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I actually been thinking about this for quite a bit now. I won't actually be editing my chapters until the first arc is finish. Anyways please enjoy my chapters. 

The dread centipede is quite huge in size, almost doubling in total of my body weight and mass. Its external skeleton which encompasses its whole body, supporting the main skeletal frame and protecting its internal organs, made up of a hard reddish Chitin compound. Infused with the numerous many mineralised calcium carbonate, therefore strengthening its exterior defence. Forming several layers of compact chitin armour, each on top of the previous layer like armour.

As a negative side effect and repercussion of this evolutionary path, is that it slows down the movements and restrict the maneuverability of its joints. The cuticles that which are confined within its exterior skeleton are stiffened, connecting the spine, leg and body together as a whole. With that said and done, with the exoskeleton becoming much harder and stronger than usual, it usually takes alot more force or even an deadly sharper object with alot of piercing power to destroy its defence. Much less leave a single crack or dent in it.

As its extremely large body that was sent flying a minute ago, slammed heavily against the dark oak bark surface of the tree. Due to the heavy force of impact, adding in the current speed its body and velocity its traveling at. Its body at least travels in between the limit of 5-10 mph on average.

The outer brown layer of bark tree is severely damaged, that it could crumble and caved in at any moments in time now. But its strong chitin outer exterior skeleton is left still intact, didn't even left a single dent or much less a scratched on it hard chitin armour. The cold hard reddish black surface of its Chitin exterior skeleton gave out a murkish aura, as dust are sent flying about.

It then let out a loud defying beastly screech, that doesn't sound much humane at all. Calling it a insect monster than a mere animal or beast is accurate. The loud terrifying screech, jerks up all the last hair and fur on top of my skin, on all of its ends. Making me look like some kind of plain white fur ball, like all the others I see around me, cowering in fear neverthelesss. Alerting the rest of us instinctively of the incoming danger that is about to occur, what is about to happen right in front of us. The fear of being consumed and hunted nevertheless got a hold of me. Like a metal chain it took hold of me, strangling my neck pulled me to another direction telling me to escape.

A wierd semi green transparent gas like substance begins to emit and is coming right out from in between its large red mandibles. A deep concentration of highly green and toxic acid is then released out from its mouth, used as a projectile poison bullets it fires it at its enemies. Upon contact to the skin or flesh it would melt anything in sight, like some kind of concentrated sulphuric acid I saw in the documentaries and films I watched alot in the past.

If a single drop of the acide were to have landed on any one of us. We would then be severely injured to the point of being labeled a crippled for life. Much less being able to escape or run away from danger. A worse case scenario is that we slowly die of the strong concentrated acid, as it slowly eats away at a flesh and corrodes our bone until there's nothing left of us. A very painful process if I do say so myself. Or maybe I just over exaggerate things to make it more interesting.

Either way each path would undoubtly always lead us to a dead end. A guaranteed certain death to any one of us if we decide to challenge it. This doesn't look quite good at all.

"Everyone quickly fall back. Return back to the nest as soon once as possible. We need the help and skills of the others from our family, father and the hunters of the pact will be able to subjugate this in a group. Now quickly hurry. It isn't able to get all of us in one fell swoop. So it would be best for each one of us to separate and go on our own paths, make our way back to the nest. The unlucky one would be seen as weak and therefore is used as a mere distraction for the rest of us to escape."

The leader of the group then shouted out loudly with her voice, as loud as possible trying to convey the message and goals to the rest of us, as many as possible at the current situation in time. We all decided to scattered and run away without a second thought. But at the last minute, just about outside of its attack range. I stopped in my tracks and looked back.

I could see the one that is currently injured, lying in the back quite a far distance away. Her leg decided to gave in, in the last minute. She has become a sitting duck unabled to do anything at all. Watching death vastly approaches right in front of her. She couldn't escape or even fight back either. She is losing too much blood to even put as much as a struggle. I could see her crying in tears of sorrow and despair. Screaming to the rest of us for help. Am I really that type of person to abandoned someone in need. Especially someone I have a close bond with as a family. Well techniquely I'm not human anymore so why does it matter.

Long sigh.

Being the strong and courageous little brother as I am. I have decided to save her, even if it puts my life in danger. I couldn't just let someone who I know and called family, die right in front of me, right before my very eyes. I was not that type of person back on Earth. Even if I were to die now, I could eventually reincarnate and restart my life again. Its not like I would just dissappear without a trace or any thing of the sought right.

I jumped right in the middle, between where the dread centipede is currently is and is aiming its next attack at my younger sister. She looked at me crying in her tears begging for me to run in her last moments of life. As all of the others who I've called my siblings, decided to abandoned her, labeled her as a escape goat. But I am different. I am not the same. Not heartless. Neither do I give up on life, or have a death wish. I've survived with my own abilities. Lets put my knowledge and experience to the test.

In this world the ideology is still pretty much the same as it did back on Earth, the strongest will survive and strive to consume the rest. The weak would only become cannon fodder for the strong, being used as a stepping stone make you stronger, grow and evolve reaching the highest peaks of evolution.

As our eyes layed upon each other, like an fierce beast and that of a predator, we change our focus and aim to battling enemy we see before us. The dread centipede then indeed lets out a terrifying screech of excitement. I could feel every bone and inch of my body shiver in anticipation, as the tension rises. Suddenly the dread centipede began to make a move, using the back of the tree trunk as a support. In addition to being a jumping pad, it curls its body up like a spring, placing the pressure of its whole body against the lower body half muscles. Tightened it then let go.

In a single thrust, it immediately jumps forwards and lunges at me like a terrifying spear. Head straight for me at incredible speeds, I could see a mere after images leaving behind in its tracks. Using my high agility stats as a advantage, I charged in. Adding in the bonus of my charge skill, my speed and velocity increases.

At the last moment before impace, with my fast reflexes and brain functioning at full capacity with hightened andrenaline and senses. I duck downwards. Letting the dread centipede large body pass over me quite a bit. Right underneath its stomach area where the underbelly is, I rammed it with all my strength that I got, dealing a considerable amount of damage to it. No matter how strong your armour or carapace is. The body inside is still flesh and bones, causing it to rupture and banged against the exterior skeleton insect carapace. Creating confusion and disrupting its senses.

Sending its body flying upwards quite a bit. But big mistake that was, as its lower body and end curls up like a scoop with its tail being a hook, it scooped me up along with pieces of the ground. Using its massively huge body and upper strength, size and differences. It tries to choke me in a heavy bind lock that is difficult to get out off, squeezing the great lifeforce out of me, like a snake it is coiling and wrapping its entire body around me. Oh, the pain that I'm feeling right now is quite unbearable.

Having your internal organs crushed and squeezed from the inside is quite unbearable. Nevertheless, having had experienced enough pain for a lifetime, my senses dulled a bit. I let out a loud terrifying scream of anguish, that not of being afraid of the pain. Instead I am consumed by the utter rage and anger I kept bubbling up within me all this years, bombarded out of me like a torrent of raw emotions. Added with the andrenaline I feel at the beginning of the battle, no differ. I feel different, almost alive and new again.

<< Gaia System >>
Through enduring the large amount of pain and going through the ordeal of which you cannot win. You are constantly being wrapped around and squeezed to death with no escape. You have acquired the skill [ Weak pain resistance Lv1 ]

Ohhh that skill would sure indeed become useful sooner or later down the lines, but now is not exactly the time for me to glorify it. 

Activating the Wraith claw skill, as my petite rabbit claws began to grown, seemingly enlarged and stretch to twice or three times its normal size and length. Like those that of a certain species of undead spirits, who have razor sharp hands that which they used to reap lives with. Adding with the lesser strength up, I unleashed my utter rage and berzerk nature in full thruttle. Letting it consume my whole entire being like a wild beast and animal.

I lashed out at the dread centipede with my wraith enhanced rabbits claws, which are now more sharper than usual. Emitting a radiating white bluish aura, infused with the blue ice mana energy circuits of Elemental empowered ice body. stretching across the rest of my body. Forming a thin layer of ice crystals at a single glance from a close perspective.

It first started out as a few simple scratches on the hard surface of the dread centipede's hard chitin carapace. But as the time passes, gaining more hits consecutively as the raw amount of power grows. The raw ice energy begans to invade its body, slowing down the transfer of its nerve, making it lose a bit of strength and grip over my body. The damage began to quickly accumulate, growing much larger with each hit. Until the carpace couldn't handle it anymore and caved in.

Slowly as the damage begins to take a toll on me. My health is drastically falling well beneath a third of my total health points, dwindling at a rapid pace alongside my stamina as well. Until it reaches nearly close to zero, which isn't nicely to say that I'm not near death. I could feel the rest of my body and bones creaking, screaming in pain tearing my body limp to limp.

The hard chitin layered carapace finally cracked, crumbling into many bits and pieces in a certain area where my attacks are mostly concentrated at. Opening up the interior organs and flesh of its body, with red gooish flowing out pierced by the shards of its own hard carapacet. It instinctively begins to lets out a horrifying defying scream of pain and agony. If I was a normal person it would indeed give me a headache. Thrashing its body around wildly like an crazed bull, attempting to get me off or tire me out even. But its too late, I never gave in to my weakness. Much less lose hope of my future ahead of me.

The lesser regeneration ability I've got from the very beginning starts to kick in, consuming my quite stamina at a price for the regeneration of my health points, alongside any broken organs or cell within my body. I endured the large amount of strenuous pain assaulting.

I have survived long enough to suffer much worser pain than this in my previous life. I don't really want to go into full details at this point. I'm feeling quite hungry now looking at its dripping red flesh, I've then decided to dived myself straight in like a savage beast, devouring anything in sight, even if it was still alive. Nevertheless, I'm eating the dread centipede from the inside like a parasite. I can feel it, the reason that what makes me truly feel alive. Being able to defy my own destiny, and change things for the better. With my very own hands with no other else obstructing me or in my path.

<< Gaia System >>
Through enduring the large amount of pain and going through the ordeal of which you cannot win. You are constantly being wrapped around and squeeze to death with no escape. Your skill [ Weak pain resistance Lv1 ] has levelled up and become [ Weak pain resistance Lv2 ]

Its constant cries and ear piercing screeching of agony for the remainder of its life. Grows louder by the sec, as I continue to have my fill on my first real solo hunt.

My health is slowly regenarating at a steady pace, so does my increasing metabolism and hunger. I didn't realised it at the moment, but I accidentally bit into its venom sac. Where it produces the highly concentrated poisonous acidic goo which it used to shoot projectiles with a minute ago.

It's literally burning me and eating away at my flesh from the insides. My lungs are burning, melting even. My heart is pumping around the decompose substance of the contaminated meal in stomach, around my blood streams providing sustenance and nutrients for my body. Am I really going to die again now. Not so soon. It's not okay. I've only just lived for less than a week. How could I die so fast, without exploring the rest of the world.

No, I can't die right now. Not exactly now. Let's see who can out last who. Me are the freaking centipede. I ravagely eat away at its flesh like a starving beast without remorse or shame in my heart. Nevertheless, I don't even care anymore for whay I eat, or even the contaminated meat that has been infused with the strong poison released from its venom sac at all.

I've probably have gone all crazy and lunatic from all the constant pain, I'm feeling right now attacking my body at this very moment. My very human mind has begun to become more numb to the pain already. Losing my sense of sanity along the way even. Succumbing myself to my beastly nature of a monster than remain human.

<< Gaia System >>
You have consumed the flesh of a Dread Fire Centiperion for the first time. Now awarding the skill [ Rienforced endo skeleton Lv1 ] [ Weak Acid resistance Lv1 ] [ Breaking Crush Lv1 ] You have fulfilled the requirement, now awarding you with the title [ Starving beast ] [ Ravager ]
<< Gaia System >>
Through enduring the large amount of pain and going through the ordeal of which you cannot win. You are constantly being wrapped around and squeeze to death. Consumed the acidic venom of another organism. Your skill [ Weak pain resistance Lv2 ] [ Weak acid resistance Lv1 ] has levelled up and become [ Weak pain resistance Lv3 ] [ Weak acid resistance Lv2 ]

As it draws it's last breathe. It lets out its final cry of screech. Its body slowly tumbles over lifelessly. Sometimes spasm around even. Since its body still receives the nerve stimulus and electrical signals while its brain is already long dead. Nevertheless, it has finally died and I am covered up in its reddish green blood entirely over my body. My hunger has somehow subsided quite a bit now that I think about it.

I look around and saw everything is much quieter than usual. The gaze of my younger sister's eyes filled with much fear and amazement of the spectacle that is shown right before her. A hint of admiration and some kind of affection are starting to develop within her heart. Keep in mind this is not love, but affection. Making me her idol figure of a strong male figure, or even a strong big brother to look up to sometimes.

So what now, I asked myself. While I looked at her in the eyes for just a couple of seconds in silence. Then it suddenly hit me. Countless number of blue screen appearing in front me, saying that I have levelled up from the recent battle.

<< Gaia System >>
You have levelled up (x12)... 

It would seem that I have levelled up quite a bit. Reaching level 13 in one go. Still got a long way to go to reach maxium level that is. Now that I think about it, I guess I should check my status now. It may have change greatly since I've levelled up quite a bit. Maybe my attributes stats have increased by a large margin.

User Stats
Name Faust Donovan Race Azure Rabbit Age 04 days
Life Points Stamina Level
61/72 39/47 13/100
Titles:  Gluttonous glutton | Scavenger | Starving beast | Ravager
Strength 36 Willpower 42
Defence 28 Intelligence 32
Dexterity 49 Wisdom 37
Agility 32 Charm 28
Vitality 27 Luck 15

Not bad if I do say so myself. So what should I do with this large carcoss lying on the ground. Too big to carry all by myself. Too much for me to consume by myself. By the time I finished it, I would have become a fat fur ball by then. Then I heard a sweet but aluring voice that I never heard before. Sounds alot more femine than that of the leader I just met today. I swiped away all of the blue screen infront of me. I turned to looked at my younger sister. Who I don't even know her name, or even whether she is my younger or older sibling.

Judging by her smaller size she is younger than me. Quite petite in size. Instead of the usual brown eyes which is quite common in the familar. Her pupils are bright violet and pink in colour. With a small white horn starting to portrude out from the middle of her forehead.

It seems that our kind have a trait to differiate our genders. Males usually have two horns or neither once reached puberty, same goes for females but with a single horn as the deciding factor.

"Thank you for saving me, brother. Even if everyone were to have abandoned me, fleeing away for their life. You stay behind risking your life to fight that extremely bad monster, to protect me. I quite happy..."

She starts to cry with tears of joy running down her cute face, ruining the mood quite a bit. I'm not the type to interrupt a touching moment, but what should I do now. What exactly should I do in this situation. Its been quite a while since a circumstance a bit like this occured. How do I deal with this again. 


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Tason @Tason ago

Nice work and thank you for the chapter.

Blazingfrost @Blazingfrost ago

So is the exoskeleton gonna be made of ice due to his body?

    Ghost Wraith

    Ghost Wraith @Ghost Wraith ago

    Not exactly, it would be partially fused with a thin layer of compressed crystalised ice, 1mm on the surface of the skeleton.

    However for nails, claws and teeths. It's made of a mixed compound with different ratio of certsin elements. Determining the hardness and density of the bone.