A note from ShangTD

Hi, it's me the author obviously. I just hope that you enjoy this piece of shit of a book, so have a good time! JK


The feeling of a pillow pressing against your face was the worst fucking feeling in my life! That's how I felt like Cassie kisssing me! No, wait forget that! It's like a lubricated boulder pressing against me! Eww!


Don't ask about the kissing sounds. This was my first time, so this is how it sounded like to me.

"C-Cassie are w-we down now!?"


Cassie pushes me to the ground. Her hands touching every part of my upper body frightens me. Is this the girl that always bullied me at school?

"Daddy!", Cassie whispers into my ears.

Wait a minute! Daddy! What the fuck is going on!? I push Cassie off of me.

"Ow, what happened!?"

"You called me Daddy! Who the fuck calls someone daddy unless..."

"Please, don't say it."

"Yo-you are b-b-being sexually abuse by your father!", God kill me now!

No wonder she bullies me? Usually bullies bully people to get a reaction(weird) or to cope with something.


"Please don't tell anybody! PLEASE!", Cassie begs.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa man! To close!

"Uh...look I won't tell anybody, but in return you have to tell me what is going on with you."

"What!? No way! I ain't trying to be friends with you!"

"Motherfucker! Look you want me to go to the cops, and tell them that you a grown eighteen year old woman is being sexually abused by your father!? Wait...I think I'm not okay"

Everything is blurring out. My hearing is gone!


What is this pain!? I fall face flat onto the floor.

"Hey, Hey! Are you okay! Oh my god someone call the ambulance!"

What the fuck. W-What is goi....

A note from ShangTD

Hope you enjoyed this shitty story! Seeya!

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