Immortal Dynasty

by Yiyun345

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Strong Lead

On Hiatus permanently


Born On Earth, Feng Chanyui, was betrayed by his loved ones.

He crosses over to the Tianyang Continent and makes a very dark vow upon his birth.

A world where the strong rule. The biggest fist makes the law.

Freedom is a relative concept for the weak

Trust becomes a tangible asset for Feng Chanyui as he makes his way to the top.

How will Feng Chanyui establish himself in this new world? He who was born as a prodigal son in his previous life...

Follow the adventures of a spendthrift young master and his friends on their road of cultivation.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 : Loved by the Heavens ago
Chapter 2 : Fathers and Sons ago
Chapter 3 : Feng Feilong ago
Chapter 4 : 4 years later ago
Chapter 5 : None of your Business ago
Chapter 6 : A Steadfast Mind ago
Chapter 6.5 Interlude ago
Chapter 7 : Planning Next Moves ago
Chapter 7.5 Little clarifications ago
Chapter 8 : Feng Clan’s tournament Start Part 1 ago
Survey ago
Chapter 9 : Feng Clan’s tournament Start Part 2 ago
Q : Last poll for a while ago
Chapter 10 : The Competition heats up ago
Chapter 11 : Feng Ye Shan vs Feng Moran ago
Chapter 12 : Night and Day ago
Chapter 13 : Scapegoats ago
Chapter 14: Final! Clash of Genius ago
Chapter 15 : Cultivation Starts ago
Chapter 16 : Born Ready ago
Animal Lovers Only ago
Chapter 17 : Elemental Affinity ago
Chapter 18 : Forest Expedition ago
Chapter 19 : Women are Scary! ago
Status Screen Update ago
Chapter 20 : First Fight ago
Chapter 21 : Troublesome Dojo ago
Chapter 22 : Yong Zefon ago
Chapter 23 : Strange Development ago
Chapter 24 : Overbearing ago
Age Mixup ago
Chapter 25 : Difficult Situation ago
Chapter 26 : Feng Mitang’s Real Face ago
Chapter 27 : Trash Panda ago

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  • Overall Score

The entire novel so far is just world building. 10% of the novel so far is the MC and the rest is about his ridiculously large family that throws a new name at you every chapter. Keep it simple and sweet with the story moving along instead of dragging at a snails pace with little to no mention of the MC. You also need a glossary for all the names you throw every chapter expecting people to know who Feng this or that is. As it is now i wouldn't recommend anyone to read this since it is in dire need of editing and trim the entire 14 chapters into probably 3.

  • Overall Score

If you want help with English

'In fact when I'm too lazy I translate this to english from french, so don't have any high expectations...' 

If you require help in regards to improving the quality of your work, I can assist with Proofreading (if you desire). My first language is English.

I am an aspiring author. However, I'm at the stage in my life where the chances for me to explore the depths of my creativity are almost non-existent. I want to use this as a way to leave a mark as much as I can right now. I admire you for starting something of some sort.

Any way, I'm saying more than necessary. Thanks for your time.

  • Overall Score

It's not bad so far I wish the novels would speed up  though

  • Overall Score

More, i demand more ..