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In a Sentinel Base.
Darell was hunched over his desk, lazily watching the screen in front of him. He had bags under his eyes. On his desk, there were the packagings' of various eatables lying around messily. He was sipping on some fruit juice through a straw.
His job was simple. Keep a lookout for any distress signals, and then assign nearby Sentinels over to that location. It was also boring. It was rare for anytthing interesting to come up.
The screen flashed.
Beacon at coordinates 176A-563S. Tag identified as the Architect.
Rare, but not impossible.
The man raises his eyebrows.
"Huh? A code name?" He mutters.
He taps a few floating holographic icons. A moment later, a woman enters his office.
"What is it?" The woman asks impatiently.
"Beacon. Sent by the 'Architect'. Do you know... who this person is?"
The woman frowns for a second.
"The Architect was a Rogue active around two years ago. However, he's been inactive for the past two years. We assumed he must've perished fighting some pirates. He was a Rogue, but one with a strong sense of justice. He was classed as a Tactician, with a partner providing him tech. He also liked to leave clues for us to find, leading us to some... less moral Rogues and Pirates. He sent a beacon, you said?"
Darell nodded.
"Interesting. He could've been captured, and must've figured out a way to send a distress signal. Or he's playing another game with us, which I find unlikely considering how long he's been gone. Either way, we should send a group of Sentinels his way. A-ranking only."
The man's mouth was left slightly agape.
"A-ranking... for a single Rogue? Doesn't that seem a bit... over the top?"
The woman smiled, and shook her head.
"Not at all. He had evaded capture from an S-ranked officer before. If anything, I fear A-ranked officers aren't enough. His capabilities are in high demand, but it is not enough to warrant the dispatch of S-ranked officers."
"I'm... somehow finding that hard to believe."
The woman shrugged.
"Trust me. I'm the S-ranked officer he escaped from. " She snorted. "Funny coincidence, huh? I'll be going with the squad to oversee this personally."
"But-Divina! The Captain's orders!"
She smiles dangerously.
"I'll take care of that later."
After I had surrendered, I was taken to the pirate's ship, named the Emerald Drive. It was large, about one third of an Alpha, If I had to estimate. My Builder's aesthetics had me cursing whoever built the piece of junk.
Freaking expensive junk.
Darn, If I had those materials...
I forced myself not to complete that thought. 
The winged woman, whom I liked to call Lucy had twirled around in a enticing manner. She flashed me a smile, before disappearing. 
I ignored her.
I was (once again) handcuffed, and lead to a (another) cell. At least the pirates had the courtesy of providing me a nice view this time.
Unlike the Sentinels, Pirates did not have top notch cells. They didn't need them as much. And besides, they didn't pick up Warriors on a daily basis. As such, I was taken to a cargo room. They forced me to sit on a filthy chair, with two men constantly pointing their weapons at me.
They looked they needed a bath. Or ten.
I gave them an unamused look. One of them sneered and shoved his weapon into my face, turning my head away from him. 
I didn't wince. That would be showing weakness. Pirates were like animals. They liked their shows of intimidation, and preyed on the weak. Except for the smart ones. Those, you stay away from at all costs. 
Unfortunately, I ended up running into three of them. And roasted one.
The lean man didn't give a shit about her, though. I'm guessing he must be high up in the pirate hierarchy, and had better things to do currently. That explained why he wasn't here, torturing my ass.
The other guy must be with her at the moment.
Nonetheless, I had limited time. If the Sentinels didn't arrive soon, I was screwed
I didn't feel anxious, though. What would happen, would happen. I needed to work on getting out of here.
I closed my eyes and analyzed the situation.
Two pirates behind me. Both of them with plasma rifles. Estimated thirty four shots per round, and three rounds on hand for each. Reflexes?
I opened an eye and looked at them. They didn't even so much as blink.
"Hey!" I shouted.
They jolted. I assumed they were busy thinking about women. And sex. And other nasty shit. Either way, they did not like being interrupted.
I also noted that their reflexes were average.
"What?" The one who poked me said. 
I'm guessing he was the leader of the duo. Mostly because he seemed to be the only one taking action. The other one didn't look smart enough to be Strategist or a Tactician.
"I need to take a piss." I said.
I really didn't, but they didn't know that. Besides, I could use my implants to... stimulate my bladder, if needed. 
The man growled.
"You can take a piss here." He said.
The other one laughed, his voice gravelly.
I raised an eyebrow and smiled.
"Right here? Well, fine then." 
I reach down for my pants as their eyes widen. They turn around, I'm guessing both because they weren't exactly all that keen on looking at a guy's... and for my modesty. I'm guesing it's mostly for the former. 
These guys aren't all that smart, are they? 
I dart forward, my speed enhancements coming into play. I'm right behind the leader before he can even turn around. I pull my hand over his head, the chain of my handcuffs wrapping around his neck. I pull, and turn him around just the other points his gun towards me.
He shoots. 
I wince as the man thrashes around, in pain. The other man is in shock, not coming into terms with shooting his leader.
The man goes limp, his rifle falling to the ground. I let him go, take the rifle, set it to stun mode, and shoot the man while he's still staring at the dead pirate.
He goes limp too.
I then walk to the chair, wrap my handcuffs around one of it's leg, set one of my feet on the back support, and pull.
I wince, as the handcuffs slowly slide off my hands. They weren't exactly my size, and I was flexible to begin with.
Once it comes off, I rub at my wrist. I walk over to the unconscious pirate, drag him over to a corner of the room, and leave him there. On the other side of the room, are various crates, so I go over to take a look.
Most of what I find are eatables, liquor, weapons, and ammonition. I abandon the rifles of the pirates for dual plasma pistols. They are common, light, and best of all, have lots of ammo lying around. I take four rounds, packing it into my pockets.
Among some of the crates are ship parts. I tear off the cable of one, and use it to tie up the unconsious pirate. Then I gag him with the same cable. The cable was used in ship building. It would take at least top notch B-ranked strength implants to break them apart. I doubted that the man could afford them, but as I took no chances, I wrapped him with another round. It should slow him down at the least.
I then broke apart some of the parts in the room, and took some stuff that I was needing at the moment. Unfortunately, I couldn't carry all of it, so I just took five things. One was a processing core, another was a shard of terbium, and the other were some A-ranked tools. There was an S-ranked mini-engine, used in jetpacks that I had to painstaking leave behind. 
It weighed around three hundred kilograms.
After I was done looting whatever I wanted, I left the room. I casually shot the two pirates standing guard outside. They dropped to the ground, unconscious. Then I felt like face palming when I realized that tying that pirate up was for naught.
I was originally going for stealth. But seeing as how they'd now notice I was gone because of the two missing pirates, I now had to change plans. 
I dragged them both into the room. Then went out again, and removed a few panels. All while constantly looking over my shoulder in case anyone came. Then I shot the door mechanism, and set the panels back on place. The only hint that the door was not working was by the non functioning screen by the side of the door.
I twirled the guns in my hands, and grinned. 
It was time for some action.
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Dragonsword @Dragonsword ago

"{Most of what I find are eatables, liquor, weapons, and ammonition.}"

-'ammonition' should be 'ammunition'.

Thanks for all the chapters. I recommend when you are switching perspective for different characters or different times putting an obvious POV label or a Line such as ——— in between the sections.

Bedeulfi @Bedeulfi ago

'I take four rounds, packing it into my pockets.' rounds and not magazines or clips?

yeah a POV devider would be good

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