknesses, of course.

An extremely enjoyable story with a great deal of heart behind it. Indeed, Nefarious has already ripped a great deal of the beating organs out of his victims' living chests as sacrifices for the dark gods of writing whom he seeks to appease.

His sacrifices have not been in vain. Indeed those fell deities smile upon him and have treated with him favorably. The time is nigh, my brethren. The time of The Mad One has come!

  • Overall Score

The writing is pretty good, though I've noticed a few Grammer mistakes, but the story is a complete drag. The trials make no sense (why exactly do they have to kill the cows or die? Seems redundant when you could just let them live or die in the world with magical beasts anyways), the characters are either complete scum or preachy as fuck about their reasons for hating the previously mentioned scum, the entire concept is retarded since the angels or whatever killed half the population they were sponsoring and ensured the rest would hate them (i.e. when they got powerful, wouldnt they want revenge against those angel-like things?), the pace is slow as fuck with nothing of actual interest that would get me invested in the story (to be clear, the pace would be fine if you wrote something that caught my interest, but the tone of the story does not allow such a thing unfortunately), and most of all Stanis is like cancer given edgy teenager form. I don't understand what exactly you thought was so good about the character but his questionable as fuck morals and attitude towards other people are fucking repulsive, and that's despite him being a "good" person. I get the character development thing but his attitude is so annoying that i have a hard time getting invested at all. Neither is jayesh particularly impressive btw, your portrayal of him and the backstory were so abrupt and on the nose that I was immediately turned off. It also showed me clearly what tone you're trying to go for, and I have absolutely no interest in reading a book about "questioning societal norms and morals" or whatever. Im sure some people enjoy that kind of stuff, but to be completely frank i find the entire idea of writing stories with so much focus on the idea to be more pathetic than thought inducing.


for anyone in their edgy teenage years, this is for you. for anyone interested in the evil in human beings or whatever this is for you. for people looking for some light fun, you've come to the wrong genre. which i suppose was explicit from the grimdark tag, but i certainly didnt check the tags lol

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Mc isnt op and doesnt act overly mature, hes just barely an adult and panics whenever shit goes down. I like how the title of the fiction slowly starts showing itself in him.

Story is great.

Style is pretty good.

Grammar is good, sentences flow well and there arent many spelling errors.

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honestly, i enjoyed this story deeply so far (chapter 41).

i would recommend it to my friends. 10/10smile

honestly this story should never be dropped it has the potential and with time i hope the fan base would grow with it. 

the only thing i can say to improve is maybe open more of these stones that grant the main character exp and attribute points or perhaps let him exchange them in the village, (atleast let him collect it and store them, i feel they where a aspect in story that should be kept).wink (just an opinion)

thank you for your hard-work Mr. author laughing

  • Overall Score

An amazing story but...

Spoiler: Spoiler

  The actual story is amazing, I can't say a single bad thing about it. The one really annoying thing this author does is constantly upload whole chapters advertising his patreon page, just stick an authors note after every chapter instead

Update: The author does it less now