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Warning This fiction contains:
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Jessica is a young peasant who has worked in her family’s fields for her entire life. Recent events have increased the burden resting on her family’s shoulders, but she retains her free and unbridled personality. That day, however, her path crosses with circumstances beyond the control of most beings. Will the trials she faces grind her down, or will she emerge out of the whirlwind stronger than ever?

Flow is a web serial written by Kay.L. The story will be updated here with a new chapter every day (except on Sunday). Some of the tags come into play later in the story.


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SJ Reaver
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I lost a night reading this

Stuff I loved:

- MC with depth and personality

- Non-humans who are more alien than 80% of what you see in science fiction

- Gender, sexuality, and class are handled in a mature and thoughtful manner

- Plot is a slow build, but gripping once you sink yourself a few chapters in

- F/F romance is hot, but I don’t find myself wondering if the author is a 40-year-old NEET who’s never been on a date and sleeps with an anime loli body-pillow. (So, better than the majority of f/f on this site)


Stuff I didn’t love:

- One of the characters is a designated asshole. He has no depth or redeeming features; he’s there for you to what to slap the shit out of him. In a novel with a larger cast, this would be fine, but we focus on the adventures of four characters. After 85k words, all of them should have psychological depth.

 - The story begins floundering in the middle. I remain invested, but I wonder if the writer had much of an outline when they started as much of the original intensity is leaking out, and the romantic elements are getting a bit repetitive.



Style -

It's a simple and engaging style, as benefits first-person narration. The pacing is slower than I'd prefer, partially because of the author's tendency to give overcomplicated descriptions.


Story –

It starts as a slice of life, moves to mystery, and then horror/adventure. I sat down and read this in one go, eager to see what the author would throw at our heroine next.


Character –

Well realized MC, which is so important in first person. The other characters are solid. I wish the writer gave us a more expansive cast or increased the complexity/depth of some of the other characters. 36 chapters in, and only then do we learn anything about Yavone’s history?


Grammar –

I noticed errors, but that’s because I’m a writer myself. It’s one of the top 5% for RRL.

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I great start to a promising story

I good start of a story.  Currently only 5 chapters, but so far you can see well developed characters, hints of a fleshed out world, and an interesting magic system.  There are a couple minor typos but over the grammar is excellent.

  • Overall Score

This is actually very well written with accordance to actual literature; good job! This story can probably be published by a reputable company when your finished; though I might be saying that because of my crush. ;)

  • Overall Score

Slow start, gets really awesome!

The story starts off quite slows with the Nothing arc introducing the characters and building the world in the mind of the reader. I read the story when I found it until I caught up (around chapter 32), but decided to take a break there for the chapters to build a bit. I was somewhat sceptical off where the story would go from there to be honest and let it lie in my bookmarks for a while.

Then I saw the title of the second arc and I knew it was time to read again. And I am so glad I did. It didn't go like I thought it would, it went so much better than I could have imagined. I read on the authors website, which has several more chapters posted than RRL, let me just say the story is showing a lot of promise and you should read it.

Great story. Great grammar. Chapters starting to get to the action so to speak. Do yourself a favor and read this amazing story. 

  • Overall Score

It's very predictible by chapter 15, with 1 exception (the arm). Needs the tragedy tag in the top 3 though. Literally nothing, and i do mean NOTHING, good has happened to the MC. Theres a difference between writing a story and needing conflict to advance plot and writing a story with no redeeming qualities at all. It doesn't even have the "comedy" a lot of the better tragedies used to offset the doom and gloom. Really hope something changes. As of now it's a slog to read and I've begun skimming.


Also, text walls. Lots and lots of text walls.

  • Overall Score

Great start followed by a rollercoaster

World building: Great.

Writing style: Great

Imfodumps: Minimal.

MC: The story setting starts with great promise. She becomes increasingly more and more submissive,  dropped the story(ch 30+)


Edit: Got a few PM saying that things happened, and I am missing out, and since I found the story setting great, I gave it another try.

So, around Ch.50, it SEEMS like my peeve problem isn't present.

Regardless if it resurface later on, it is no longer a 2star story, and I am happy that I was proven wrong!

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I feel like there aren't any useless or redundant characters. Each relationship focuses completely on a different emotion, making the entire story seem straightforward and complex simultaneously. The plot is unique and interesting, and the character building isn't a chore. A well written that deserves more recognition.

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Slow start, but picks up at chapter 17

To me it was really hard getting thru first 10 chapters. Yes i know it was build up for the world and plot. But it was still a slow and rather boring start. But after that it started getting better and better.  Speeding up and not just block of text after block of text. And i found my self enjoying it. The story does have its problems, but i still find my self waiting for more chapters.