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I learned something today. [Author venting]

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A note from Vistiel

Not a chapter, an explanation. A story of woe.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have learned something today. Three somethings, actually.

First, I learned that if you change your theme from dark to light, or from light to dark, it refreshes the page.

Second, I learned that RR does not save drafts of your work. If you have anything written, it is gone when the page refreshes.

Third, I learned to never, under any circumstances, write my chapter on RR again. 5000 words people. RIGHT BEFORE I CLICKED TO POST IT. "Huh, theme. I think I'll go back to white... this dark theme is too dark for the daytime." *click*

*pause* *CTRL Z* *CTRL ZZZZZZZZZZZZ* *Inhuman noises*

ANYWAY. I'm over it. I'm ok. I did my thrashing and screaming. I'll live.

BUT! Here's a poll. Instead of setting a time on my own, I've decided to ask you, the readers, when the best time would be for me to consistently release chapters at. Majority wins! Have at it!

New/rewritten chapter will be up tomorrow at whatever time you guys decide.


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Bio: Wildland Helicopter Firefighter from northern California. I'm writing during the winter but plan on returning to my job in the summer. I'm enjoying writing more than I thought I would. Will be posting frequently, but once I start work in the summer posts will be limited.

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AndrewReads @AndrewReads ago

Good that you learned something new. Just gotta warn ya. Remember to save drafts because one time I wrote a chapter. Evertthimg was gone because internet went off or went to another site which made RR refresh my draft...

Venior @Venior ago

I write my chapters in OpenOffice Writer and once I'm ready for proofreading/ revising, only then do I move it into RRL Drafts. I'm paranoid about the site crashing or miss clicking and killing all my work.

That's rough dude, I've done it once or twice before, never again.

Dreamheart_Dragon @Dreamheart_Dragon ago

It has been drilled into my head by many a document lost. Save! Save! Save! Have backups and then save! And never ever trust websites!

j0nn0 @j0nn0 ago

Just a reminder, but drafts do not autosave. This is not google docs. Kana hasn’t coded something that active... yet. Maybe once he’s got all the other stuff out of the way, he can try his had at it. You should make a suggestion thread in the forums though.

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